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Here's Another Lampwork Bead Set

Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Thank you everyone! The website bead sale has been wonderful. Beady dudes are gettting ready to move on to their new homes. I will start packing up all the beady dudes this morning. Then it's off to the post office. I'm am so glad that I've finally figured out click and ship!!! Sure beats standing in line at the post office. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? :-)

The above bead set is one of my favorite color combo. I didn't etch it but it would also look totally fab etched. I will be putting this set up on eBay pretty soon.
I got my huge pile o'beads cleaned yesterday. OMG, I spent several hours at the sink doin' my dremel duty. A couple of the bead sets I'm VERY pleased with. Some of the experiments turned out well too. So all is good.

Website update and more auctions! Lots of lampwork beads

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Ok Folks...I just finished updating my website with lots of new and interesting lampwork bead sets. I've also got up a couple auctions you might want to take a peep at.

I've still got piles of beads to clean but you all know just how slow I am about that. :-) I'll be sending out a newsletter later. I just wanted to give my blog readers a bit of a heads up.

Have a great's raining here AGAIN!!!!


New Lampwork Bead Sets and my weekend!

Monday, July 23, 2007
My weekend was a pleasant one. Saturday, I sat on the front porch waiting for the mailman to bring me my copy of HP7…The Deathly Hallows. (I do believe that J.K. Rowling out did herself this time.) We had to order two copies because Bob and I didn’t want to fight over it. Anyway, the mailman didn’t arrive until a bit after 5pm. I can’t express in words just how grumpy I was. I saw down and started right away. I finished up before midnight. Bob, poor dude, was up until after 3:30 am.
The best quote in the entire book was Molly Weasley saying, “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!!!” I also rather enjoyed the end where Harry and ‘Riddle’ have their last conversation. All in all, I enjoyed the series and HP7 but what’s next? Anyone of another kewl, action backed series?

Yesterday, I hit the torch…lots of new disks sets with be up soon. During my torching session, I listened to Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I'm a big fan of Neil Gaiman. I find his work entertaining...actually it's fascinating to me that he creates such imaginative images when I'm listening to his stories on audio book. I think that some authors are meant to be listened to...Neil Gaiman is one of those. I wish that he would do radio plays.

Today, I'm starting the Chrestomanci series by Dianne Wynne Jones. They are short books, less than 8 hours each.'s some new lampwork bead sets. The one below was made with a couple odd lots of Vetrofond glass. It's a fun, abstract set that I made in large blocks of color. Just right for some of the new fall fashions that I'm seeing in the stores.
The below looks MUCH nicer in person. I'm having a lot of trouble with my photography skills with certain colors. Purples and blues are at the top of the list. Alas, this set has both of the colors.

I will be placing both sets up on ebay this week. I've also got about 10 or so sets to be adding to the website. Plus a huge pile to clean. Most of which, I'm keeping. :-) Well, that's it for lots to do!

More Beady Experiments

Friday, July 20, 2007
Here's a set that I's done in a simple color scheme but in combo with the busy designs, it works. This set will be up on eBay in the next week or so.

I've been doing some experiments lately. I've gotten a whole new load of gemstones and have been torching accent beads. I've got a large pile to still take pictures of. Funny, I would much rather be torching or working on my new jewelry collection. I wonder why? :-)

Anyway, I've got to get a few things done around here...I'm expecting to sit on the couch and read the last Harry Potter book tomorrow. That should cheer me up!!!!! I've been waiting for a year for the book to arrive.

I haven't been doing my typical hours at the torch. I've been actually been either at my bench or doing seed bead work again. Mostly experiments. I've got several designs drawn and laid out but I'm still not happy with them. I'm wanting to add more copper to my work. It gives a earthy favor to some of the pieces. It's been a while since I've done a collection/line.

Several folks have written me and asked 'whats up with the lack of bead sets?' Well....I'm keeping most of the beads for me. (if you want something, let me know and I will work on it for you) I'm working on a new body of work for next spring and summer. We have been in Texas for almost three years and it's been a nice vacation in some ways. Now it's time for me go back to what I do It's not like I'm walking away from lampwork...I'm just not spending as much time on the torch.

Here's the thing, I'm getting a bit bored with sitting behind the ol' Bobcat all day. I've come to the point that I can be off the torch for several days and still go back with ease. I miss the design aspect of jewelry.

I still haven't unpacked most of my metal equipment and am still on a MINI bench. Mostly for chain so I'm not going to do any of the larger silver pieces that I like best BUT I also like making chain too. So that works. To be honest, I just don't have the room in the studio. As far as working in the other aspects of glass. I've still got the glory hole and extra torches packed as well as the larger fusing kilns. Here again, I'm out of room.

This 'out of room' concept has been plaguing me since we moved from a commercial studio. What I need is at least a 1000 sq ft of open space with at least 100 amps. We have grid panels to construct our own walls so the open space works for us. It would be nice if the space had a hot space; if not, that's easily taken care of. (I miss blowing glass) We could split the studio too. A lot depends on where we move to. Well, actually it depends on the type of weather we move to. If there's snow in the equation, I'm thinkin' that I just might have the seed beads at home.
I did pick up a half dozen or so large hole mandrels. The large hole beads are something that I like making BUT...I've just figured out some rather kewl jewelry designs with them. The beads just scream WIRE. Those are also in the drawn up stage. I'll be working on those for the next couple of weeks. I'll post some pics when I get them done.
That's it for me...I'm off to the studio. I've got to get a few things done so that I can take tomorrow off.
Have a Happy, Harry weekend!

