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Curmudgeons Series...Lampwork Beads...Anytimes

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
While waiting on several of my glass orders…I’ve been racking my brain to come up with beads that are colorful, plus have a unique yet wearable design, and that designers enjoy working with. Plus beads that I enjoy making too. I think I’ve come up with a new long term series (like my Dish series)….Curmudgeons.

The lampwork beads are in a rondel shape and have a ‘nothing matches’ favor. They mix with both natural stones and metals. Plus they add COLOR to jewelry designs without being overpowering…each bead being a piece of the entire story. I use a treasure trove of different colors of glass…lots a reactive and odd lots…then add frits, twisties, and a dash of metals. All for visual drama.

This flow of Curmudgeons is called “Anytimes.” The hues are season-less…there’s something for everyone at anytime of the year.

I won't repeat any of the color schemes of the's kinda like, what you see is what I have. I will be repeating this design in the future though. Also, for those that like etched beads...yeah, these would look wonderful etched.

The Anytimes will be posted onEtsy something today...I have a total of 18 sets in this color scheme. I guess I better get busy. :-)

On a personal note...thanks everyone for all your Birthday greetings!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!

Happy Birthday Sale

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Hello Everyone,

I’m having a “Happy Birthday to Me” sale in my Etsy shop. (I turn 50 today) All beads are 25% off.

The sale is for my blog readers and those on my Newsletter. So please add “HB sale” or “give me 25% off” to the comment section…or send me an email to let me know.

You can either check out and pay via Paypal, then I will refund you the 25%. Or wait for an invoice to be sent to you.

Have a happy, creative day!

Busy, Busy, Busy...Picking out Carpet...Torch Time

Sunday, September 21, 2008
I've been in the middle of gearing up for winter...I guess it's the nesting in attitude I have about winter. So it's arranging for the subfloors to be sealed and picking out new carpet. I didn't realize I had so many choices...what I wanted was bright gold carpet. What I found was more muted tones...that are OK but not my first choice. I looks like I will be picking a muted tone. We looked everywhere for a bright gold that I had in mind. I couldn't fine it. Oh well...

Ya know, since we have to move all the furniture downstairs...I am so glad we didn't buy the family room furniture yet. I am so glad that we had the house painted before we moved in. That's less time that the house looks like a work in process. (Plus the smell. ) Less time that I have people in and out of the house.

Yesterday, we also had to pick up all the odds and ends that goes with a fireplace. Lots of interesting doo-dads. The next thing is calling the chimney folks...they have already been here once to do the cleaning and quote thang. Now we have to finish up the a repair. The tuck pointing needs to be cleaned up and a small repair to the crown.

Every once in a while I revisit an old style of bead design...the above is an example of that. I just updated the colors and added some encasement to it. I think they turned out well. I think I will make a few more next week...while I'm waiting on order of glass.
The above is currently up on Etsy...they are part of my Pendletons series.
Ditto for the above set too.

I've still got a huge number of bead sets to post on Etsy...I just haven't been in the mood to do so. I also haven't had the time. I will just have to take the time because I'm running out of room on my desk. The cats are beginning to fight for space on my desk. I have a large L-shaped desk the butts up to a large window. The cats love the space, so we share. That's unless my beads take up the area. Then I start getting the 'look' from Mouse and Nox when they don't get enough room to stretch out. Sugie could care less...she normally sleeps until noon then voices her complaints that she didn't get breakfast. She has me well trained. day begins...I'm off to the airport, some shopping to do, and gotta go to the grocery. After all of that...then I get to go to the torch.

Oh...yeah...Saturday, I got Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini, from Amazon. Of course it's an audio book...I can't wait to start it. The last week or so, I re-listened to Eragon and Eldest. So I'm ready for some listening pleasure while at the torch!!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!

New Lampwork...What's been happening...I hate SPAM

Thursday, September 18, 2008
It's been really busy around here. We were in the process of trying to get someone to trim trees and to take down a couple. Then the aftermath of Ike hit...well we now have a back yard full of limbs. Plus the tree people are busy so that's on the back burner. Bob and I have gotten the yard so that he can mow. So at least that's taken care.

We've also had some work done on the house. Some siding needed fixin' and it's on the second Bob called someone out to take care of it. While they were here, they also hung a couple new various other things that either we didn't have the tools to do the job or couldn't figure how to do it. They will be back later to do some painting.

Plus we need a new roof...yippy, that's all I really needed to hear. So we have been quotes...and have the company lined up to get that taken care of. Mmmmm....the joys of buying a house. Don't get me started.

