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New work up on Etsy...Lots of lampwork beads and jewelry!

Friday, November 30, 2007
Howdy Everyone...ready for the weekend yet? I sure am, I've been busy again. Actually, Bob is traveling this weekend...I'm going to be at home with the cats and my torch. I've spent so much time working in pictures and typing up descriptions, that I haven't finished a set that I'm working on.

The below beads are large holed...great for chain...great for earrings...cord or ribbon. I know that they don't look like they took forever to make but they did. The base is a German odd lot that I was lucky enough to get my paws on. I used fine silver, fuming, and silvered black glass to get the metallic highlights. All in all, I was very please when I found these in the kiln. The kiln fairy must love me!

The pictures didn't turn out as well as I would of like...the below pic was the best it got! Too bad, these are really nice. Oh well, they are currently on Etsy so if somebody doesn't grab them, I will do something with them. Ya know, this might be a subconscious act on my part. They don't sell so I keep them. :-) I'm beginning to wonder because I've got a couple sets up on Etsy that the photo are pure crap but they are some of the nicest beads that I've made. Like Crow Medicine...all reduction glasses and lots of encasements.
The picture turned ok on this set...ya know don't ya all get tired of reading about my photography issues? I recently picked up a book about digital cameras so hopefully, this will end. :-)
This pic turned out well...actually the bracelet just slid together. All the hues just merged into a dynamic, flowing piece. That doesn't always happen.
Now after all the organic looking comes my favorite! I just loved this bracelet. All the beads are just about the same size...I didn't add much in the way of silver or accents. I just let the beads tell the story. It's called Urban Tribal...I use that name a lot. It's for urban favored me why. It’s bold, visually exciting, and screams FUN. It is adjustable from 7 inches to 8 inches.

These are all up on Etsy currently...yep, another shameless plug. :-)
Ok...I'm off to catch of on email and get some more work done. It sure doesn't end does it?
Have a happy, creative day!

Etsy Artist...Crystal Popko

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
I saw them, I lusted for them...I had to have them!

I fell in love with the use of color in both of these...

Ok, I've been out shopping again on Etsy. I have purchased from Crystal Popko, her cabs are to die for. So all you seed beaders out there...she does customs!!!!! I'll post my creation after Christmas. She's easy to work with and extra, extra nice! She's a quick shipper and very professional with her customers. Overall, I am extremely impressed by her work. So if you get a chance, go take a peek...

Crystal is also having a SALE!
BTW, the above art glass pieces are GONE because I just bought them!!!!
Have a happy, creative day...I'm off to the studio!

Lampwork Bead Pics

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Do these look better? I just figured out what white balance is!!!!!!!!! I think I'm on the right track...what do ya think?

BTW, the above is a very kewl took me forever to make these. It's part of my new 'Silvered' series and it's currently up on Etsy.

Ok...that's it unless I need to test some more photos today.


Peach Blow Glass...More Lampwork Beads

Monday, November 26, 2007
I don't know why...but I love these beads.

This is a simple set but in an unusual glass color called Gaffer Salmon. It’s an older hue that is similar to Peach Blow glass. It has color reactions to other glass, silver, and even where the bead is made in the flame. The frit I used is one of my own recipes. The glass is supper heated to bring out the peachy hue but slowly so that I didn’t burn out the color. It turns white if you do. There’s lots of shine and glass reactions happening because of the amount of fine silver that I added. One of the color reactions is an olive green and a terra cotta hue. There is also silver veining that produced an organic favor to the beads.

Anyway, they will be up in my Etsy store in a little while.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day...I'm off to finish up my computer stuff and then run out to do errands.



Ready for more lampwork beads!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007
Yeppers, I've been a bit's lots of beads that I just put up on Etsy. I love Etsy...BTW, have you taken the handmade pledge? Take a peek, you'll be glad you did.

The below is a close up of a bead...dud. :-)

Here's the rest of the set. These have been made from an odd lot named Olympia. It is no longer made from Double Helix Glass. It’s hard to catch all the depth and various hues with a camera lens. It looks like flowing water within the beads Here's another sets of Shore, and it's my last. Down by the shore! The Tile beads are wonderful for bracelets and the Focal Nugget make up into a lovely pendant. Lots happenin’ in these beads; encasements, lots of fine silver, and patterns.
More Double Helix glass...ain't it yummy?
My smilin' bead dude:
Growl…doesn’t that just say it all? This set features a flattie bracelet strand…feels and looks great on the wrist. Lots of canvas without the weight. The focal disk looks fabulous without the fuss…just add a silk ribbon or cord and poof, you have a impressive necklace. The beads have a metallic shine to them with lots of fine silver mixed in.
I'm slowly adding lots of jewelry to my Etsy shop...if you get a chance, stop in and tell me what you think. If you see anything wacky, let me know.
That's it for today...I've got to get back to the torch!
Have a great one!

