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More lampwork usual.

Thursday, January 31, 2008
Howdy Everyone,

I've been busy at the torch, as usual. It seems that I must live at the torch, I kinda do. Well it's been that way for the past couple of weeks. I picked up Laura McCabe's new beading book...I'm in the process of gathering up seed beads for a project. I'm a bit low on 3 cuts and true cuts. Oh well...maybe after I get my Etsy store looking fuller. It seems just as I get it full, a couple jewelry designers go shopping. :-) I can't wait to see some of the jewelry pieces.

The above is a possible new focal series. I haven't decided but it's looking like the series has potiential but isn't holding my attention.
The above is earring pairs, I keep on getting hints from designers that earrings are going to be big and they need more pairs. The below is a matching bracelet strand...actually there's enough beads to do two bracelets with some silver.
The below is a kewl set...the base is a new Vetrofond odd lot called Apricote Jam. It's one of the new streaky glasses but under the right conditions, it's mostly a solid color with a bit of sparkle. As soon as I got this set done, I ordered a couple more pounds of it. It's one of the smoothest glasses I've worked with. Too bad it's not one that will be around for long. That's what happens with the odd lots...they dissappear quickly and what ya got in inventory, is what ya got. No more is coming down the pipe line.
The below is lots of pairs and uniques...great for lots of earrings and a bracelet strand. There's enough beads to even do accents in a necklace. The turquroise hue will match most green turquroise. I've got two rods of the hue left. That's was a odd lot and I can't get any more.

Well, that's it for me. It's a long torch day...I've been playing with silvered glass. It's just so hard for me to keep away from it. I see the jewelry design potential with every set I make from these glasses. I'll have more pics soon. The only issue is that even when I'm on the top of my game when it comes to the photography...I just can't get a really good pic. There are subtle color changes and a metallic sheen that I can't get the camera lens to pick up.
I've got lots and lots of new bead strands that will be going up on Etsy in the next couple of days. Take a peek...if you don't see much, hit the sold area. I know, I's kinda rude but I've been working hard at the torch and wanna show off. :-)
Have a happy, creative day!

New Lampwork beads...Groovy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
I got on a ‘groovy’ kick…this is one of the sets that resulted from that beady zone. These beads have lots of ‘groovy’ favors in a contemporary design. The black base visually pops the color up so that the beads look multi-dimensional. Wearing them will sure put a spring in your step and a wiggle in your butt.

The colors are blocked so that they are bold, dramatic, and have a visual punch to them. The chunky dots are just what the doctor ordered.

I kept the sets small, just he right size for a bracelet and pendent. Some also have earring beads too.
Here's a necklace set...
I'm getting ready to post these up on Etsy today.

Ok...that's it for the eye candy. I've been busy at the torch, lots of new glass has finally arrived. Plus I've been making disks. With jewelry making season upon us, I've been working on accent beads and very unique color combos.
I've been out looking at the spring fashions here in Austin. I've also been down to 6th street, peeking at all the really kewl stuff. It seems that there are a few new styles out there but really it's an anything goes fashion season! Well, it is here in Austin.
Ok...I'm off....
Have a happy, creative day!

More Lampwork...a new series...lots of eye candy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008
I've been busy at the torch last week but I did take a bit of a break. There comes a time that I just get burnt out on the torch; making beads all day, everyday isn't always wonderful.
The focal beads are from my ‘Four Corners Series’. It is a limited series that reflects the scenic views of the Fours Corners area of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.
I will be posting the Focals up on Etsy, sometime today. BTW, all the fumed beads have a metallic sheen that is hard to show in pictures. They all look much better in the hand.
All the focals have been fumed and have an organic favor to them.
Kodachrome Basin, Utah, has the most magnificent monoliths ever formed. The land is a masterpiece of nature and gives one a sense of awe. The below set reflects that section of the US.

They are highly organic with lots of smooth surface designs and are comfortable to wear within all your jewelry designs. These beady babies are some of my best work yet. They have the feel of comfort beads and a pure source of transformation. These beads have the potential of very dramatic pieces of wearable art jewelry. They would work well with number of natural stones including, but not limited to, turquoise, hessonite, apatite, sodalite, dravite tourmaline, sage amethyst (which is really a type of jasper), Brazilian jasper, natural coral, bronzite jasper,

To get the silver colors in the strand, I had to experiment with different colors of glass, and then fume them. My intention was to have each bead different, as the views of the basin, yet complement each other.
The below is one of my last sets from my 'Crazy Silvered' series. It has already been sold on Etsy.

The below is called 'Immolg'. It turned out just like I wanted. Not my normal colors but hey, I needed a break. It is currently up on Etsy.
The below set is made from mostly odd lot vetrofond glass. Odd lot ivory, odd lot olive green, odd lot bluish purple, odd lot violet, odd lot terra cotta, odd lot apricot, odd lot turquoise green, dark periwinkle, old lot brown, odd lot sea shell, old lot opal yellow, and silvered ivory.

