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Good Studio lampwork

Monday, November 30, 2009
My day was different…the photoshoot was interesting…my torch time was productive…but the studio was an island of quite in a mass of activity. The building has new owners. So much like new home owners, there is a flurry of repairs, cleaning, etc. I walked down to the women’s restroom and found three men standing around discussing how to repair a broken window. All is good, it will be wonderful to have a bathroom that doesn’t make me feel like I’m camping.

I've been working on larger sets.  I'm finding that a good number of my customers want sets. 

Later Gators!

My Day at the desk hit critical mass

Sunday, November 29, 2009
This morning I went into the desk was boobie trapped by the Kiln Fairy and the Studio Elves. (Studio Elves can be mean little buggers) Beads and shit kept falling sliding off onto the floor...stuff was missing and I couldn't find anything. Ya know...if you believe all this...I've got some ocean front property, right here in Indiana, for sale.

It came to a point of critical mass…plus I’ve got the Indianapolis Star coming to the studio tomorrow to take pics. Between the two, I had to do something. Plus it’s a bit embarrassing when I can even find my pliers.  There comes a point when looking for tools takes more time than creating a piece of's time to clean.



Wear Women Create Magazine scares me. I mean, I look at that mag and wonder who cleans all those studios. Here I am in the studio…I normally dress in all cotton; today it’s an old grey sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes….I have my Aura 92 safety glass (with the magnifiers that make me look like an alien bug) on. I normally wear a denim apron and headphones. With all the headgear, my hair stands up in red tufts.  The artists in the pictures are normally dressed…kinda cute. Me, it’ like I’m working in a factory.

There’s the dirty area that I do the jewelry cleaning, bead cleaning, and silversmith. A pickle pot, a propane tank, drill press, or a grinder would look out of place in those studios. Then there’s the torcher chamber…yeah, on open flame works there as well.

No fu-fu rugs for me…I’m on concrete. I’m in the part of the building that used to be the old theater so I do have a really kewl ceiling. Even the parts of what I do that could go into one of those studios, where I make the jewelry, looks like a small third world country marched though it. (that was BEFORE I picked up a bit)

Then there’s my frig. Well,  you would expect chilled fruit inside with some sort of fu-fu serving tray on top. Me, I’ve the got coffee pot on top, chilled Corona inside, and a bumper sticker on the front.  Doesn't that just say it all. :-) 

Later Gators!

My Season...New Lampwork on Etsy...Lampwork Bracelet

Friday, November 27, 2009
Well…the time has come, I’m wrapping up my jewelry making season soon. I’ve got a handful of shows/commitments/customs and an Open Studio, First Friday…that’s it for this year. Then I back on the torch, working on new designs. I’ve been playing with a lot of silvered glass, mostly focals…also bright colors have just recently taken center stage for me. Where as I greatly enjoy working with silvered glass…I need the pick me up of bright and colorful, it’s a weather, grey skies sort of issue…which it seems will plague the Indiana skies until spring. Mmmm…I wonder if I need to order some more lime green and pink rods????

I do enjoy creating jewelry but the creation all starts with me making the beads first. I’m beginning to think, that I’m more of a beadmaker that I thought. Maybe that’s because it’s GLASS

The above bracelet was created with etched nuggets. The beads have an organic velvet feel to them. They aren’t out of focus, I was playing with Photoshop again. The bracelet is smooth to the touch and is a comfortable piece.  I'm still working on designs that are less fu-fu, wearable for everyday, and that showcase the lampwork beads. 

The below is a set I just listed on Etsy. Yep, I'm back on Etsy and hopefully will be for the next couple of months.

Now on the yippy skippy front…I think the ventilation issue might be solved. It was a damper circumventing the air flow, we think. I will find out today. It’s a major torch day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  At our house, Bob cooked and read most of the day.  Me, I took almost a 5 hour nap.  Geez, I will be so glad when Dec 15th rolls around...that means, I'm on vacation mode. Which lasts a day or two.  Why Dec 15th you ask...every year I set a date that I draw the line to when I stop creating jewelry for the Christmas rush.  I will finish up all customs by then....I will be done will all shows...I will start working on the SPRING line.  That's the plan (for now).  

My plans is a lot like life..."Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."   -John Lennon

Later Gators!

More Lampwork...still playing with Photoshop...a new problem

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
I’m still playing with Photoshop Elements 8…it’s not that much different than version 6 but enough that I really have to work with it some more.