Lots more there is anything else?

Saturday, November 24, 2007
It's raining right now in Austin...I mean it's lousy weather, wet and gray. Plus it's cold here...we had a cold front move it and I'm not likin' this at all. Bob went to the Farmers Market this morning, I refused to go. I don't do rain, I might melt. :-)

Here's a little bright and cheerful...a flower focal.

Here's a mini focal set...a focal with two accent nuggets. Remember when I said that I was starting a new's another set in Silvered. It's up on Etsy currently with a couple of it's sisters.
Here's another set...the focal is very, very nice. I had a lot of trouble getting decent pictures. The silver on the beads throws my camera into wacky mode.

Here's the last set of this Silvered Brights. I've still got another couple sets in the series to get photo-ed and posted on Etsy.

I want to thank everyone that has found me on Etsy. Thank you for your orders and kind all are wonderful!
Have a happy, creative day!

New Lampwork Series

Friday, November 23, 2007
Ok...I'm starting a new series. The below is one set that is photographed and up on Etsy. I've got several piles that I have to get sorted and take pics of. I always have issues with beads that have silver on them or reduction glass. Beats me why. The below has no green and I peep from the pic that it looks like it. Geez...I need a picture elf. :-)
Hope the holiday was wonderful for everyone....Bob cooked and I spent a fruitless day in the studio. :-( All the beads I made were not up to what I was wanting. It happens but I'd rather it didn't.

Have a happy, creative day!


Artist Block and an Etsy Artist's Cure!

Thursday, November 22, 2007
I know that there’s been a huge discussion on several email lists and forums that I’m on regarding ARTIST BLOCK. I think that I just found the cure…take a look at these folks. Toys for artists…

Cheryl Smith has the most wonderful finger puppets. They are like artist RPG props! Besides that, they are just plain cute. There's an inner child in all of us...the creative folks, like me, just have their child a bit closer to the surface. :-)
If you would like to visit Cheryl's Etsy shop for all your Inner Child needs or a gift for your child...or if you just need a smile, take a peek at



What do ya think of these?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007's not lampwork beads this's chainmaille. Yeppers sometimes I get off the torch and Bob isn't playing with his rocks all the time. All the below have several more pictures but I've got them up in the Etsy store. I just didn't figure ya'll wanted to see multiple view of chainmaille.

The below is European 6 in 1 round weave with 4.5mm sterling rings in 20g wire. The bracelet weighs 1.9oz, has a sterling silver clasp, and is 8.5 inches in length. It took 550 rings to make this dramatic bracelet. Just in case you are interested...we can adjust the length.

Half Persian 3 in 1 (aka Snake) with 6.5mm sterling rings in 16g wire. The bracelet weighs 1.2oz, has a sterling silver clasp, and is 7.5 inches in length. It took 100 rings to make this bracelet.
European 8 in 1 weave with 4mm sterling rings in 21g wire. The bracelet weighs .7oz, has a sterling silver clasp, and is 7 inches in length. It took 280 rings to make this bracelet.
Here's a close up...this one is one of Bob's bracelets. He's kinda the chainmaille guru in this casa.
This is a Turkish Round Byzanitine weave with 2.5mm sterling rings in 21g wire. The bracelet weighs .6oz, has a sterling silver clasp, and is 6 3/4 inches in length. It took 375 rings to make this bracelet.

That's it for the picture show today.
Have a happy, creative day!

More lampwork beads...lots more added to Etsy

Monday, November 19, 2007
I'm back again...yeppers...more lampwork pic. Don't ya get a bit bored with beady pictures? Hopefully I'll have something different in store soon. I've been at the torch but I've also been working on a lot of other stuff to.

I also want to thank everyone that has purchased beady dudes and cabs from the Etsy store. I've decided that I like Etsy much better than eBay. Once the software is much easier to the talent is totally I don't feel like I'm sell in a flea market.
The above is a simple set but it goes with most natural stones. Makes for great accents beads...anyway, they have already been sold but I like them enough to post a pic of them. I have made some more in the same design but in different colors of glass. I will try to get them up on Etsy next week some time.
Here's a small bead strand is petiters...the whole strand is a bit over 4 inch long. Just right from a hoppin' bracelet or accents in a necklace. The below is part of a new series that I'm doing...called Silver. Yeah, I know, real unique name. I've got a couple more strands to get pics of. They are in a pile of bead strands that I have laying on my desk. Remember when I said I was cleaning my studio? Well, it got better for a while and then...all hell broke loose...the elves came in...had a drunken brawl and how I've got lampwork beads all over the place. You wouldn't believe what a mess they made. Oh well, I guess it serves me right, I wasn't paying enough. Elves DO NOT like working for beads. :-)

Here's a pic of one of Bob's's sold this week BUT it is kewl. What I like about Bob and is lapidary obsession is that I get to keep all the really kewl cabs. Selfish of me...yes, but I have the great intentions of going back to silversmithing. Just as soon as I have enough space.
Btw, it's an Golden Ocean Jasper cab.
This is a really kewl one's Dendritic Limestone. I'll be posting this on Etsy pretty soon.
Here's a Fancy Jasper's on Etsy now.
The below is what Bob uses to grind down the cabs. Just a bit of TMI. :-)

My day was spent packing and doing lots of Click n'Ships...then two runs to the post office. I'm beginning to feel like a hamster in a wheel. I did get some torch time in this evening though.'s the torch ALL day. I'm in the middle of a audio book that is totally holding my attention.
OK, it's my peepers are closing and my backside is dragging. Don't that make a lovely visualization?

