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Blog Bead Contest!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Now for the contest winner of the free beads....I put all the names into a hat (actually a is studio cleaning time) and pulled out....

Drum roll please.....the winning person is.....


Thank you everyone for entering.

Have a happy, creative day!!!!


Mint Raku Lampwork Bead Set

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
The beads have an earthy favor with a modern feel to them. Just the right hues for spring and summer.

Well I'm making progress in the studio. The tubing is totally done!!!! have no idea just how tired I am of organizing seed beads. The clean up of the bead room is next. I even got the bathroom and a couple closets cleaned.

Now I'm off to the torch for a couple of hours. Maybe I'll make me a small set of beads.

Have a wonderful evening!!!!


Infinite Summer...New Lampwork Bead Set

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
There’s infinite design possibilities with this bright set. Two large focals and a double holed focal with many matched pairs for earrings. It’s summer fun in bead form.

Below are the two focals that go with the, fun, fun!!!!

Lots of matched pairs for earrings...lots of beads for several bracelets...and my new design of a two hole bead. For any wireworker out there, it adds lots of unique jewelry design options.
The below is a picture of the entire set...can you tell I'm excited about the beads. I know, I's only beads BUT they are Sooooooooooo FUN! The set will be up on eBay this Thursday.

Maybe why I'm so excited over the set is because I'm still in the mist of studio cleaning. I'm still tubing accent beads...I'm still tumbling tarnishing silver...I'm still picking up the rat trap of a studio.
I have made progress though. My silver bench is packing/mailing area is clean and organized...and my glass area is picked up. Now I have to do the bead room. (groan) I'm tackling it one piece at a time. I just can't stand to do it all at once.
Ok...back to the studio for me...I was just on break.
Have a happy, creative day!!!!!

Still doing the organic thing...New Bead Set

Monday, March 26, 2007
It was a nice lots done. I'm in the middle of a studio cleaning. My silver bench has cobwebs, the bead room looks like a bomb when off, and my packing area is a pit. I can't bring myself to tackle all of it. So I'm taking on small projects, like tubing some beads and organizing all my mag/books/loose papers. It will take longer but I'm won't be as bitchy.

The above is an chaos style beads that will work well with natural stones. That's been my focus lately.
Have a great week!

Brights!!! New Lampwork Beads...New Ebay Auctions

Friday, March 23, 2007
Ya know, I really don't know why I call every post "New Lampwork Beads." I think it's because I can't think of anything else.

The below is a bright set, like you couldn't see for yourself. :-) This was a great set to make!!!! Every once in a while, it's pure pleasure to set down a the torch. Not that I don't enjoy myself most of the time. It's just the rare days that everything goes well. I had another one of those days today. No phone calls...all the stringers pulled shocky glass...just a totally smooth day. I've been having several days like this in a row. Maybe that makes up for the feeling that I lost my mojo or something. Last week was a bad glass week. I mean it was BAD...I didn't get that many sets made. Most of the time, the beads hit the water before I even put them in the kiln.

I just put up four more $.99 eBay auctions. One of them is really, really nice. It's some of my best work. Then I have another set up that is my favorite. Ya know, I've always wondered if anybody really reads my blog. So how about this...send me an email at with your guess which set is my favorite. No matter what your guess is, I'll put your name into a hat and draw out a winner for some free beads. The contest ends next Thursday.

Also if you get a chance, take a peek at Mandi's blog, Bead Circle. It's got some great info for jewelry designers and for anyone that enjoys beads.

Have a wonderful day!


Raku and Lime Lampwork Beads

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Here's a diverse set for jewelry designers. They will go well with natural stones (my new thing!!!) and will work in timeless art jewelry designs. These big hole beads are some of my favorites to work with now.

Can ya tell that I've been making jewelry when you haven't been looking?? The funny thing is that when I make bead, I make them with certain designs in mind. Maybe it's odd...maybe it's not. It just seems to be the way I work.

Have a wonderful evening...I'm off to read a book this evening.