I’ve got something else I’ve got to work on too. I’m still having issues with my ventilation system at the studio. I’ve got a 10 inch diameter run that connects to an 8 inch hole then connects to a 6 inch cap. We had a hole drilled though 18 inches of brick. I’m going to work on the air flow again today. I think what is happening is that we don’t have enough fresh air coming in or I’ve got the air flow pattern off some how. I’ve never had this problem before but I’ve always had windows before too. So…it’s back to the drawing board. It doesn’t happen all the time…so it also might be that I’m getting wind whipping around of the corner of the building; that slams the outgoing exhaust. Yeah, I’ve got the studio door open…I’ve got fans coming in from three different directions…yeah, I’ve adjusted the hood position…I’ve even added inline fans. This is a total PITA.  Why me?

I’ve asked to be added to the list for a window studio. I think that might help. I also going to have to make a trip to the roof to see if the outside flap is working or not. That might be it, I doubt it though but it’s worth checking again. I think it has more to do with the position/outside location. If that’s it…damn, there’s only so many holes I can make in somebody else building. :-)  I guess it wouldn't be so bad but the wall is 18 inches layers of brick...and make a HUGE mess.  I'm still finding brick dust from the first hole. 

I have been on the torch a little bit...I decided to work on the Color Gizmo series.  At least that perks me up.

Later Gators!

Napping on the job...bead pictures...Chit Chat on Fountain Square and the Arts

Monday, November 23, 2009
Yesterday…I had the greatest intentions of going into the studio. I got in the car…then poof, I was at the grocery. After that, I started looking around the house…well, it was Domestic Goddess day. I lasted for a couple of hours while Bob did laundry. Then I moved upstairs. The bed seemed lonely, so I took a nap. When I woke up…I was a bit disoriented. I was having dreams of being at the torch…this is kinda freaky…and thought my studio looked a lot like my bedroom. I did take some time to play with Photoshop Elements and some camera settings.

Currently I have piles of beads at the studio. I really need to get back on Etsy, I just haven't had the time to get them photographed and up loaded.  I'm just about done with my 'season' and will start getting all that done soon. 

Oh yeah...I got a mini blub in the Indianapolis Star yesterday.  There was a Indy Star feature regarding Fountain Square. Ya know, most cities have a major artzy district.  Indianapolis, for it's size, really doesn't except for Fountain Square.  FS is just really coming in to it's own....the potential is there.  Yeah, I've had a bunch of folks tell me that Broadripple and/or Mass Ave is the artzy area.  Same with Irvington...don't get me wrong, I love Irvington but it's not a meca of artist's historical and a very friendly neighborhood, it has an 'art' center but not studio spaces.   Broadripple's time is sold out to bars and chow spots. It’s almost the same with Mass Ave...yeah there’s a few folks still there but most artists I know can’t afford it. 
That’s the cycle…it’s called the Bohemian Principle. A community that has diverse population and cheap rent, will be invaded by a bunch of artist/creative types….give it a few years or a decade (or two), then poof…it can rejuvenate a community. It drives up the real estate values. Studio space equals economic development.  That's what starts the ball rolling.

Not only just the local neighborhood but it helps the entire city as a whole.  Yeah, Indianapolis has sports, I mean it's got SPORTS ; it's even home to Super Bowl 2012 but it needs balance. Tourists like to visit other parts of the city as well, not just Lucas Oil Stadium.  Go Team Culture...interesting article in the Washingtion Post on this topic.  Oh yeah, it has art attractions's also got a large number of art organizations...but it doesn't have much of a focus on individual artists.   For interesting reading, take a peep at LINC's Artist User Data Guide.

Now take this with a grain of salt...we have only been back from Austin, Texas for a little more than a year.  I might be looking though jaded eyes.  I see Austin as a creative city...I still kinda wonder about Indianapolis.   What I'm seeing is that the art community in Indianapolis is still very fragmented...every one going off to do their thang.  Which is great but that was happening before we moved to Texas.  We move back and it's the same thing.  It really didn't grow and mature, just the names changed.  There really isn't one strong, well organized, individual artist focused organization.  Or maybe...the bread crumbs on the black and white checker brick road hasn't lead me to my final destination yet.

