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Thursday, August 21, 2008
I've been thinking about how designers use beads. I know that there are certain shapes that I like to work with in wire...some I like for bracelets...other I'm always looking for if I'm in a necklace mood. So I've come up with an idea...certainly not a new one but a new one for me.

I've kept the same color scheme but in different shapes.
These are the shape and sizes that I use in a bracelet or a wire necklace. The are easy to work and design with (for me).
What do ya think?

Anyway...that was my biggie for today. I just pulled some beads from the kiln. I'm good with them but I haven't decide to make them 'series' beads or not. beads to clean...ick, my lest fav chore.

Have a happy, creative day!
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cindy said...

I like the different shapes. Barrels are fun to work with, I like them too. I made a "dreams" bracelet with some of your barrels. It's on Etsy right now.

Dana said...

I am really liking your barrel shaped beads! They make for nice wire wrapped pieces!