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Decandently lampwork beads

Sunday, April 29, 2007
I'm back with another new set...this one will go up on ebay next week. It's a looker'. My intention with these beads was to make a chunky set that was bold and had timeless appeal. The beads are large enough to look chunky but are sleek and light weight at the same time. So if you make a bracelet with the beads, it doesn't feel like you are wearing a bead store on your wrist.

Note: The color of the beads’ base is rich indigo blue. It’s indigo on my hubby’s monitor and more of a royal blue on my monitor.

Other than that, I've been a little under the allergies have been acting up again. I think it's an early night, a cup of tea, and a bit of reading for me. That should recharge my batteries so that I can be at the studio all day tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day!!!!

I've been BAD...but I've got eye candy for you!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007
OK, I admit it...I've been a very bad blogger. I haven't written anything for several days BUT I've been busy as a cat in heat. I mean everything has been happenin' but I did get some new pictures taken.

The below is a new set...bright and cheerful. There's just something about green and blue that is totally eye popping.
That's it for me...the photography wore me out. Once of these days, I need to take another photography class. Maybe then, it wouldn't take me all day to get my eBay auctions photographed.

Have a great weekend!


Some 'Moon' Lampwork Beads

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Ya know, nothing makes you feel better than a great haircut...and color. :-) I've been at the torch again, as always. The below is a fun set that I think that could be used as jewelry anytime of the year.

This is a drive by blog post...I'm beat. I was at the torch all day and my kiln is overflowing with beady goodies. (I hope)

Have a great day!


More Lampwork...Brights

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here's another set I finally got pics of. It's called Ju-Ju Heat and will be up on eBay this Thursday.
Other than photos, I took most of the day off. Well, kinda...if you can call going to the grocery, doing laundry (yeah clean undies), going to the post office, and getting a hair cut. I did manage a couple of hours of SHOPPING.
Shopping for clothes is depressing. Since I work so much, I wear only cotton. Mostly jeans. There comes a point that I get a bit bored with the same ol', same ol' stuff. Normally shirts, t-shirts, and some times even a sweat shirt but they don't last long. It never fails, just as soon as I find one that I like (ya know, a lucky glass melting shirt), I burn a hole in it. This would happen much less often if I would pre-warm my glass. Alas, I'm impatient. :-)
Have a great evening...I'm off to read my book. (Miracles do happen)

More that all I ever write about?

Doesn't beads get boring to all of you? It doesn't for me but I'm not the person reading my blog either. :-)

The above set is in smoothie typical chaos style beads.

I don't have a lot to say today. I've been behind the torch the last couple days nonstop. My fingers have burns (which isn't too unusual for me) and my shoulders are killing me. I've decided that I need a vacation. I say that now but 48 hours after I've been off the torch, I get withdraws. I'm a much nicer person if I have at least a couple of hours of torch time per day.

That's it for's pass my bedtime.

Have a happy, creative day!


Working on MORE Lampwork Beads

Friday, April 20, 2007
I've been hard at work...I've been sitting in front of the torch so much my eyes are beginning to cross. :-)

The below is a lovely set in person. It is currently up for grabs....more eBay auctions. :-)

This set (below) will be up on eBay next week.

I've got a couple orders of glass that finally arrived and a couple more that are due soon. So I will be spending the weekend working on test beads. I also need to spend some time at the 'other' torch. It's time to work at my silver bench. I've got all the sterling cut, tumbled, and dipped so IT'S TIME! It takes a while to get everything prepped so I can just sit down and work.
I've also been shopping for beads myself. There's just something about carved jade. I've been stalking out sellers. As you can tell, I've been working on jewelry again.
Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be hiding in the studio most of the time.

New Lampwork and 2008 Color Inspirational Photos

Thursday, April 19, 2007
The above photo is a rather kewl set of lampwork beads. They turned out better than I thought they would. It's another one of those color schemes that I've been working on that can span three or more seasons. This one is a bit more diverse for jewelry designers as well. I like that the dots are larger and give more color without being overpowering. It will up as an eBay auction later this evening.

The below is another all Gaffer set...these look much better in person. The camera just can't give the find details of the surface designs. I'm also wondering if Gaffer beads are a bit beyond my photo skills.

These too will be up on eBay this evening.

The below set is called Pine Cone Hill. I've got a couple coming in this color scheme. I even made a set for me. These go totally fab with natural stones!!!!! These have a lot of Double Helix glass in them, which gives interesting reactions. It really should be interesting glass considering it's $100 a pound. :-) I've picked up several small bundles of the different types of Double Helix glass for my stash. Within the next couple of weeks, I should have the time to dig into my stash make a couple of sets.
Here's some inspirational photos that I found....these all go around the color schemes in fashion for Spring/Summer 2008.

Aren't these lovely...the top is one of my favorite color combos. They just visually POP!