It's hard for me to bitch about an issue when I don't have the time to figure out how to fix it. Time is the key.  After being gone for a while, I'm more focused on change but it takes a huge amount of time and effort to make those changes.  Anyway, that's a whole different tanget.

Now...well, it up the the locals to support the Fountain Square area and...on the other hand, it's also up to the artists too.  Anyway, Fountain Square and the Murphy Art Center has gotten a HUGE amount of press the last couple of months...Nuvo...Urban Times...IBJ...of course there's the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Monthy, and several smaller all the online bloggers. :-) 

So if you get the chance...December's First Friday at the Murphy should be a blast with iMOCA and the new owers,  of the Murphy being around.

I'm off my chatty mode.

Ok...time to get my day started...hi, ho...hi, ho...hi, ho...

Later Gators,

Studio Pictures in the Murphy Art Center, Fountain Square

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Yesterday, Indianapolis had sunshine...a miracle of I took a few pictures. 

OK…real deal...after several  emails…I decided to share a few pics. For various and sundry reasons, I fail to see the interest, but hey, I’m here to serve…and maybe add a bit of humor to some folks’ lives.   The below is the back of the Murph...if you are interested in the history. Take a click.

The below is the St. Patrick.s Catholic Church's bat belfry next door...beautiful building that overlooks Fountain Square.  A piece of trival here...Fountain Square was home to the first Irish settlers in Indianapolis in the 1850’s and has been dubbed 'Irish Hill'.

The is the main hall of the Murph. No, this hall will never make Better Homes and Garden but you have to admit, it’s got personality. 

Mmmm....the stairwell that leads to my studio....go up the stairs and hang a right...yep, that's me in 204a.

Here's a pic of my lampwork setup in my studio. 

The previous artist had a friend that painted her and I decided that I wanted to keep her. :-)  She's on the wall in the studio, over looking everything.  We painted and did some destruction of a loft that wasn’t useable for us before we moved in.

That's the end of the tour.  If you ever want to stop by...give me a call or stop in at First Friday.  December 4th will be a big one.

I'm off to work...hi, ho...hi, ho...hi, see what the kiln fairy left for me.

Later Gators,

Silvered Glass Lampwork Focals...waiting for SUNSHINE...a Moon Moment

Saturday, November 21, 2009
My adventures in silvered glass land has me missing bright color. Actually, it might have to do with the grey skies and no windows in the studio. So the lack of sunshine is beginning influence my artistic endeavors. Silvered glass has an organic favor to it. I’m missing the ‘damn, I need sunglasses’ beads. So TODAY, I’m playing with neon green…but once I get a fix of sunshine, I’m back to silvered glass again.   The only thing is that these focals are a PITA to photograph. 

I’m in the middle of listening to the Stephanie Plum saga by Janet Evanovich…waiting for Jim Butcher’s First Lord’s Fury.  So that's another influence for me.  I've been laughing so hard while on the torch that I've had to toss some beads.  I got laughing so hard one time that one of my studio floor mates (I think, it could of been some dude passing by) stuck his head in my door and asked if I was choking.  How embarrassing.  It's what I call a 'Moon Moment.'  Oh well, it's not like studio is located in the most of the hoppin' of hubs.  Hey, we're talking the Murphy Art Center (the Murph)  here...the land of semi-condemned bathrooms, hermit artists, and parking lot from hell...but it's home. :-)    One of my customers/friends told me the she'd rather stop at a truck stop on the way home instead of using 'that' bathroom.  Another one of my clients told me that she thought she heard 'Twlight Zone' theme song when she flushed the toilet.   Me...if feel like I'm peeing at a bad campground bathroom. :-)  I guess it's one of those things you just get used to.  

Ok...I'm off to the studio...time to play with brights!!!

Later Gators!

Front and Side...Lampwork Bead Runway.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm still stuck on silvered hasn't gone a way.  The above is a new design...raised decoration on the sides.  I've done some of these in the past, made jewelry from them.  I went to look in my inventory and couldn't find any.  They have sold in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, The below glass is what I had sitting on my desk. I got caught up in the moment and now, I can’t remember what I used on each bead.

Garaged and annealed at 940
Base: CIM Plum, CIM Ghee, CIM Unique Kyrptonite, Cosmic Storm Odd, Rainbow Red, and Dark Ivory
Silvered Glass: Precision 104 Van Gogh, Precision Rembrant Opaque Odd, stormed Precision 104 Shasha’s Silver, Double Helix Gaia, Double Helix Terranova 2.1…plus a blue rod of something
Accents: Clear and Fine Silver

Measures: 38mm hole to hole, 22mm wide, and 9.5mm thick.

