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Styx and Stones...New Lampwork Beads

Friday, December 15, 2006
The below are three pics of the same set...I'm playing with the camera. It's all furnace glass, mostly gaffer and leaded glasses, gives the dense colors. I used both silver leaf and foil to get the color scheme. These took forever to make...lots of stringers to be pulled and I've got to work some of the colors cool or they will lose their vivid color.

Ok....I'm off to the studio...gotta get some work done today!

Have a happy, creative day!

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Sue B said...

I really like these. They have a rather ancient egyptian feel to them. Not sure why that is, maybe it's the colors.

deb said...

Just delicious use of color....

deb said...

Is this last bunch (10 in a circle)
for sale?

Moon Stumpp said...

Hey Deb,

Sorry but they have already been sold...but glad you like them.