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Tray of Lampwork Beads

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tray of Lampwork Beads, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I just finished up silver coring these beads...they are sitting on my design desk patiently waiting to be turned into necklaces.

A silver clay artist, Marti, and I are doing come colaberation work. She is doing the pendants and fine silver beads. The fine silver pendants will be from Indiana foliage designs. I'm doing the bails, lampwork, metalsmithing, and design work. Sounds much more complex than it is. The pieces will have a sleek look with color (via the lampwork).

It's rather icky weather wise here. Lots of grey and misty rain. Yuk. So I'm going to do a rather unpleasant task myself today....I'm am picking and cleaning my design area. I've got a 12X12 ft mess. I'm not doing a redo of the area...just getting it picked up so that I can start packing it to move it (again).

Have a happy, creative day!

First Trial Focal...Lampwork Experiment

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Trial...Experiment, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I started out encasing emerald trans over sky trans red over ivory...and ink blue over pink. Then I encased the base bead in ink blue...then added the surface decor.
I'm working on the beginnings of a mini series...this is the first focal that I've made that I like.

The whole favor to the series is to create focals that I can used as pendants for seed bead rope necklaces.

The encased stringers keep the colors from getting muddy...they are a PITA to make (not hard, just takes time) but well worth the effort.

This is a flash post...I uploaded a few things on I've got to get busy at the torch.

Have a great day!

Studio....a real blog post.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I had to pick out paint for the new studio. I could have had it painted in the boring eggshell or stark white. I’m betting that a lot of folks will make that color choice because it’s a safe bet. Vanilla boxes work for studios…a lot of folks like them. I guess it helps some folks to focus the creative juices on what they are working on at the time.
Now, me…I believe that color makes the world go round. Yes, I do like some of the more subdued hues like sage and a warm ivory in my home’s walls…but I also have an eclectic blue sofa and lounger with leopard carpet in my living room too. (yeah, like that’s typical American family) In my kitchen and family room, the wall colors are the same but with more subdued furniture. I also have a lot of wood in my home too. So it’s a balancing act.
On your right is Elfa Storage that I use for my seed beads and other stuff in the studio.
In the studio, I don’t have wood anything. Most of my design studio furniture and storage is white and from IKEA or Elfa. I like IKEA furniture because it’s modern, functional and affordable. Plus they make all sorts of different color covers. It is also easy to add to, say if I need extra storage or a table…I can drive to either Chicago or Cinni to pick it up. I picked up all the Elfa storage while I was in Austin. It’s is perfect for my seed beads.
The above is a chair that is in my bedroom...see I can be low key. :-)
Now you are asking, “Why is COLOR such a big deal?” Or why is any of this a big deal…well, I spend huge amounts of time in my studio and I don’t like hum-ho boring or overwhelming either. Beyond pure aesthetics…color also elicits emotional responses, which as a tangible linkage to my creativity.

I didn’t want green or yellow or orange because it’s a studio. The cast of wall color will change the color though the room. For example, it’s hard to pick out jewelry or beads or color combos of glass when there’s a greenish cast to the room. Normally, white walls are best if you don’t have natural light. Since I do have 4 windows of natural light, I logically had other choices.

I’m doing a Texas Folk Art color scheme…a retro turquoise (1958 Thunderbird blue) hue for the walls with accents of red, mango, lime green, and terra cotta. There will also be a great deal of black and white. I use black grid panels to make walls and used a separators…plus all the white furniture.

I should be moving in...starting the process on May 11th. I will have really pictures later but at least you got a real blog post for once. :-)
Have a happy, creative day!

Guess What I've Been Doing?

Close Up, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Yep, I've been playing with seed beads...see I've got all these cubes and I'm not sure what to do with all of them. So I'm on a mission to get them used up. I also miss working with them.

If you want to see the finished bracelet...stop in here:

I've also got some new lampwork eyecandy too.

Side note here…yesterday, I cleaned cat boxes. Yep, if you have cats (inside only), you have cat boxes. I do have good kitties, they will complain about the status of their box to let me know. Well it was complain day…I’ve been busy and forgotten about them. Low and behold…during the cleaning, I found a few things that Mouse had buried. Mostly MY EARRINGS!!!!! I guess it wouldn't be so bad except that one pair was my favorite pair of earrings. To the trash they go...there's just something icky about the concept of trying to clean them.

Oh some, lose some. :-) Isn't that the process of life?

Have a happy, creative's raining here so those in the sun, take advantage of the day!


Dish Series Beads-Lampwork and Sterling Necklace

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dish Series Beads-Necklace, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Ok...last picture...I'm really on my way to the torch. :-)

Pucker Up Lampwork Necklace

Pucker Up Lampwork Necklace, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Oh yeah, I forgot this pic...

I created a mini bead series called "Pucker Up' a few weeks ago. I added some Gaffer veiled glass spacers, hand forged the sterling chain & clasp, wired everything together, and poof...a very pink piece of art jewelry.
Everything has been made by me except for the one Bali Spacer and one seemless bead.