The past couple of weeks, it’s been really hard for me not to be using the new Vetrofond odd lot glass. The colors are just super; they remind me of my ol’mud puppy days. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get them out of my torcher area. Sooner or later, I’m going to run out of this glass because Vetrofond doesn’t make it anymore.
The last week, my Etsy store was looking pretty bare. Actually, it's still looking a bit lean. It seems that when the sets go up, they don't stay up. It must be jewelry designing season. So if you see something that you want, grab it. I don't think I will be taking anymore customs until mid-summer, after our move. to the torch for me...I've got another idea that I want to try.
Have a happy, creative day!

Lots of Eye Candy...fresh Lampwork Beads!

Sunday, January 20, 2008
I took a bit of a brief intermission from blogging. I've just been too busy with orders and working on the torch. I've been working with lots of new odd lots, which takes a bit of time if I want to used them to their fully color values or if they have certain reactive qualities to them. Some have been lovely...some will be buried in the back yard. :) It's been fun and mucho thanks you to all those that have visited my Etsy shop. (Btw all customs are done and processed...all orders have been mails...I'm totally caught up!!!!!) So it's time that I showed ya'll some new eye candy.

SPACE, the Final Frontier was the inspiration for these beads....below. American silver-laden glass, like space, is the primo of glass out there today. There’s just something about it that draws me to it. Maybe it’s the metallic sheen, maybe it’s the depth of color, maybe it’s the unpredictable results…maybe I’m just a big kid that wants a surprise when I open the kiln.

In the next several months, I'm adding more and more of the silver-laden glasses to my beads. It adds something...well actually it adds a lot but between $80-$120 a pound, it also makes costs rise too. I've been trying to keep the costs down because it's hard enough for a jewelry designer to make a profit. BTW both sets are already sold.

The below is a color combo that I've grown rather fond of. This set is also sold so I guess so do others. :-)
Another sets of almost all odd lots...again, sold.
Here's some of the new odd lot green I picked up. This time with Double Helix's Gaia. Again, they are also already sold. I had a rather busy time at the Etsy store this week.
Normally I’m up very early; yeah…early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Well, maybe I am the exception to that rule. Anyway, early morning dawn has great influence on my beads because that’s when I head out to the studio many days. This ‘special’ day, the dawn was breathtaking. It was in hues of purples, lavenders, and an odd yellowish glow in the sky. Towards the southeast, rain clouds were coming in. All in all, an inspirational view from my back deck.After looking at the sky, I wondered if I could make some beady sets that could be turned into art jewelry necklaces. There is just something about wearing a piece of jewelry that could invoke the peaceful morning calm and the breathtaking sight that I saw.
Morning Sky I (above) is currently up on Etsy.
The above and below from the Morning Sky mini series will be up on Etsy tomorrow.
The below is an organic set with lots of purples, browns, terra cottas, and green ocher. I have to say that I was rather impressed with the set. Again, it has been sold on Etsy this week.
Next week I will be putting up a couple new mini series. I think that you'll like these...well I did and I'm kinda picky about beads. More so about my own beads. :-)

Ok...I'm back to the torch, break over.

Peace in 2008!!!


I think I got my Muse back!

Monday, January 14, 2008
I've been in a bit of a rut I had to get my grove back. So I started playing with new colors. The below set is up on Etsy already.
This is a fun set...
That's if for now...I've got lots of photos to process and I will have lots more eye candy for you soon.


Lots of Lampwork Beads...Pink...New Series too!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008
Every once in a while...I've got lots to write about. Today is one of those days.

Ann Marie Hodrick and I collaborated on a necklace for a Katrina Charity Auction. If you would like to view this this LINK. The person in the video is Ann Marie's sister..." Peggy Monastra, director of promotions for G. Schirmer Music Publishers, talks about her career and the business of music publishing."

Normally I’m not much of a PINK person but I loved making the below set. These pinks are rockin’ and have a pert ‘n’ perky favor to them. It’s all Gaffer, either plain oltransparents or opaques…or veiled cane. I just played with shapes, including lots of disks. There are also lots of disk pairs for earrings. This set just screams Giget at Malibu beach (surf’s up)…Giget in Paris…Giget in Milan…Giget in love. Of course, the name of the bead set is Giget. :-) The beads look so much better in hand than in this picture.

The below is a new series called Sky Nuggets. From my Pow Wow trail days, I received the love of turquoise and coral, pottery, and beadwork. I also found the stories from the tribes enlightening and thought provoking. One of the legends come from the tribes is about turquoise being the fallen sky stone. The Pueblos tell stories about when the rains came, the People danced and celebrated. When their tears of joy mixed with the rain, then the Earth drank, the rest was to become the SkyStone…or Turquoise. That is the inspiration to these Sky Nuggets.

The beads are heavily crystal clear encased then hand shaped. The encasements just make the colors pop and can add a bit of bling to your designs. I add texture so that they resemble turquoise nuggets. This is a limited series of many different colors but the influence and shapes are the same. They are wonderful for bracelets, necklaces, and just about anything you can think of. The texture catches the light and gives a sparkle back.
The above set is called Lily Pond...below is called Night, which matches a lot of the amazonite that I've gotten in. The below is called Dragon Scale.
The below is called Copper Patina.
The below is called Fancy Dancer.
The lampwork bead sets are from a limited series but I will do custom colors if you contact me. All the above sets are already in my Etsy shop.
Ok...back to the torch with me...I'm working with Double Helix glass lots of pretties.

