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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
It’s been a while…I’ve been a bit busy with my Etsy shop and been on the torch everyday. It seems just when I’ve got an idea, something is missing from either my glass closet or I can’t find a tool. Isn’t that the way it goes?

Anyway, I’ve finished a new series. Not at huge as the SSB series but more than one of my mini series. I don’t plan to revisit this one in the future nor am I taking an custom orders on this series. I’ve already moved on to something else and I really just have to be in the mood to make them. That’s one of the reasons why I like being self-employed.

Drum roll…It’s called ‘Tokens’ and they are BRIGHT. Actually they are sunglasses bright when you hold them in your hand. Not as bright as neon hues but mostly primary colors.

So...what do ya think? The last series was spiritual...mostly earthy hues. Now...I have totally switched gears on you. Ah, the mystery and miracles of glass...there is no boredom.
The above sets will be post up on Etsy in the next couple of days. The others...well, they are already been sent out to their the home.
Have a happy creative day!

More lampwork...last of the series.

Sunday, February 17, 2008
My SSB series is coming to an end. I'm feeling the need to move on to greener pastures right now. I will re-visit this series. I've enjoyed it so much...also, I'm looking into my crystal ball and I see jewelry designing in my future. Once we move, I will be making more beads for ME! Besides that...I've been feeling the need to play with brights. Spring is's just right around the bend.

The below is called Morgan le Fay...

“Morgan le Fay is commonly remembered as the enchantress half-sister of King Arther. She is, in fact, the great queen goddess, ruler of the mystical island of Avalon, the Fortunate Island of the Blessed Dead. Sometimes equated with the ancient Irish warrior goddess Morrigan, she is the Celtic death goddess. As Morgana Fata she is the controller of destinies and knows the fate of each person. She is noted for her healing powers, her knowledge of healing plants, and her prophetic vision. Like a shaman she is a shape-shifter, able to take many forms. Morgan le Fay represents that deep place of healing magic within each of us.”

The below is called Selene...

“Selene, Queen of the Starlit Heavens, is the ancient Greek goddess of the moon. She carries the moon across the sky in a white chariot driven by winged horses or bulls. She is the totality of the moon, with its waxing into fullness and waning into darkness.”

“Selene represents the fullness of life, incorporating all the phases of light and darkness in her shinning.”

This is a lovely set…the pictures don’t do the beads justice because of the metallic iridescent sheen the beads have.

The above is called Venus...

“Venus is the Roman goddess of grace and love, called Aphrodite by the Greeks. She evolved from an early Italian nature goddess, bringer of spring blooms and vines, a goddess of growth and the beauty of nature. The goddess of desire, Venus was the irresistible personification of both the physical and spiritual love.”

“Venus is a striking affirmation of the love of beauty and the pleasure of the senses.”

That's it for today...I'm off to load these up on Etsy and then to the studio. I've got lots and lots of new springy ideas.

Have a happy, creative day!!!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008
The above is called Lilith...

“Lilith is a Middle Eastern goddess of abundance, fertility, and fecundity, the giver of agriculture to humans. The first woman created and the first wife of Adam, she refused to be subordinate to Adam in any way. Lilith is associated with the owl, a figure of darkness and deep wisdom, for she is also a goddess of death and transformation.” “Lilith challenges us to look upon our dark side and incorporate it into our wholeness so that our great beauty can blossom forth. “ (like the lotus flower)

The above and below is called Fortuna...

“The Roman goddess Fortuna was the same as an earlier Italian goddess who presided over the earth’s abundance and controlled the destiny of all human beings. Her name derived from Vortumna, ‘she who turns the year about.’ Came to symbolize the capriciousness of life and luck, the vagaries of fate as the wheel of life turns around. Her festival was celebrated in October.”

“Fortuna gives us a way to approach the ups and downs of life, a perspective that can offer us some equanimity as we proceed on our journey.”

The below is called Gaia.

“Gaia existed before everything; she existed before time. Gaia, the eternal, prehistoric earth mother goddess, is fertility incarnate, moist, mysterious, strong. She is life energy itself; everything that lives, breathing or not, overflows with life. She is the earth and all the powers of the earth. “

“As a goddess of the soul, Gaia reminds us that the soul develops in dark places and that ultimately soul must be rooted in the body, in earth. She is a reminder that we must ground ourselves in the reality of nature and incorporate all sides of ourselves, be they pleasant or unpleasant, light or dark.”
This focal bead is just a bit shy of 3 inches. It's very long...close up, in my hand, it has lovely shades of silvered blues in it. Another one of those beads that looks much better in hand than the pictures show.

