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Moving update and New Lampwork Beads!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008
I'm back home! We've been home for a week or so from our trip. I've finally got something to show ya'll. I've just been busy as a cat in heat...getting the studio organized to get moved. We were successful in finding a house. Now we are waiting for all the paperwork to finish up. I had forgotten just how much paperwork there is to buying a house. It's unbelievable. Plus being 1100 miles away doesn't help. Most things have to be done via phone, email, and fax. Which take more time. I just can't stop in to take care of things...I have to make calls, then leave a message, then we play phone tag. It's a bit frustrating. Oh well....we finish up the rest of the financing today, hopefully.

I wanted a historical home in's a small section on the east side of Indianapolis. What I picked out was a home in Danville, Indiana. Danville is a small town west of Indianapolis. The area has great shopping but the town is small enough to still have charm. The home is large enough for me to keep my studio at home but not so large that I spend all my time cleaning. That was the big challenge. The other challenge was to find a home that had a yard large enough for a dog but not so large that we spent huge amounts of time mowing lawns. I wanted the modern conveniences but I didn't want a new's the mature trees that I wanted. This home will work for us.

I'm rather happy too that my entire studio will fit too. The sunroom will be my lampwork and glass studio. The dinning room will be my jewelry design area plus Bob gets an office that is separate from mine. The garage is heated and AC'ed so the slab and cab area can go there plus all the dirty parts of my studio. It's got water in the garage so that's nice too. I think it was the garage that really sold this house. :-) It's attached so don't have to go out in the weather to get to parts of my studio. Plus it has 3 bathrooms!!!! Yippy! Plus it has a wood burning fireplace in the family room. The fireplace was a really big deal to me. I've spent over three years in Texas and have gotten used to the weather. I'm figuring that the first winter in Indiana will make me a bit uncomfortable. I'm just not used to the cold.

I've had a studio separate from my home for years but this time I really wanted to have it at home. Right now, it's only a short walk to the studio but before that, it was always at least a 2o minute drive. Which doesn't sound like much but it can be as much as I work. The other thing is that I spend a nice chunk of money to have a studio and spend more time there than I do in my own home. When I got thinking about it, it seemed like a waste of money in some ways. I really don't need a house and a studio unless I could figure out how to combine it all together. Well, that's that up date of what has been happenin' with the house search. I'll have more later which all the paperwork gets sorted out.

So now I've been packing up some of the glass but mostly I've been cleaning out my stash. My stash constists of pieces and parts of odd lots glasses. Most of which haven't been made for years. When I first started lampworking, I bought out another lampworker that was giving up her studio. Some of those odd lots were almost a decade old. Which doesn't sound that big of a deal but it was. :-) Anyway, I found one rod of this blue grey color....shocky as all get out. I had to pre-heat it to the point of melting to keep it from shattering when it hit the flame. I don't think the color has been made for at least ten or so years.

The above and below have been made from some 'found' odd lots from my stash. I put them up on Etsy yesterday...the above is already sold.
The below is lovely...there's a metallic sheen on them that rocks. It also went up on Etsy yesterday and has already sold.
Here's what I call 'beggar' beads...they are all encased and in a large assorted hues. I make these type of strands for myself every once in a while. They make wonderful charm bracelets and treasure necklaces. I'll put this beady set up on Etsy today sometime.
The below is almost all odd lots. I've got three mini sets that Ill be going up on Etsy soon.
I've got to go out and check the kiln...I'm a hopin' that the kiln fairy was kind to me. :-)

It's been a bit of a challenge making beads because I've got so much of the glass packed so I really have to be creative when it comes to color choices and use what I have on my table. I'm used to working with a huge number of colors and the colors that I want. That's also why I currently have a mess and a box of glass that I'm sorting though right now.

I also found a big box of focals in my studio. So it seems I will be having a focal sale soon. There comes a point that I have to ask myself, just how many focals do I need. I also found a huge stash of wire wrapped cabs too...again, just how many of these do I need. So I will be placing them up on Etsy too.'s time to check the kiln...

Have a happy, creative day!


More Lampwork...Studio Update

Thursday, April 03, 2008
It's been interesting around here...I'm trying to get the studio geered up for a quick move. It's really impossible to do that. I just have too much stuff but since much of the displays and metalsmithing part of the studio is already packed...we are going to take it with us when we go look at houses. So instead of flying, we will be driving and hauling a trailer.

Bob has already packed up his rocks and lap equipment. So that clears up a room in the studio. So for the next couple of weeks, I'll be going though glass at the torch like water. I know once we get back from house hunting, I'll only have a couple of weeks to pack. I don't think that packing up the house will be much of an issue. It's the studio. I'll take a few pics soon...a picture is worth a thousand words. :-)

Other than that...I've been on the torch and working on my Four Corners Series. It entails mucho amount of fuming and I don't want to get burned out on the series, so it's a long running series.

I'm now mixing in some silver-laden glasses.
The series is very organic in nature and will mix will with natural stones or wire.
The below is one of my favorite bracelet sets that I've made...
The below bracelet sets looks like wind whipped canyon walls.
Ok...see what I mean by taking a break from the series. These beady babies are color window encased. I can't tell you how long it took me to get this down pat. I went though a lot of beads and time figuring out this one. It's a lot easier in rounds or roundels than pressed beads. The beads don't look that impressive in pictures but they are pretty kewl in hand.
Here's another set...I doubt I'm going to do too many of these. I just wanted to know if I could make them. :-)
I've got to get caught up on some paperwork today. Geez, I hate that. The good thing is that I'm not a cat chasing it's tail with taxes...they were done long time ago. I've also got to upload a boatload on Etsy. I just haven't had the time and I've got to make the time...I'm running out of room in my office. There have been a couple of fights between me and the cats with the beads. They want to drag them off and I want to keep them in the "beads waiting to go on Etsy" box. Sometimes the cats win but mostly I do. :-)
Have a happy, creative day!

More Lampwork Beads...Robin's Nest

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
I've been at it again...more beads. These sets are called Robin's nest.
My studio is nestled in a grove of trees and the birds have a festival every morning. There’s blue jays, woodpeckers, doves, and even a hawk or two. In the evening, just about vesper, I see Mama owl come out with her family. A new family moved in a couple of months ago, a robin. She recently set up a nest in one of the oak trees, right outside my window.

The base beads have been encased and then surface decoration applied. Which makes the beads very visually dramatic with a lovely sense of color balance.
Both sets will be up on Etsy today. I've got lots and lots new new sets going up. I've been at the torch as much as I can before I pack it up. Bob has already started to pack up all the rock and most the the displays.

OK...back to work with me....

Have a happy, creative day!