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New Lampwork...working on my photos!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
As many of you know, (those that have listened to my whine), photography is one of my greatest challenges. So I just take the pics outside. It seems to be the best lighting that shows the truest colors. Now, I've decided that I might need even more improvement. It was always sunny in's not here.

Yeah, I've got the lights and EZ cube...even an underlight thingie. The issue is I really don't know how to work my camera. So, I'm looking for a digital photography class so if anyone knows of one here in my local area, give me a shout.

The above is a design change for me. These are smaller, flatter sprees that are highly detailed but work well in bracelet designs. I've been working on mostly bracelet beads here lately.

Anyway...this is a drive by post...I'm working on a new series. Well, maybe...that's if these test beads turn out well. If not, back to the drawing board. BTW, I like series. It gives me a chance to put an idea to the limit. Anybody else feel like that?

Have a happy, creative day!
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cindy said...

Hey Moon!Great to see you're back. Missed you. I always check on my blog for updates of other's blogs. I was starting to wonder what happened to you. Looking forward to new beads and Etsy updates from you. And how about that destashing?
Devine Designs Jewelry

Moon Stumpp said...

Hey thanks! I will be up on Etsy pretty soon. The destashing will take place in a month or so. It's a total PITA to do but I really need the room in my design room. I really didn't know who much stuff I had until I moved it.

Trudy said...

Love the sprees!!! The colors are gorgeous!! Glad you're back.

Dana said...

I really like these Moon! I can totally see some of my designs including them!

I am excited for your Etsy Debut! :)