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New Lampwork Beads...Lots of Dots

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Everyonce in a while, I've got to go back to my roots. This set was a partial set that I finally finished. I do that a lot, start a strand...get distracted and torch something else. Then I have all these half finished strands in bowls around the studio.

Sorry to post and go AGAIN but I've got lots to do today....people to see...and errands. Yippy, I just love errands while it's misting rain outside.

Have a happy, creative day,

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Sue B said...

These are very cool! I'm not usually drawn to orange but I really like it combined with the turquoise in this set.

Vicki said...

I absolutely love these! I can't wear orange clothing so I seem to be drawn to it in everything else! Great color combination with the turquoise.

deb said...

These are just too wonderful. The big spotty donut in the middle just makes me grin. I'm going to post a shot of a piece that I am working on right now and you will grin right back!