Jewelry Designer Alert...Cindy from Sweet Bead Studio

Saturday, January 12, 2008
I've been a bit out of commission...I had mouse issues. Bob got home and fixed me right up. So now I'm baaaaaaaaaaack and ready for an intro to Cindy Wimmer from Sweet Bead Studio. Here's the eye candy...

Here's a link to Cindy's totally ego blowing blog post about me. Remember the beads from my 'Crazy Silvered' series? Well she has made some awesome jewelry from the beads. Cindy Wimmer, of Sweet Bead Studio, makes awesome jewelry period. If you every get the chance please take a peek at her work. Her wire work and design concepts are top notch. It's wire bling that takes has the sturdiness factor and has an unique up-beat flavor of it's own. This is an Indie designer to watch.
I'm still in the process of catching up on Etsy shop (got some new beads)...and finishing up on pictures. So tomorrow, I'll be back with lots and lots of eye candy.

New Lampwork series

Thursday, January 10, 2008
I've just got several huge shipments of glass in...mostly odd lots, some Double some things that I was out of. I'm spending so much time on the torch here lately that I'm melting though lots of glass. I've been working on a mini series (inspirational)...that's all the pictures below. They turned out great, if I do say so myself. They are currently up on Etsy if you want to see other pics. Several have already sold but still can be viewed.

There’s a place in Texas called “Potters Brown” in Edom. Edom is a quaint little town about four hours from Austin. It’s smack in between Dallas and Shreveport. During of my outings, got a bit lost and found Edom. I totally fell in love with the pottery and particularly with one platter. That is the inspiration for this entire group of sets called “Edom”.

To get the blending of hues and the ‘pottery’ favor that I wanted in these sets…I had to use several different types of glass. If the bead is 96 COE, then the entire bead is 96. If the bead base is 104 COE, then the entire bead is 104. Many of the colors are also hand mixed. I know, my OCD is acting up but I wanted to do justice to the pottery pieces that I saw. I needed a huge amount of different colors but many of them were very similar to each other. I had to rely on some color reactions, silver, and placement in the flame to get the right shade I was looking for.

The below is my favorite of the sets...
Last pic....
Thanks for looking at the pictures!!!! I'm in the process of testing out new color combos and finishing up a limited design series. I'll have pictures up are gonna love these for your new spring and summer jewelry. I kinda impressed myself this time. They are handshaped, encased rondels...they are totally fab as accent beads. The bead design gives a bit of bling to the color of the beads.

I'm off to the post office then to hit the torch. So much glass and not enough time.



Lampwork Bead Sets...testing pictures

Friday, January 04, 2008
I'm back again...playing with different types of pictures. Plus to show off a couple of new sets. The below has been torched with some of the older Double Helix glasses. This picture was taken via the typical photography lights and back lighted to show the transparents.

This set was taken in natural sunlight. Both still don't show the metallic sheen of the Double Helix glasses though. I still haven't figured out just how to bring that out yet. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

The same set but under different photography set ups.

Ok...I'm done playing with photos. Both sets will be up on Etsy sometime today.

Now it's time for me to sign off and go clean cat boxes....yippy, what a wonderful way to start my day. Somebody has to do it and it ain't gonna be the cats. I am their human servant it seems...ah, isn't that the way of cats though.



Happy Beady New Year!!!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
It's also color in motion time...Lenzing has put out their new colors for Spring of 2007. Just in time for us beadmakers and jewelry designers to GEAR UP for our next season!!!!! The colors are totally fab to work with too. Here's a direct URL that you might find of interest....

Now for more eye candy!!!! Drum roll please.....more LAMPWORK BEADS, like you that wasn't coming. :-) The below set is made from the new Vetrofond odd lots...yeppers, it's Viva La Oddlots. I really enjoying the the glass that is out there. There is just so much to choose from now days. It's like being cat in a bird sanctuary. :-)

The below is made from 96 COE furance/reduction glasses. Some of my favorites to work with. This set turned out extra nice.
The below is a rather easy set to make but it takes a bit of time to lay out al the glass and to clean up from it. It's make up a huge number of transparents and silvered ivory. It's one of those sets that is going to be totally lovely to make jewelry with.
Here's another view of the same set...the colors are happenin'.
Here's a bracelet set, just enough beads for 1 or 2 bracelets....depending on your design style.

It's a glorious day here in Austin...just about 55 degrees, bright sunshine, and a cloudless sky. So guess what I'm doing? I've got the doors open and the blinds up in the studio...the kiln is heating up...I'm getting ready to make some BEADS!!!! Well that's after I do some Etsy listings...I've got a few Pottery Charms bead sets left, not many...they are being adopted quickly.
Have a Happy BEADY Year and a peaceful holiday!