New Lampwork Beads

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
The below is a new bead's done in slate and steel blues. It matches perfectly with some undyed sponge coral that I have. To actually see the beads, click on the picture. It will enlarge the pic so that you can see the details.

Ok...that's it for me. I spent the day making beads for ME!!!!! I know it's rare but I'm getting the itch to make jewelry again.
Have a great week!!!

New Lampwork Beads...eBay $.99 Auction

Sunday, March 18, 2007
I've been in the studio the last couple of days testing new glass colors. I haven't been very productive in bead making. This always happens to me when I get new glass to work with. I want to see how it flows and what it the true color is.

Anyway, the below is an eBay auction that I will be posting tomorrow. It will start out at $.99. So there is a chance that you can get a good deal on beads. This set is 96 COE with some Gaffer spacers. It's a pretty set that will go well with natural stones. I've been working on several sets that will mix well with stone. I like that look the mix gives. It's very appealing to me.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!


New eBay lampwork beads

Saturday, March 17, 2007
Every year about this time, I find myself daydreaming about Irish hills clouded by mist. Maybe everyone wishes they had a bit of Irish DNA this time of year. The below is a set called Celtic Mist and it is currently up on eBay.

I used two Double Helix glasses, Gaia and Olympia Rain. I didn’t strike Gaia because I wanted the smooth green. I did strike Olympia Rain, it’s a bluish-sage hue. These are larger beads than I normally make. The coins can be used as focals or as chunky beads. They aren’t thick, they average about 7mm so they are light enough to used in a bracelet or a totally awesome neck piece.
I spent the last couple of days cleaning beads, running errands, and packing up packages. I did take some time this evening to finish up as set and do some test beads. I'm getting in the the mood again to make some jewelry so...I think it's time for me to make a few be for me. It also might be time for me to switch torches for a while as well. I can hear my silver bench calling me.

My hubby will be traveling a lot I will have lots of quite time??? in the studio to work. Who knows...maybe I might take a weekend and join him in LA. He's going to be there for a couple of months...he's home on the weekends. I'm really not that fond of LA, it's ok but not on my list of happy cities to visit.

Ok...I'm off...have a wonderful weekend!


More Reduction Glass

Thursday, March 15, 2007
I finally got pictures...still, they look much better in person. they are....

That's all for me folks...I'm beat. I've been at the torch all day. I'm taking tomorrow off. Well if you can call running errands and cleaning the house as a day off.

Have a great day!


Reduction Glass!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Sometimes you just have to be happy over the little things in life. I got decent pictures...that makes for a yippy skippy day! Actually I think it's closer to a minor miracle, nothing like walking on water or anything. More like surviving the crowds of big sale at Bloomingdale's. Even though I got decent pictures (for me) they still look much better in person. These are the type of lampwork beads that look great with iris or metallic seed beads.

To give the beads more visual interest, I did spot reduction and used several different reduction glasses and shards.

That's my 'good stuff' for today. I've got another kiln full of beads....hopefully I'll get more pictures taken tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!


Thank You!

Monday, March 12, 2007
Thank you all for the kind comments on my blog and in your emails. I read every one of them and try to respond. A few of you that have left blog comments, I've been unable to send a return email to thank you. I appreciate the time you take to don't go unnoticed.

I've got to get going, I've got a sink full of beads to clean. My least favorite chore of lampworking.

Have a happy creative day!!!


More Lampwork Beads...more organics

I finally got a bunch of beads cleaned. It comes to a point that I had to, I ran out of mandrels. Anyway, here's the ones that I got photos of. The kiln is now jam packed again. I'm on that glassy roll!!!!!

I'm thinking of keeping all the beads together for a large set. I just hat to split them up. Since the base is black, they would be wonderful accents in art jewelry.

Have a wonderful week!!!!

New Lampwork Beads...Organics

Saturday, March 10, 2007
As you can tell, I took a little break from the brights and my Watercolor series. There's just something about organics that I like. It's not the creation of them in the flame, it's designing with them. By far, they give me the most please when I'm work with them. Where as brights and the odd colors are wonderful to create.