I just posted all three in my Etsy store. It seems just about as soon as I post them, they dissappear. So if you want to take a peek at them, also look in the sold area as well.

I will also be posting some non-series beady dudes as well. I've been busy at the torch....ah, the joys of having no life.

Have a happy, creative day!


More Lampwork...Bad Hair Day beads and SSB series

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
The series goes on...and on. :-)
The above is called Ix Chel...

“Ix Chel is the ancient Mayan goddess who reigned supreme throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, in southern Mexico, and as far as El Salvador for more than a millennium. She is also called the Queen, Our Mother, the White Lady, and the Goddess of Becoming. Although married to the sun, she is fiercely independent, allowing no one to own her: she remains free to come and go as she chooses.”“Her energy is midwife to our own creative ideas.”

The above is called Epona....

“Epona, from Celtic Gaul, was especially worshipped as a protectress of horses, a being of fecundity to mares and the a giver of well-being to foals. She was the only Celtic goddess to be adopted by the Romans. A lunar goddess, Epona is often depicted with a cornucopia, a symbol of abundance and plenty. Like the symbol of the horse, she is a bring of fertility, a source of inspiration, and a figure of death.”

“Comfortable in both the realm of life and that of death, Epona is a strong symbol of independence, nurturing, intuitive understanding, instinct, and vitality.”
Every female that I know can relate to ‘bad hair’ days. On one of my studio days, I woke up…jumped in the shower…got ready for my day. THEN I looked in the mirror. Talk about a humbling experience. A bit of mouse…a blow-dyer…and yes, a curling iron…I finally made peace with my hair. Well, enough to put on a sweatshirt and zip off to the studio. These are the times that I’m thankful that somebody invented hats. So in the studio, I decided to make some beads to compensate for my ‘bad hair’ day…ya know, the type of beads that make you happy just looking at them. So I designed the Queen of Bad Hair Days and her court of beady friends. (Like flowers in your hair beads…like looking like a bird’s nest…like green with envy…like crowning glory…yes, I have an odd sense of humor.)

The below is a bracelet let...reminds us to make peace with our hair. :-)

Well, I'm beads to beads to torch...
Have a happy, creative day!

More Lampwork Beads...SSB series

Sunday, February 10, 2008
Hello Everyone!

I want to thank everyone for your kind comments and kudos regarding my new SSB series!!! It's things like this that really feed an artist's ego. BTW ego is good (everyone has to a little bit) but egoism is bad. :-)

The above is called 'Artemis'.

"Artemis, the archaic mistress of animals, probably dates back to Paleolithic times. Her realm is the wildness, and her concern extends to all wild untamed things. She presides over the hunt and is the goddess of hunters. Fiercely individualistic and independent, she remains apart from relationship to men."

“She reminds us of the value of solitude and the importance of wild, unprotected places. She shows us those frightening places that bring healing even through fear.”

The below is called 'Rhiannon'...

"Rhiannon is the Great Goddess as worshiped by the Welsh. She is the embodiment of life, death, and rebirth, for her realm there is no death without regeneration. Her name derives from 'Rigantona', which means "great queen."

The below is called 'Spider Woman'...

"Spider Woman is an important goddess amount many of the southwestern Native American tribes. Though occasionally destructive, she is nearly always protrayed as benefient. The Keresan Spider Woman created everything there is by thinking, dreaming, or naming; she taught the people how to plant seeds. The Cherokee Grandmother Spider brought the people the sun and fire; she taught them pottery, weaving, and how to make ceremonial blessing. Spider Woman is responsible for bringing fire amount the Pueblo, Tewa, and Kiwa tribes. For the Hopi, Spider Woman is the creator who helped the people during their emergence, created moon, has the power to give and take life, and is connected to hunting and agriculture."

That's the end of my new work right now...check back in the next couple of days. I've got lots of photography to do hopefully, I'll be back on the torch soon. I've got some really kewl new ideas to work out.

Oh...btw, I will have the above three sets up on Etsy today...hopefully!!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!!!!


More Lampwork Beads!!! More SSB serie pics.

Thursday, February 07, 2008
I'm still working on the SSB series and lovin' every moment of it. It's great to be back in the saddle again. This is the reason why I got into lampworking in the first place.

