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Saturday, February 10, 2007
The website sale is coming along well...actually, it was a bit overwhelming. Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoy your goodies!!!!

There are very few lampwork specials left. My packing area, in the studio, is totally trashed. The Post Office ladies think we are nuts. My website couldn't handle the is great but it doesn't take the number of hits I guess. We have an outstanding ticket with them to find out how we can correct the problem. A couple items sold twice and we didn't get inventory updates as quick as we needed today.

Hopefully, I will have the lampwork gallery updated. Not that it's a big deal to most people, it's just nice eye candy and helps for customs. I use it as a color and glass reaction tracking system. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The below is a finished custom. Actually, it is one of my favorite pieces that I've made for a long time. It looks much better in person than in the photo. A lot of my finished pieces, I don't take pictures of so you don't see them. Most of the jewelry that I make for myself or most of the customs rarely make it to the photo table. I'm working hard to change my evil ways.

I'm getting the bug to make more jewelry. Jewelry has been on the back burner for a bit. I've just been very focused on beadmaking for the past several months. I actually don't have enough time in the day to get enough beads sets done and do the experimental development that I need to do. Next week, I want to start a new series of reduction glasses but I bet that it will be put off for a couple weeks. Right now, I'm working on a huge grouping of Raku beads. I will have pictures soon.

The below is a photo that I dearly love. Currently, I'm out looking for glass to match this color scheme. Hopefully some it it will arrive next week from Canada. Calienta Art Glass has some of the more luscious colors. It's all hand pulled cane, mostly transparents, that make up into some totally beautiful beads. That's it for me. I've off to do some paperwork and then snoozeland.

Have a great weekend!

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jessica said...


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Sue B said...

Gorgeous necklace Moon. I love that photo, the colors in that are fab. I can see why it insires you.

26.2k said...

I was so happy to stumble upon your blog this morning! I am a newbie beadmaker so thanks for the wealth of inspiration on your site. Here are my baby steps from 3 classes:

I was able to clean these beads out better after the photos, but need a better way. My husband has a Dremmel tool. Do you hold the bead and just run it through? Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!

Moon Stumpp said...

Thanks for the kudos on my blog!

Thanks Sue!!!!!!!!

Have you taken a peek at: Wet Canvas is a wealth of information. I've only been making beads for about three years and it's helped me.

I enjoyed the photos on your blog!!!!!

Regarding the chore of bead cleaning...I use a 1/16 diamond bead reamer on a dremel. Here's the cheapest place: and it's #D-BO21. I pull the beads out of the kiln, then run them under room temp water to knock some of the bead release off the mandrel, and let the soak for a few minutes. Then I start pulling them off. Each type of bead release has it's pros and cons. I normally use either Foster Fire or Fusion. If you use Foster Fire, it doesn't hurt the pumping. Fusion has graphite in it and will slowing stop them up plus it's bad on a septic system. I still use Fusion (but toss out my water outside) for vessels.

Oh, if you use a dremel...either clean it right after use or hang it upside down. The bead release does nasty things to it.

Then get a bowl of water (I use old Cool Whip bowls) and use the dremel on the bead while it's partically submerged. If not, the dust that is kicked up does very nasty things to your lungs. You can just hold the bead with your fingers. As long as you don't hold the point to your finger, the dremel won't hurt you. It looks scary at first but that goes away in time.

Hope this helps...if you have any more questions...let me know.


26.2k said...

Thanks so much for all the information! I'll check out those sites. I can't wait to get back to the torch. I "rent" time at a studio, but may need to get my own setup eventually.

Jodie said...