The above is 96 COE glass with lots of silver. Including the silver in the beads, help me change some of the colors of the bead.

Ok...I'm on break right it's back to the studio for me, I'm on a glassy roll. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


New lampwork...Brights!!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007
I got a bit bored with the lighter colors I've been I've been working on BRIGHT colors. The below is one of the 'kiln fresh' sets.

Have a nice evening...I'm got back to the torch for a couple more hours.

New lampwork Bead Set...Watercolor Series

It was a fun filled day at the torch...the kiln is packed. Hopefully the kiln Fairy will be kind! If she is, I will have more eye candy tomorrow.

The below is part of my Watercolor series. It's all done with Gaffer glass. Much of the glass that I used is veiled so it has wispy veins of color flowing though it. Click on the picture to see the details of the wispy look...the set is much prettier when the details can be seen.

That's it for's been a long day (again)!

End of Series Beads!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Ok...the beads from the kiln looked good...there's the last of them below. That's it, I'm fried on these colors. The series, 'Hill Country Muses', has four parts to it and I think that's enough. They will go up on eBay next week.

I'm working on the 'Watercolor" series and started a set in brights. I know that brights aren't always 'IN' but I like them in the summer months. They go with everything. What could be better than simple bright jewelry, birkies, and a t-shirt. Brightes equate to Austin Attitude.

Pantone had released its fashion color report for fall 2007. I’m pleased; these are some of my favorite colors. Spring 2007 looks good too. I like the softer, more muted tones but it’s still hard to give up brights during the summer months.

I'm off to snooze was a long day on the torch. I feel kinda bead-dead right now.


Part II, Lampwork Series...Hill Country Muses

It's been a long day, I've been at the torch for over 12 hours and I'm fried. There are some very kewl beads in the kiln currently...well, I hope there are. I never really know until I open it. The colors look different in cane form and much different when they are goopy in the flame. Nothing like twirling hot molten goop on a stick. :-)

The below is a set that is two parts...the first was made for a neck piece in mind. The below is much larger than it looks. Disks (39) are all approximately 4mm wide but are graduated. They range from 13mm to 25mm in diameter.

The second, a bracelet.

This is kinda of a drive by blogging...I'm beat. I've still got lots of email to answer and packages to get packed.

Have a great day! Or night! Or both!


New Lampwork Beads

Sunday, March 04, 2007
I'm still working on the other series but I heard these colors calling my name. I'm in the process of a four part series called "Hill Country Muse". I've got the large disks in the kiln and will have pictures tomorrow.

Have a great evening!


New Series...Lampwork Beads

I haven't forgotten my's just I've been busy as a cat in heat. Too many things to do and not enough hands to get them all done. That's ok...I've gotten just about everything caught up so I can spend next week on the torch.

The below is a new series that I'm working on. I wanted to work with softer, more watery colors. Springy colors that also can be worn in high summer and early fall. The glass is Gaffer with several off Gaffer's veiled cane. They are much prettier in person...I know I say that all the time but these (like the reduction glasses) are a PITA to photograph.

I was working on doing a reduction glass series BUT the photography issues stopped me. Oh well...I've been wanting to do more lighter, more fluid colors anyway. This seem to work out for the best.

I've also posted the first of the series as a $.99 eBay auction. If you want to take a peek, go for it. My hubby did the pictures of that one...he's better at photos than I am.

I also want to thank my customers!!!!!! While I was updating the website with smaller sets, a few of you were buying them quicker than I could get them posted. :-) Thank you for your enthusiasm!!!!!! Everyone that has ordered, your packages have been shipped.


New eBay Auctions

Thursday, March 01, 2007
The below is one of my $.99 eBay auctions for this week. I've got a couple more $.99 auctions that will be added in the next couple of days. Tomorrow, the website will be updated with lots of fun lampwork bead sets. Actually a few are already up...I've still got to write up 20 or so more. I'm just burned out on writing tonight and will finish up in the morning. I've still have lots of raku and sliders to finish up on. After it's totally done, I will send out a newsletter.
Ok...I'm beat, I'm off to snooze land.