Looks like RED is back!!!!!

It's been a while since we have seen a large amount of red in fashion...but you know what they say, it you wait long enough, it always comes back in style.

The natural tones and textures will continue to be around.

I like the earthiness of the olive and gold...this is another color scheme that is almost timeless and goes wonderful with my designing style.
I have to admit...I really hope these colors say around for a while. These are easy colors to wear and they meet my lifestyle. I also like my home in these hues.

This just fits right in with above. These colors are timeless and soothing. They go will with everything (the above pic). Even though the very top two pics are my favorite visually. I prefer to bottom two for everyday life.
That's it for today. I've got a busy day in front of me...packages to send...dogs to chase...a long day planned at the torch. I've got a couple of new ideas that I've been want to try.
Have a happy, creative day!!!!

Blogger Issues

I haven't forgotten's just that Blogger isn't willing and/or able to upload my new pictures. Yes, I have beads...lots of beads to show you. I will try again in the morning...when Blogger isn't so sleepy. Actually I've been having troubles for the last couple of days.


Color for Spring 2008

Monday, April 16, 2007

Color....Doggie News...New Lampwork

Aren't these lovely hues!!!!!! These are the predicted colors in fashion for Spring/Summer 2008.

I have to admit, the below is one of my favorites!!!! I like the color scheme for both my home and clothing.

Doggie news...Cheslie. She's getting better and walking most of the time in a straight line. She isn't hold her head to the right all the time now. She still isn't eating too well but that isn't too unusual because she's a picky eater...she could also stand to lose 5 lbs. Can't we all? The problem is that she still falls over sometimes and seems to be dizzy sometimes. I've still have to watch her most of the time. I've changed my schedule so that I can be on the torch during her long afternoon nap.

This weekend was a busy one...lots of little things but the little things seen to eat up all my time. I did get a chance to pick up my old kiln. Jim, from Blue Moon Glass, repaired it. It will be nice to do dueling kilns. There are some days that I need two kilns. If I use enamels or furnace glass, they can't be piled in the kiln. Both enamels and furnace glass is kinda sticky even when I'm just garaging them at 955 degrees. So I have to rack them in the kiln. It doesn't take me that long and the kiln is filled. (This might change, depending on how much torch time I get because of Cheslie. I'm thinking that this might decrease the amount of bead sets that I have up for grabs. Only time will tell with Cheslie.)

Here's a new set...lots of color but more in muted tones. As I said before...I really am working towards more sets that have a year round appeal. This one does.

My project for today is to finish up an organized and cat proof workspace in the house. I'm just about there. There's no way that I can bring in my beading studio nor my glass work into the house. There just isn't the room nor do I really want to. I like having it separated from my critters.

Have a happy, creative day!!!!! I'm off to get some work done.


Home studio...Got any ideas?

Friday, April 13, 2007
Yesterday, my dog was diagnosed with "idiopathic" syndrome (dizzy dog syndrome) and has a treatment plan of "tincture of time". So I need to bring in part of my work inside the house for a couple of weeks. I've got to be close to the area that the dog hangs out in...the dinning room, LR, and kitchen. This is incase she falls over.

Do anyone have any great ideas? I haven't had a work area close to my critters for a while now.

I know I can't bring in glass or metal work but I could work on jewelry like beadwork...macramé...maybe even wire. I just need to figure out how to make it cat friendly because it won't be behind closed doors.

If anyone has any ideas...left a message or drop me an email.

Have a happy, creative day!


Getting Ready for a Website Update....Here's some new eyecandy for you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
I'm in the process of working on the website's some lampwork bead sets that will be up soon. I should be totally done by tomorrow. It just takes a while to get everything written up and ready for ya'll. :-)

Ok that's it for me right now...back to work!!!!

More Brights...Two Hole Lampwork Focal

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
It's brights AGAIN! Plus another two hole focal bead...which has some totally fab design options for art jewelry.

I'm doing a post and run...AGAIN...but I've got to get some sleep. It's a long day at the torch tomorrow. I've stayed up way past my bedtime.

Have a great day!


Mad sale

Monday, April 09, 2007
This was a fun set to create…it’s always exciting to play mad scientist. I used frit, reactive cane, some odd colors in my stash, and bit of ‘poof’. An earthy bead set that goes well this season’s fashion hues. This set would look great with natural gem stones!
I'm also having a SALE on my website. I got a new camera so it called...It’s called “I’ve Got a New Camera and Don’t Want to Retake ALL the Photos” SALE . It’s 40% of the following:
Chain maille sterling silver jewelry
I will have the lampwork section updated later this week and will send out a newsletter when I'm done.
Ok...gotta run...I've got beads to clean.

New Jewelry Pics...Another New Lampwork Set...dreaming about having more time.

Sunday, April 08, 2007
Here's some new pics of some new jewelry pieces. Surprise!!!! I have been busy again. I've been trying to make time for jewelry at least once a week. Hopefully that will change to several times a week.

