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Sterling chain and frames...from the 'other' torch

Monday, October 16, 2006
I've been at the 'other' torch the last couple of days. The below are experiments to hang charms or lampwork beads from. These are large link chain that I've solder up from 16 guage wire, then tumbled for a shinny finish. The first two were done except adding the clasp and tumbling them. The second two were today's experiments.

Remember the hang bars from the last post? The below are the matching earings that I'm playing with.
Below are more experiments for charms or lampwork. There is also a bracelet that has potential too. I kinda like the fun little hang tag pendant. I will see how some of them work up into finished jewelry sometime in the next couple of weeks.
Have a happy creative day!

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sue b said...

As usual Moon, these are all awesome. Love that bracelet piece on the far right in the last photo. And those earrings will be too cool.

Chris said...

Wow!! That some great work! I can see why you love silversmithing so much... you're great at it! The bracelets are awesome!!! And the earrings will be soo cool!

Moon Stumpp said...

Thank you ladies! I don't put up a lot of all and/or mostly silver pieces because I haven't figured out how to get a good photo of them yet. Gimme time, I'm workin' on it. :-)

I've also spent so much time on lampwork that I have lost a lot of my skill base in silver, it's like starting all over again...that's ok, it's still one of my fav mediums.

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