The Focal was busy enough by itself so I thought maybe just adding some whispy veiled pink spacers was going to do it.

Now I'm off to the torch....

Watercolor Bracelet Series-El'Pile of Lampwork Bead Bracelets

I'm working on a mini series...with lots of Gaffer veiled glass. Still in my anti fu-fu mode but in brighter color scheme.

Gaffer is a kewl glass, 96 COE, but it has to be worked very cool and the color will burn out to almost a clear if it's worked too long or too hot.

How I got the watery look to the beads is when I was putting the glass on the mandrels, I was also making a 'dabbing' motion with the glass rod. So instead of stripes or a streaky look, they look more fluid and flowing.

I only did a half dozen of the bracelets. What I was thinkin' was that I have some print (very color) tops and what type of lampwork can I wear with those. Plus I have been working on another project (watercolors) that's how the idea was born.'s time to start my torcher day. I just got back from the airport...Bob is flying to Austin this week. While I spend my time making some focals.

Have a happy, creative day!

Necklaces in Waiting...Colorful Lampwork Beads and Pendants

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Necklaces in Waiting, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Yep, I'm alive and kicking...but busy as a cat in heat. So this is a drive by posting with a dash of eye candy.

I've been making silver cored beads all day. Great idea but they are a lot of work.

Have a happy, creative day!

Marine Pod Necklace-New Lampwork and Sterling Necklace

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is a new design for, bright colors, wacky, and a bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

The the metal is sterling...the lampwork beads were made by Moi, all the links have either been soldered, and the connector was hand forged by me. It's light and easy to wear.

It's a tagged and signed piece of art jewelry that just screams WEAR ME!!!

I've really am enjoying jewelry designing again....I've been thinking more and more of what direction I want to take with my work but later on that.

Have a happy, creative day!

Closeup of Bracelet Lampwork Bead

Friday, April 24, 2009

Closeup of Bracelet bead, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Here's a closeup of a bracelet bead. It's an encased raku on black. The colors really pop up. The feel is almost a patina yet smoother. I like it. I think it will also go well with natural stones.

Now for the good studio at Art Sanctuary
is in the process of getting ready for me. The old church's daycare has finally moved to their new location. Currently it has carpet floors and a very fugly mint green walls. Neither will do. So Ron is installing a mud sink, laying down new tile, and painting the walls. ( and carpet, yeah, right.)

So hopefully, I will be able to move in starting the 2nd week of May!!! It feels wonderful to have a real studio again. Working of the house has advantages...yeah, I'm close to the computer and yeah, I can multi-task....BUT I have no life. There is also something to be said about being with other artists, no matter what the mediums are. There is also something to be said about working without distractings, like the computer and other fun things to do. So you will see the quality of my work improve greatly. I will also have the physical space to work more with metalsmithing.

I've also been waiting, since we moved to Austin to now, to get out all the equipment that I my drill press, my rolling mill, and even my grinders. It takes space and a division of a studio. Right now I'm in the garage and dinning room. In the studio, it will be together, yet now. I have actually two studio spaces that I can close or open the dividing wall. So I can close off my dirty areas. It's also nice to have WINDOWS!!!!!

The bad thing is I won't be around much on the computer...I will do more of weekly updates. The really good news is that I should be creating better and more unique pieces.

OK...back to the grind...I've also got some errands to get done.

Have a wonderful weekend...oh btw way, if you want to see the bracelet this bead is attached to, click on the photo.


Everyday Wear line 2009-Lampwork Necklace

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yeah, I don't post for over a week and now you get two. Here's the same type of design that I've been working with this year. With the beads being so colorful and design complex, I decided to stick to the KISS method. Simple with sleek sterling with no other fu-fu.

Have a great day!

Missing in Action...lots of lampwork earrings

Cousins In the Earring Pile, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I've been kinda gone...well, off the computer. I know I owe a lot of folks emails and a few phone calls...but I've been on a jewelry and bead making roll. I find that I get a huge amount done if I stay off the computer. Surprise, surprise!

Here's a taste of some eye candy of what I've been making. I finally finished up over 100 pair of earrings. Geez, I'm a bit tired of earrings. The next huge pile you will see is bracelets. I will have a pile of sterling silver cored lampwork beads but I'm having issues on how to photo them.

Ok...back to the torch with me...btw, if you want to see a few more pics, drop into my Flickr page. Just click on the photo and it will take you there.

Have a happy, creative day!

Lampwork Necklace and Chainmmaille Bracelet (from Fractal series)

Friday, April 10, 2009
I was rather happy how both of these turned out...I will be working on both designs in different color combos in the future.

As ya'll have noticed, I've been working on jewelry that showcases the lampwork. This style of necklace isn't anything new to the masses but it works with highly detailed or colorful beads. (what happens is that the beauty of the beads/color just runs together with all the other fu-fu to make mud)

The base glass is a coke bottle it. It melts smooth as butter. The beads are from my Fractal series.

