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Purple Kick...more Lampwork...Color Gizmos

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
I got a purple kick...I do that once in a while. Now I'm totally done with purple, plum, and violet for a while. There's a few more sets, I didn't get pic yet...I'm keeping them. :-) I'm gathering for a jewelry making frenzy. I've got a couple trunk shows and will be finding out about some shows in May. (mmm...did we get accepted or not)
Larger sets for more jewelry designs...the below has been the typical set that I've been making for myself.

That's the end of the eye candy.
I will have these listed on Etsy the next couple of days. Then I'm going to move in to BLUES.
Wish me luck in court...we finally are going to get this previous house owner issue solved. Well at least I hope so. More info tomorrow.
Have a happy, creative day!

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Steve said...

Wow - love the lampwork. I see native American Indian undertones? Don't know if that was the inspiration? I love when people create from scratch instead of grabbing a handful of beads. True artisans. I'm a fan! Any plans to sell to the UK market?

Christina said...

Morning Moon! Best of luck for your court date--go get 'em! :)

redchair said...

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Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Hi Moon...! You've been tagged...! I have nominated you for an award..check my blog at to see...! I love the new shape...!