More Lampwork Beads...I've been a busy beadmaker

Sunday, November 18, 2007
Well I'm still working on my Etsy shop and been spending time at the torch. Hopefully one of these days, I'm going to get my studio cleaned and some more jewelry made. It just seems that there aren't enough hours in the day for me. I can't get everything done quick enough. Too bad I can't employ elves...that's what I really need.

These two mini sets are already up on Etsy...
The below set will pop up sometime today...after some more java and taking care of all the orders that came in recently. BTW, thank you for your support. All of you are wonderful!
Ok...I've gotta get busy...things to to drink.

Have a happy, creative day!


Lots of NEW Lampwork Beads!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007
LOOK OUT ETSY, HERE I COME. That's exactly how I feel. :-) I've finally figured out the Etsy system of picture loading, how to find out what has been sold, and how to BUY lots of stuff. There is a huge amount of really kewl, handmade items from some very talented artists there.'s a set that has already been sold but I liked it so well, I thought I'd share a pic with ya.

Here's another that I like...I think that my tastes in beads aren't the same as everyone elses. Ain't it a grand thing? Beads are the 'good stuff' in life. The below is a really kewl set...I've got several small sets in these hues that I'm in the process of adding to my Etsy store.
These are lovely...I mean the flame totally out did herself with these beads.
Here’s a bead set that I was rather pleased with. Many times I have issues with matching up the greens of lampwork with stones. This time, I add nine different hues of green. So I know that there is a lady stone out there waiting for these beady dudes.
Well that's it for the eye candy.

Have a wonderful weekend...I'm off to work on my beady write ups.


Rant...non-bead related...I think Saudi Arabia sucks!

Thursday, November 15, 2007
From the BBC:
"An appeal court in Saudi Arabia has doubled the number of lashes and added a jail sentence as punishment for a woman who was gang-raped." Here's the rest of the story:

Ya know, I'm beginning to wonder if there is any justice in the world. I know that our justice system isn't perfect but I count my blessings everyday that I live in America.

This is sick...the kid was only 19 y/o. (I read this info from another news article)

Actually it's more than's a nightmare. What's even worse is that the odds are that she will be an outcast with no marriage in her future. In totally male dominated culture, her family will have to support they choose to. If not, then what happens to her?

Why do we support these countries???? Just how much US moola Saudi Arabia receive??? How much of that aid goes to the people of that country????? It doesn't seem like the female section of the population get much. I understand that we, as Americans, should not push our 'evil American ways' upon other countries....but it's situations such as this make me wonder why our govt supports any country that doesn't have the common sense to view women as a human beings.

I'm off my soapbox...I'm off to write some letter to my 'elected officials'. Which makes me feel better now but makes me a bit queasy when I get their form letter response.


What's Happenin'!...yeppers, more lampwork beads

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
I've still been working away at the beady photography...working on my Etsy store...and generally enjoying the weather. The studio cleaning has hit the back burner for a bit. Gads, I really needed a break from that. I just love to make messes in the creative spirit but cleaning them up...well, I wish I had studio elves. :-) Don't we all.

Anyway...the below is a smaller bead set that I've been working on. The set in in browns, silvered ivory, and ivories. It's really not the set but the number of beads per set that I'm working on. I have a habit of making these huge, mongo sets. Not everyone needs nor wants sets that large in number.

Here's another focal set...a focal with a few companion beads in the hues of Hawaiian purple and aqua turquoise with a bit of silver for good measure.
Even though the pictures don't do the set's a really kewl lampwork set. I actually take very little credit for these beady was just the right mix of the flame and the glass that did their magic. Here's another HAPPY-HAPPY set. The rondells are a bit larger than I normally make but...what the hell we all need to break a few rules once in a while. :-)
That's the end of show and tell. I'm off to see what is in the kiln and work on Etsy today. I've still got another forty sets to write up and post. If you get a chance...take a peek at my Etsy store and tell me what you think.

BTW, I will be doing a Grand Opening sale to all my Newletter and Blog readers. If you find something you can't live without until me and the set will be 20% off. Ya know, I just throw things in like this just to see if anyone actually reads the blog or just looks at the pictures. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!