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Wearables...New Lampwork Bead Sets on a chain

Sunday, October 05, 2008
I've been working on a few new sets...on a chain wearables. It's the yearly 'gear up for seasonal sales' time so I thought...necklaces. I also thought, I want to make something different for a bit. That's what I did...
I used all sterling silver findings except for the stainless steel chain.

I love the above's kewler than kewl. Lots of turquoise...looks great everywhere...
The above is one of my favorite beads...

The above are large encasements....something I don't do a lot of. There's just something about a huge glob of hot glass on a stick that doesn't do it for me. I have to admit, these did turn out well.
I will be up loading a handful of these today on Etsy. that the eye candy is done. The new house saga goes on. Next week, the chimney dude will be here early Monday morning.'s fire in the fireplace time. Then the tree trimmers on Thursday. Then we have the POD delieved on 9-17 with that Saturday being pack and haul day. We have to move everthing out of the living room and family my design studio. OMG...the books...the beads...the glass cabinets. Then on 9-20...the carpets will be pulled and the floors sealed. The on 10-24, the carpet is installed. Then on 10-25, the move and cleaning begins. Then we need to get our stuff together to get the wood in here (fire in the fireplace wood). :-)
On top of all of that, I'm making beads and looking for new family room chairs. Gotta have something comfort to sit in front of the fireplace.
My goal was to have the house ready for Halloween!!!! I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday in the year. When the house is done and the Halloween decorations are up...I'll post some pictures.
Well...that's my story.
Now for more beady news. I finally got the pics done of a bunch of new beads. Lots of NEW colors...I'm very impressed with the CiM color palette. (the color on the screen is lighter than they are in hand) You will be seeing a lot of new colors coming from me in the next couple of weeks. to the torch with me...
Have a happy, creative day!
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cindy said...

Moon, I just love the designs o these necklaces. The ball chain makes a great statement too.