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More Steampunks Lampwork Beads

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Hello Everyone! It's a beautiful day here...lots of SUNSHINE!!! That's what I miss most about Austin, the sunshine and beautiful skies in Texas. Indiana has the cooler weather, which I prefer. I guess you can't have everything, nor do a think one should have everything. There's a trade off, a give and take, in life. down to the beady news. Here's some more Steampunks...a series that will be on going but these are the last sets for a while. I'm in the middle of a new series. I also just finished my Faience Series. Which I will be posting up on Etsy later today. I think there's only one set left from the last posting.

Below...Steampunk...BS059 view 1...nuggets and nugget focal
Lg Nuggets (8) measure 18mm hole to hole and are 8.5mm thick.
XL Nugget (1) measures 21mm hole to hole and is 10.2mm thick.
Price $42.oo

Below...Steampunk...BS059 view 2. Below...Steampunk...BS062 view 1...rondels (15) average 10.25mm by 15.5mm Price $42.oo
Below...Steampunk...BS062 view 2.
Below...Steampunk...BS063 view 1...rondels (19) average 8.75mm by 13.5mm Price $47.00

Below...Steampunk...BS063 view 2
Below...Steampunk...BS064 view 1...rondels (16) average 10.25mm by 15.75mm Price $45.00

Below...Steampunk...BS064 view 2.

These Steampunks are a bit darker than the first sets but these are also much more detailed too. I did a lot of color layering and used all 96COE glasses with a huge amount of furnance and Gaffer (from New Zealand) glasses.
That's it for right now. I've got some more stuff but I've got chores to do. Busy, Busy...that's me today. :-)
Have a happy, creative day!
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cindy said...

Hey Moon! Nice steampunk rondelles.
What's up with these other posts?

Anonymous said...

The Steampunks are very cool! Why do you call them that? Do you have a favorite book in the genre that you would recommend?