Then there's the little issue of the previous owners letting their dogs run though the house...the time between we saw the house and the time that we took possession of the house...another don't get me started. Anyway, not only do we need new carpet downstairs, we also have to have the sub floors sealed. The stains are coming up from the sub floor and the entire down stairs looks very unhealthily. (that's the nicest way that I can put it) So sometime this week, I'm off to pick out new carpet.

At least when the new carpet is put in, I'll go out and pick family room furniture. I have lovely room off the kitchen, by the sunroom, that has a wonderful fireplace...that is totally empty. Why you ask...well, I really didn't want to move another room of furniture because of the carpet issue.

There's more...

One of the conditions of us buying the house was that the previous owners had to take care of a few things....well, they didn't. So I'm in the middle of firming up a legal case against them. So it's off to court we go. We are all lawyered up and waiting on one piece of documentation... then it's just got to be filed. Am I pissed that this is happening, yep. Do I think that I'm asking too much...nope. Do I think I am being reasonable about all of this...yip. I've worked very hard to get this taken care of before it goes to formal litigation. Even my attorney thinks this whole situation is a bit bizarre.

This whole issue is rather stupid but I think that there are some major communication issues involved...but in today's world, litigation is just about the only option we have. The issue is that I can prove a trail of deception so I'm really not worried about the case...the problem is that it's the time that it's costed me.

On top of all of that...I'm receiving anywhere from 300-1000 SPAM emails a day. For some reason, my email must of gotten either sold or picked up from somewhere. The filters that we have also filters everything else too. So if you haven't gotten a return email from me...write me again. I either lost it in the quagmire of my email reader or it got filtered or lost in the great black hole of cyber space.

RANT OVER!!!'s the beads. What you are seeing below is from a new series called 'Pendletons.'
Textiles and fabric have long been an inspiration to my bead making and my jewelry designs. (I love fabric...I even used to sew...along time ago before glass over took my life)

One of the kewlest histories and some of the most lovely patterns come from Pendleton Woolen Mill. The legendary native blanket series have been used for warmth but also for ceremonial uses and in tribal councils. The color schemes in this series come from the blankets. I guess I still miss Texas and some of it's cultural diversity.

By looking into the past, we find our futures.

Well that's it for me.
I will be uploading these beady sets and about 20 more sometime soon on Etsy.
Have a happy, creative day!!!

Kinda Busy...Plus New Lampwork

Monday, September 15, 2008
We are still in the process of getting everything done in the new house. Today...more tree people coming over for a quote. Bill, primo painter and handyman, is coming out to fix several things on the outside and hang a new screen door. Hey!!!!

Ike made his way up here yesterday...we've got several tree limbs down and some debris in the back yard. Plus a bit of fence damage. That was the remnants of Ike. So far, knock on wood, I've only been on the edges of one hurricane. That was enough. I sure hope all my friends down in Texas are OK. I haven't been able to get in touch with some of them. Bob has been in touch with his cousin down in Houston. He's out of power but only has trees down.

I'm still cleaning's a never ending process. I make...I have to clean them...then I have to get pictures of them. That's just the way it works.

As I recently said...I'm working on a new series. Here's two sets. The photos really aren't too bad but they are much nicer in the had. Lots a little details really don't get picked up by the camera. I kept the number of the beads low in these sets...that makes them very affordable for bracelets. There be some sets that are much larger...some with earring pairs...some with focals.

BTW, I got the new slim spree (straight sided lentil) focal in. It's about 32mm in diameter but super has all the canvas of a large bead without the weight. I've played with it several times...the shape is wonderful. I'll have some to show soon.

I liked how both of these turned out...the colors are similar and the style is the same. (duh) That does change but...these were the only two I had pictures of. The kiln is full with the same designs.'s gonna be the low 70's so I'm in the studio all day! I won't be posting any sets for a while on Etsy for a couple of days. I've decided that I need some sort of schedule. I haven't decided what it will be yet but posting sets on a daily basis plus all the packing plus doing all the paperwork is rapidly chewing away the time I have to spend making beads. I also do better with long bead making sessions...the glass flows better and I get into a zone.

So what I have been doing is trying to do both sides of the process in the same 24 hour day. So what happens is that I take care of all the posting and package packing...then I hit the studio. It's always the same...I think, oh just a few hours and I'll stop. NO way...that's not what happens....I work for a couple of hours and get into the ZONE. Then there's no stopping. I work until I just can't focus my eyes any longer. The end result is I'm not sleeping much. Ya know, I really am NOT a spring chicken any longer and I really need sleep.