The above is called Hathor: Hathor, a nourishing great mother goddess, is the Egyptian mother of all gods and goddesses. Usually portrayed as a cow, she is a sky goddess, queen of the heavens: the sun emerges from her womb and the moon from her breast.”“Hathor reminds us that we, too, must acknowledge all parts of ourselves, that we might call destructive is sometimes necessary to allow our creativity and compassion to flourish.”
Above is called High Priestess... "The priestess is the direct representative of the goddess on earth. She has direct responsibility for the functions that ensure fertility and ongoing creation.”“The High Priestess is a reminder of the innate wisdom in each of us. She demands that we connect the divine spark within and manifest it in the world.”
The above and below is called Thetis...“Thetis is a Greek sea goddess who represents fertility. She is a creator goddess, for all life begins in the sea, and she is usually portrayed as a Nereid (sea nymph): a beautiful, young, semidivine goddess fond of dancing and singing.”“As the personification of calm waters, Thetis is responsible for providing a peaceful sea. She is that center of peace and calm that is always available, even in the midst of changing forms.”
The below is part of my 'lets mix glass and gem stones together' phase. I keep making these sets because I like the concept. It's how I like to make jewerly.
I figure glass is good...stone is good...metal is good...but if you mix all three, it is GREAT!
Several of these sets are still up on Etsy...a few have already sold since this morning.

Ok...I've off to the torch...lots to do..more work coming.
Have a happy, creative day!

Why SSB?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008
The above is a mini print from a painting of Susan Seddon-Boulet, called 'Ishtar'. I've been a huge admirer of Boulet for a very long time but someone recently sent me a card with the above image on it. That's how this series took off.

I keep an area in the torcher chamber that I call my inspirational corner. :-) It's filled with toys, news articles, pieces of rock or shell, etc. Right now it's filled with mini Boulet prints. It seems that it will be for a while. I am totally psyched on this series, as you can tell. Sometimes I just get like this.

This is the first set that I made in this series...
"Ishtar is a multilayed Babylonian creator goddess, the source of all life and embodiment of the power of nature. She is the giver of plenty, a lawgiver, a judge, the goddess of time as well as the goddess of both love and war." "She represents the creative feminine, active and strong."

Well that's where it began and what I've been doing the last couple of weeks. If you any comments, pro or con, I'd love to hear it.

Peace in 2008!


New Lampwork Series...GGB' Goddesses

Howdy Folks,

I've been working on a new series...SSB's Goddess'. This series of lampwork beadsets and focals is an artistic exploration and inspired by Susan Seddon-Boulet. I have been in awe with Susan Seddon-Boulet for many decades. I was sadden to know that she passed away on Monday, April 1997. Her art has had a huge influence in my work as a potter, a silversmith, a jewelry designer, and now a glass artist. Susan Seddon-Boulet is considered one of the founders of the visionary art movement in the United States. Her paintings are in collections around the world. Her work has an underlying spiritual quality as well as a distinctive personal style. SSB’s Goddess Paintings, published in 1994, has always been one of my favorites of her work.

I've taken the pictures outside, in natural light, to give you the best pics. They will also be up on Etsy soon but I will also have several more views of each of the focals or beadsets.

The above and below is called 'Themis'. "Themis is one of the oldest and most revered of the Greek Goddesses. The daughter of Gaia, the Earth Goddess. Themeis is the mother of the three Fates, who determine the destiny of all morals and gods. She is shown here as the giver of dreams, she once consulted at Delphi as the bestower of oracles."

The above and below is called 'Triple Goddess'.
The below is called 'Lady of the Lake'.
Most of my series sets are limited or mini...this one is a large one but it is limited. I won't remake any of them nor will I repeat them at this time. It's just everyonce in a while, I just have to flow with the Muse juice and see where it leads me.

If you are interested in reading more about each of the sets or focals, or seeing any more pics of them....I will start posting them on Etsy in the morning.

Have a happy, creative day!


I've been busy again...lots of new lampwork

Monday, February 04, 2008
It's been a long weekend at the torch...I've been working with Double Helix's silver-laden glasses again.

I'm keeping the strand sizes smaller than my mongo numbers. It's jewelry designer season right now. Everyone is working on their inventory for the up coming spring and summer shows.
I had a huge number of requests for smaller, less pricey strands. That could make a couple pieces of art jewerly.
The below is one of my all time favorite strands!!!!
The below strand is also rather nice....
Most of the above strands have already sold on Etsy. I just put them up yesterday too. So thank you!!!!
I just put the above and below strands up on Etsy. I seriously considered keeping one of them. I have to start making some jewelry for myself folks! I just got a couple new shirts, both have that olive green in them. Oh well, maybe I'll take a day off to make some beads for ME.
The below set was made on a teal base. It's a color, like pink, I rarely use. Beats me why, it sure torches up nice.
Here' the last set of the day...slate blues....
Etsy has been keeping me hoppin'. I just got the convo/email that I cut the mustard with EGA, Etsy Glass Artists.
Sorry this is a drive by post...I'm busy as a cat in heat right now. Hopefully, it will calm down and I'll be back more often.
Have a happy, creative day!!!