The metal is sterling...just enough color for any color junkie but not overwhelming either. It's an easy to wear necklace.

It's unusual for me to make necklaces without a focus point like a do ya think?

Ok...back to work for my bad self!
Have a happy, creative weekend!!!!

Lampwork Beads and Sterling Equates to my Everyday Wear line

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Everyday Wear line, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Yep, still in the nonfu-fu mode...the beads are from my Fractal series. The necklace is a bit long...but ya know, I just couldn't help myself.

Oh yeah, here's my fortune for today: "You'll miss a photograph of a smiling baby today. Don't worry - there will be another chance." Now do I have the mojo or what????

BTW, I will be uploading a handful of very kewl beads up on Etsy today.

Have a happy, creative day!

The Kiln Fairy Loooooves Me...Lampwork Beads

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Kiln Fairy Loooooves Me, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I just got these cleaned and took a quick pic....these are so much fun I thought share.

Have a great evening!

Lampwork Beads...Color Gizmos Series-Party Time

“Spring is nature's way of saying, Let's party" -Robin Williams

That's it...I'm working hard...not much to say but just wanted to share this photo.

Have a happy, creative day!

Last of my Curmudgeons Series-Meet You for Misosas in Key West

Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is the last of my Curmudgeons Series-Meet You for Misosas in Key West color combo. I'm done and moving on to something else. I've come to the point that too much of a good thang is WAY too much. :-)

Now I'm done posting for today...I've still got lots and lots to do but all I REALLY want to do is start a small fire, listen to it raining, and read a book. Ah those were the days, pre-self employment. I guess there is no rest for the moola inclined. :-)


Lampwork and Handmade Chain Bracelet. Everyday Wear line...Photo Experiment

This is more of a photo experiment. It's also a new bracelet design...more shinny sterling and less fu-fu. I'm really getting into this new line of jewelry. I think it's because it's something that I would wear.

The bracelet is made from my lampwork beads and some of my handforged chain. The bracelet is comfortable, light...but very TIMEX (takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'). That's why it's part of my Everyday Wear line.

The colors are fab...they wear well with most summer clothing or just jeans and a t-shirt.

More later...I'm playing with photos. :-)

Color Gizmos Series-Myself

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Color Gizmos Series-Myself, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

This is just a drive by...I'm off to the torch all day. I've uploaded a few sets on Etsy this morning. I'll have more tomorrow. The lure of melting glass has me in it's clutches. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!

Lampwork Beadset Curmudgeons Series-Smurfberries I- Diffused Sunlight Photo

Friday, April 03, 2009

My Curmudgeons series started out as an ‘end of day’ sort of experiment. Then I pulled them from the kiln and just fell in love at first sight. The series has the trademark of being highly colorful and detailed yet not being overwhelming in jewelry designs. They are smooth to the touch so that they make into comfortable jewelry.

A curmudgeon has all sorts of negative associations but my Curmudgeons aren’t ill tempered. They are only stubborn when it comes to being colorful and unique.

This is a larger strand than normal but I just didn’t have the heart to break up a family.

Several of the colors have been ‘made’ via handmixing, color layering, and twisties.

I've also been playing with you can tell by the photo. I'm finding that I really like Flickr.

Have a happy, creative weekend!
I'm off to my metalsmithing bench...yeah, it's been a while.

Lampwork Beads...Bracelet in Waiting

Bracelet in Waiting, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I know, you are kinda tired of seen brights...but it's my new thing. That might change with the weather though. The above set is sitting on my bench just waiting. The are kinda quite...they know that something is coming up for them...I can hear them whispering to each other. :-)

They will be a new bracelet...yep, it's that time making season.

I've got a nice pile of beads here on my desk...they are waiting for me to load them up on Etsy. Which I'm planning to do soon. Lots of brights...lots of spree...lots of new color combos.

Ok...lots to do...the bug man is due. It's just one of the quarterly visits. Ever since living in Texas, I prefer a buggie free home. At least we don't have fire ants or snake issues here.

Have a happy, creative day!

Triangle of Lampwork Focal Pendants

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Triangle of Focal Pendants, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Oh yeah...I's another pic. Don't these just scream SPRING!!!

Same bat time...same bat place!

Lampwork Beads...oh yeah...Meet You for Misosas in Key West Spree Set

These are part of my Curmudgeons Series...soon to be part of a bracelet that I'm designing.

The colors are sunglasses bright and are smile makeres. :-)

Can you tell I've got the Spring Fever???

Have a HAPPY, creative day!

More Curmudgeons Series...lampwork bead set

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I loved the colors in these. Lots of color layering with mixes of twistes. These have already been named...Meet You for Misosas in Key West.

Curmudgeons are an ongoing series for me. They take on different color combos as the seasons drift by or events play out in my life. Sometimes to some of the audiobooks or music I listen to.

I really wanted to make some Fractals out of the same color combo's the laying of color that makes these beads to colorful. So I guess I'll working on Fractals later. Right now, I'm really enjoying playing with these colors.

Have a happy, creative day!