OK....time to get things moving...I've got beads to clean...beads to make...and breakfast to eat.:-)

Have a happy creative day!


More Lampwork Beads

Friday, September 12, 2008
I've been cleaning beads from the 'great bead bowl'. Actually, it's a rather large pile. Why is it that I love making beads but the final step before they are ready to be sent off to their new homes, I hate. I think it had to do with the dremel I'm using. It's one of those high powered jobbies and has a flex cord. It runs so fast that it really doesn't bother me but the noise does. There's just something about it that I dread.

Anyway...there's four sets that I recently made. I was surprised when I pulled them from the kiln, I really liked them. Yeah, you know me...I prefer to mixed lampwork and gemstones together. These sets are right in line with those type of designs.
I used a huge amount of fine silver in these sets. As always, I'm looking for an organic favor. :-) I kept the sets kinda small, just the right size for a bracelet, focal, and earrings or accent beads.
I will be posting these up on Etsy in a bit.

I've been trying to post things on Etsy on a daily routine. What that's done is to get me to get off my backside and get beads cleaned. Then photographed. Well, it's worked in that area...but, now it's time I did major torch work. I prefer to be on the torch for 8-10 hours instead of splicing up my schedule. After that, I'm beat. So I think it's time I figured out some sort weekly schedule. I'm pondering on this.
Since my 'new' studio is at home now and in the garage. I've been moving my torch hours because of the heat. I've got 3 kilns to I can do that...but damn folks, when I have 2 kilns up and running plus the's gets HOT in there. The garage is ACed plus the kilns and torch has ventilation but still, that a lot of heat. So that tells me that either I move the studio out of the house or I've got to figure something out before next summer.
Off I to get my day started....
Have a wonderful weekend!

Faience Series...New Lampwork on Etsy

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Just thought I'd let ya know that I've been busy taking pictures! These are going up on Etsy this evening. I've got over a handful of this series left to post and that's it for this series. I really like it, don't get me wrong but I'm just not a long term series type of chick. :-)

BTW, these are some of my best work. They are for a jewelry designer that needs something special in their inventory or needs beads for some juried shows.

That's it for me...a double post today!!!!

Have a wonderful evening....back to work for me!

More Steampunks Lampwork Beads

Hello Everyone! It's a beautiful day here...lots of SUNSHINE!!! That's what I miss most about Austin, the sunshine and beautiful skies in Texas. Indiana has the cooler weather, which I prefer. I guess you can't have everything, nor do a think one should have everything. There's a trade off, a give and take, in life. down to the beady news. Here's some more Steampunks...a series that will be on going but these are the last sets for a while. I'm in the middle of a new series. I also just finished my Faience Series. Which I will be posting up on Etsy later today. I think there's only one set left from the last posting.

Below...Steampunk...BS059 view 1...nuggets and nugget focal
Lg Nuggets (8) measure 18mm hole to hole and are 8.5mm thick.
XL Nugget (1) measures 21mm hole to hole and is 10.2mm thick.
Price $42.oo

Below...Steampunk...BS059 view 2. Below...Steampunk...BS062 view 1...rondels (15) average 10.25mm by 15.5mm Price $42.oo
Below...Steampunk...BS062 view 2.
Below...Steampunk...BS063 view 1...rondels (19) average 8.75mm by 13.5mm Price $47.00

Below...Steampunk...BS063 view 2
Below...Steampunk...BS064 view 1...rondels (16) average 10.25mm by 15.75mm Price $45.00

Below...Steampunk...BS064 view 2.

These Steampunks are a bit darker than the first sets but these are also much more detailed too. I did a lot of color layering and used all 96COE glasses with a huge amount of furnance and Gaffer (from New Zealand) glasses.
That's it for right now. I've got some more stuff but I've got chores to do. Busy, Busy...that's me today. :-)
Have a happy, creative day!

Dish Series...Lampwork Beads

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
I've been busy testing new glass!!! I'm been a bit short on my typical odd lots, which I must be addicted to, I went shopping. What's sad is that what I used to pay $12-16 a pound for, has gone up to $44 a pound. Some the really fun stuff is running $17.00 for a 1/4th of a pound...that isn't silvered glass either. That doesn't include all the extra shipping, the increases in bead release, and all the other misc costs in making beads. I'm pretty sure that artisan lampwork is going to do what silver has done in the last couple of years. It's only a matter of time until I have to raise my prices as well. Where is this going to end?