The below is one of my favorite pieces of's an easy piece to wear. I'm growing rather fond of this style. Looking into my crystal seems that you will be seeing more of this style.

I've been playing with raku's just one of those glasses that it's hard for me to stay away from. This is one of my smaller sets but the colors turned out pretty well. For some reason, ever since I've been flame polishing my beads, they are much hard to get a decent pic of them. These puppies are shiny...they look much better in person.

I was off the torch yesterday and am having withdraws. You would think that I could get by with a couple times a week...oh no. It doesn't work that way. I will be cutting back but I've got a couple ideas that I want to play with first. Then I need to figure out how to play with a couple jewelry ideas that I have. I used to work with a lot of LOS (liver of sulfur) my silver work. Well the stuff smells like rotten eggs. With the weather being so unusually cool for Austin, this would be a great time for me to work outside. Right now it's raining to it's a moot point...but it's supposed to be nice on Tuesday.

My hubby and I lead such strange lives. He's off to LA this morning...I'm off to the studio. Since he travels so much, I spend these huge chunks of time in there. BTW, my studio cleaning got interrupted so I've got to pick up a few things. There's a couple of areas that get scary if I don't stay on top of it. answer a few questions...I am taking customs again BUT I'm limiting them to a small number at a time. I don't think I want to get in the same boat I did a couple months again. I was working so much I wasn't sleeping. I'm getting to old in the body to do that very often. So if you need me or call. I'm around.
Have a Happy Easter...I'm hopping off for another cup of java.

New Glass and New eBay Lampwork Auctions

Saturday, April 07, 2007
I got some new glass some pretty new colors!!!!! I got it all unpacked and put the box in the mud room, ready for the trash. Then in comes Nox, the Texas Bubba Boy kitty. He's nesting for the day.

I really shouldn't call him a boy. He's now over seventeen pounds and a royal pain in the ass some days. There's been a couple of times that Yarrow, the 110 pound dog, has backed away from him. Can we say moody and spoiled? That's my bubba brat. :-)
Here he is trying to look regal. :-) All kidding aside, he's a very loving kitty to me. He's very chatty and cuddly...BUT he's a biter. There is no body part that is off limits. Parts is parts to him.

It's a rain day in Austin today. So I've been sitting indoors, processing pictures and doing write ups like a good little girl. I will be posting a handful of $.99 eBay auctions tonight. I will hopefully have the website updated soon. Can you tell that I'm drowning in beads and I need the storage room.

After all these new beads get out and about, I will be backing off a bit on lampwork. I'm feeling the need to be at my silver bench. Plus it's good for me to go back to making jewelry. It keeps my beads fresh...if that makes any sense.

Ok...back to work for me. There's not rest for the self-employed. :-)


New Lampwork and Interview on Bead Circle

Friday, April 06, 2007
I’ve been hard at work in front of the torch and I haven’t taken the time to click a lot of pics…but…here’s one that I did. The beads are my typical but I love how the colors came out. I can visualize this beads in a 'fringie' (I'm not sure that this is a real word) seed beaded bracelet and necklace. It just screams flora and fauna.

Here lately, I've been trying to come up with color schemes that are at least three seasons...if not all four. Many times I've made a piece of art jewelry for someone, and it becomes one of their favorite pieces. It's nice to have a piece a 'favorite' jewelry that can be worn more than one season of the year.

If you would like to read a short article on annealing that I wrote for "Bead Circle", take a peek. It's gives the lampwork buyer another piece of info that they could use when buying beads. I've also got an interview up today on "Bead Circle". For those that don't know me eyeball to eyeball, it does give you some insight of the person behind the torch. :-)

If anyone has a topic or question regarding lampwork, drop me an email( moon at ). I've got several short articles that I'm currently writing. It always helps to have suggestions!!!!!!

I also put up a handful of new $.99 auctions up last night on eBay. It's not a lot but I'm also working on a website update too. Hopefully I can get that done next week. I've got a couple more auctions that I've got sitting here on my desk...just waiting for me to get them written up. So if I can get that done, there will also be some more auctions in store.

I need to get better organized or drink more go juice. I just don't have the time for everything...that or I'm not spring chicken anymore. BTW, this year I will be fifty in September.

OK...I'm off to the post office...have a great day!


Bead Bars and what is on my Bench!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Here's the starting piece...a bead bar. My hubby and I hand make these. When we make them, it's easier in the long run to make a half dozen or so. I finished up the chain, added it to the bead bar. You are viewing it after I tumbled it for a while.
Here's the basic design. This is currently sitting on my bench. Next it will go to the bead room for a bit of bling-ing up.
Here's the pair of matching earrings. I've still got to add a bit of bling to it.

That's it...I will post them after I finish them up.

Have a great day!!!!!