A Clive Day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Have any of you read anything by Clive Barker? Well, take a gamble…his work is rich in plots and characters. There have been a couple of times that I’ve had to stop reading his work for a while because it’s given me nightmares. He creates an entire world for the mind to work with.

If you are one of those creative types like me…try his Abarat series. I finished up the first book and will be listening to the second book in the series today. It’s kinda like Stephen King does Seuss. Maybe even like Harry Potter in drag. I must have Harry Potter on the brain right now. I'm waiting, not well either, for Saturday and the last book to arrive.
Here's some new sets that will appear sometime (this week) on my website.
The below is one of my favorite sets....
Fall hues....
I've got a custom that I'm finishing up today and THEN...I'm going to work on some more fall hues. I'm also working on some dragonfly wing earrings. We'll see, the pattern isn't looking as good as I thought it would.
Have a great day!!!!

It's been a long week...Yarrow

Monday, July 16, 2007
It’s been a while and it was a long week. First off, Yarrow, our dog died. She was with us for a little over 11 years. Friday morning she started having cluster seizers and we rushed her to the emergency animal clinic. After many tests and several procedures, they couldn’t stabilize her. The long-term prognosis was grave. The decision was made to put her to sleep. She really never did regain consciousness to the point that she recognized either Bob or I. So I’ve been a bit out of touch since Friday.
The above is a picture of Yarrow.

On a happier note…we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Bob liked it…I was very disappointed. The book had so many different options for some very kewl scene for the movie. They really didn’t use any of them. I’m beginning to wonder if the Harry Potter series is one of those that are better either read or listened to via audio book. I’m just about done listening to the Harry Potter series AGAIN…I’m waiting for Saturday for my copy of the final sequel to be delivered. We have set aside the entire day to lay about and read. I can’t wait to read the conclusion!!!!!
Now for eye candy….I will be putting these on my website sometime this week. If you are interested, let me know….

That's it for today...I'm off to the studio.
Have a happy, creative day!

Sunday, July 08, 2007
It’s still raining here!

Texas has had drought conditions for several years but this year has been extreme when it comes to rain. We aren’t in an area that floods but many people are. Our yard looks like the rainforest. The bugs, little critter, and birds are flourishing because of the rain. The rivers and lakes around here are filled to the brim, much more and Austin is going to have problems like the rest of the state is.

We’ve only been in Texas for three years, but this is the first summer that we’ve actually had grass. The entire back yard is lush and green. Which is wonderful in some ways but it has to be cut weekly now. We have an entire fencerow of bamboo, which is taking over our yard. OMG, by the end of summer, we may reach jungle status.

Today…I’m off to the studio. I’ve got some new colors and designs to try out!!!! I’m changing the amount to time I spend on the torch. EBay sales are down and I’m also getting a bit bored of just sitting on the torch all day. There’s just something about making all these bead sets and not taking the time to make my own jewelry. So, it’s time to juggle my schedule a bit. I’ve got a pad full of designs and haven’t taken the time to work them. I also miss metal work soooooooooo I’ll be posting new work pretty soon.

Have a happy, creative day!


Website Update...lots of Beady Dudes

Friday, July 06, 2007
This is just a short note to let you know that I’ve added several lampwork bead sets to my website. These are mostly smaller sets, not as large as my typical eBay sets.

Have a happy, creative day!


I've been busy....lots of new beads!

Thursday, July 05, 2007
It was a rather uneventful July 4th! Which is totally wonderful. We have an older dog, named Chelsie, that is very afraid of loud noises. So every New Years and July 4th is a stressful time for her. This year was actually calm and we are soooooooooooooooo happy!!!!! I actually got a bit of sleep last night. BTW, she's also afraid of the dark, rain, and any type of storm. It's been rather rainy the last couple of weeks so I have been sleeping only a couple hours a night. It's beginning to catch up on me.
The above set is actually kinda kewl because it's so diverse in it's uses in jewelry designs. Lots of shapes and goes wonderfully with blue coral. I will be adding it to my ebay auctions this evening.
The rest of beads, I'm in the process of doing the write ups for my website update. The beads will slowly be appearing on my website. I will send out a Newsletter when all the beads are up.

Most of the sets are smaller than my norm but they are geared to the jewelry designer. Some I've made with them being accents beads. Then there are some sets that are geared for a full set of earrings, necklace, and matching bracelet.

That's the end of the peep show. I'm off...time for me to start my paperwork.
Have a happy, creative day!

More Lampwork bead sets

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
As you can tell, I've been busy with pictures!

The below is a lovely looks much nicer in person that it does in the photo. This set was a real PITA to take pictures of. I'm not sure why either.
That's it for this evening. I'm off for some much needed snooze time.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Dots! New Lampwork Bead Set

Monday, July 02, 2007
Blues, purples, browns, and gold with soft touches of green. The hues of fall. It's only the beginning of July and I'm still wishing for fall. :-)

That's it for the pictures!
Have a happy, creative day!

Lampwork Disks Sets

Sunday, July 01, 2007
Here's a preview of my website update that is coming. I know, I are getting tried of hearing this. I am really, really working on it. :-) I have been working on my disks. I even made a set for myself. These puppies are a pleasure to design jewelry with.

The below is a wonderful set that goes with natural stones.
The below is a transparent set done in jewel tones.
That's it for the pictures!

Have a nice weekend!