A lot of folks have moved to copper over silver. Me, I don't know. I like the hue copper with some things but I'm a silver person really. I also like stainless steel too. I've come to the point that I wear a lot of stainless earrings because silver gives me the itches.

OK...enough of my whining...If anyone has any good ideas of where all this is going to stop...please drop me a note. :-)

I've also finished up with the last (for a long while) of my Dish series beads. Where as I do like to make them, I don't want to make any more for a while. I think I kinda OD'ed on them. It's kinda like Thanksgiving turkey, there's just so much turkey one can consume before they start sprouting feathers and gobbling.

Below...set 93...11 beads for $43...average 9mm by 13.5mm

Below…set 94…10 beads for $40…average 9.75mm by 15mm
Below…set 99…7 beads for $30…average 10.5mm by 14.5mm

Below…set 100…10 beads for $34…average 11.75mm by 15.5mm

Below…set 101…7 beads for $30…average 11.25mm by 14.75mm

Below…set 102…8 beads for $35…average 11.75mm by 16.5mm and cone measures 32.5mm by 15.75mm (at it's widest)

Below…set 103…8 beads for $34…average 10.75mm by 15.25mm

Below…set 104…7 beads for $30…average 10.75mm by 14.25mm

I'm in the process of cleaning a MOUND of beads. Hopefully, I will have more pictures soon. I'm also starting a new's a big one. I've decided to work on some ethnic designs. More later on that subject. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!!!

New Lampwork Series...the beady news...what's up with me...

Sunday, September 07, 2008
I've been working on the torch, almost non-stop the last week or so. That's why I haven't been chatty here. I haven't been chatty anywhere and haven't even cleaned house for over a week now. Geez, it seems like I've been driven to make beads.

The below is a limited series of about a dozen's called Faience. These are all freeformed beads, have been flatten and will wear well on a wrist. They are highly detailed with dots, color blocks, enamels, stringers, twisties, and various other surface decoration. Each strand takes a while to torch because of the amount of detail. These are for the jewelry designer that wants to add something a bit unique to their art jewelry pieces.

These are what I've been workin' on...I've a got a handful more to photograph. These will be posted on Etsy within the next couple of days.
I've also been working on the Dish series and am about done. I will do more sets, much later, in this series. They are great to colors to design jewelry with and work will with natural stones. The Dish series is just one of those that I can't seem to give up. I'm currently working on more Steampunk strands and am going to re-visit a series called Heavy Metals.
I've had lots of requests for smaller sets for earrings and focal or bracelet strands. I've been working on those too. I'm finding that everyone is gearing up for the holiday season so I've been kinda glued to the torch. Which is great except I don't get the beads cleaned quick enough. :-) Ah...if you are thinking about what to give me for my birthday (the big 50)...send me a studio elf for the day. :-)
Things to do...beads to clean!!!!
Have a happy, creative day!

More Beads...Dish Series

Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Here's a new series that I've been working on. I've still got two more sets to photograph...that's if we ever get any sunshine anytime soon. I think Mother Nature has decided that we need thunderstorms.

Bead Set 1...Barrels average 12.75mm hole to hole by 15mm....$30
Bead Set 2...Barrels average 12.75mm hole to hole by 15.5mm...$30.
Bead Set 3...Barrels average 9.5mm hole to hole by 14.75mm...large hole bead measures 8.5mm by 25.25mm...$41.
Bead Set 4...Barrels average 10mm hole to hole by 14mm...$41.

So that's it for now...I'm in the middle of another series, except that this one will be limited.

In the next couple of days, I hopefully will upload many sets of beads. It's different living here in Danville. In Austin, we have slammin' download and upload speeds. We don't might be a year or more until we something even close to those speeds. I just gets to me that this area just don't have the tech. Anyway, it's taking more time that I'm used to.

Have a happy, creative day!

More lampwork...don't you get tired of just seeing beads?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
OK...I finally got pictures of these (above and below sets). I don't know why but I LOVE how these turned out. They were inspired from a dish...yep, more pottery. I liked them so much that I did several different sets in different colors.
The below is a set of sky nuggets...several months ago, I made several sets of these. I don't know why I stopped making them either. They make up into wonderful bracelets.

I'm finally back up on Etsy. I will hopefully get more sets posted. Every time I get a handful so so up, they get sold. I will work a bit hard (which means I need to stay off the torch) and get some posted so that I can send out a newsletter.
OK...break time over, I'm currently working on a new series. I will have pictures soon. This is my favorite series that I've ever made.
Have a happy, creative day!