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New Lampwork Experiments

Friday, December 08, 2006
Thought I'd post some of my experiments....the below is all 96 COE glass. The are simple beads, just white hearts that have been encased in clear with silver foil and frit. They are large hole beads that fit on a chain. They weren't hard to create, but I really like the look of them with some large sterling round beads when they are on a plain sterling chain.

I'm beginning to find that I kinda like the simpler beads for everyday wear. There are enough jewerly designers, silversmiths, and lampworkers that the average woman who wants to wear unique jewelry...can. Plus it doesn't have to be at a cost that you have to hock your first born to do it.

BTW, they are much prettier in person, it was hard to get the layering effect in the glass in the photo.

The below is another experiment with raku and fine silver mesh. Not bad for a first try but I need to work on it a bit. I think that the concept could make for some slamming beads.
Ok...I'm off to the studio...I've got a huge shipment of glass waiting for me to unpack. I better get it done because I've got another one scheduled for this afternoon. That one, I'm excited to get my paws on. It's all furnace glass.

Have a creative day...stay warm!

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sue b said...

ooohhhh I like those ones on top. Very ocean like. I'll bet those colors look awesome in person. And those other ones with the silver mesh - really like those. I think those are some of the coolest beads I've seen you do. A big version of one of those as a clasp on a bag would be awesome.

and stay warm?! well it's 20 out there with a howling wind chill of 8!