Later Gators!

MMJ Lampwork-Experimental Lampwork Focals

Thursday, November 19, 2009
I'm still working on silvered glass focals.  Yep, still organic...still shiny...lots of shiny...lots of visual drama.

If you want the glass recipes...check out my Flickr.  I figure if I wrote them out once, that's enough.  I will be keeping the list of the glass that I used for each bead.

So....what do ya think?

I will be making accent bead strands to go with the focals...but it's gonna be in a couple of weeks.

Later Gators!

More Lampwork...playing with silvered glass and photography

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
After making my decision to do some experimental work for while...I started playing with silvered glass.  The below is what the kiln fairy left for me yesterday.


Garaged and annealed at 940

Base: Silver Pink and Dark Ivory
Silvered Glass: Precision 104 Monet Silver Amethyst, Precision 104 Van Gogh
Accents: Clear and Fine Silver
Notes: Did not strike Van Gogh (planned), metallic highlights that I didn't catch with the camera
Measures: 40mm hole to hole and 9mm thick.


Garaged and annealed at 940
Base: Silver Pink and Dark Ivory with CIM Mojito
Silvered Glass: Double Helix Terranova 2.1, Precision 104 Monet Silver Amethyst, Precision 104 Van Gogh
Accents: Fine Silver and Clear
Notes: Like this photo...will repeat these camera settings.
Measures: 41mm hole to hole and 8mm thick.

 I’m in the middle of doing some experimental torch work with silvered glass.

Garaged and annealed at 940
Base: Silver Pink and Dark Ivory with CIM Mojito
Silvered Glass: Precision 104 Monet Silver Amethyst, Precision 104 Van Gogh, Double Helix Terranova 2.1
Accents: Clear and Fine Silver
Notes: Did not strike Van Gogh (planned), bead looks much better in hand than photo
Measures: 40mm hole to hole and 9mm thick.

That's it for today...I'm off to the studio to work on my focals and finish up some earrings. 

Later Gators!

New next move

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yesterday, I spent my day working with silvered glass.  I was in Mad Scientist mode.  I'll have pictures tommorrow, if the beady dudes are presentable. :-)   The below set is from a couple of weeks ago...just small bit of silvered glass, can't remember what, that are encased.  Yeah, I really did work to get that matches some stone beads in my stash.
Yesterday, I was pondering what I need to get done in the next couple of weeks.  I've only got a couple shows left this to three local retail spots to keep filled.  Oh yeah, I need to make some window sparkles (a bit of lampwork, crystals, seed beads, and large tear drop glass thingies) for a mini gift shop on Dec 4th.   Mmmm....I think I said I'd also make small low end Christmas earrings too....I guess I better check on that. 

Anyway, I was rambling a couple of days ago, on the direction of my business. Currently, I work a huge number of hours and I don't seems to have the time to do much. It's wearing me out. The point is, that I make jewelry from the ground up, I start with the basic raw materials of glass rods and sterling wire. My current designs showcase my beads, without much fu-fu. Everything is tagged, most clasps are handmade, even most of my earring wires, and most of my chain is hand forged by me as well. Plus I've added precious metal clay too.  Which makes the pieces a little higher end than what's typically out there currently. So I've had to cut back on the retail places and gift shops that display our work.  They just weren't selling...what I have isn't what they need. I've kinda out grown their customer base.

I was taking a good look at shows next year...thinking about a new display/booth set up...then that's when it hit me. I really need to pare down a bit. There's a good chance that we will be selling our house next year and moving AGAIN. (I really want to get out of Danville and live closer to inter-city...I'm just not the suburban type...cornfields and HS football isn't my thang...nothing wrong with's just not me) 

Geez, the bigger shows, I have to jury into the first quarter of 2010.  To have a big show scheduled in the same month that I'm either moving or packing up the house is a nightmare.  I've done it before and I really don't want to do it again.  That's as bad as moving the studio at the same time as a big show...I did that last year. I still have flash backs and cringe.  Yeah, I think I will still do Broadripple and maybe a few smaller shows that I get to see friends but not very many.

Then I got thinking about first couple of years we moved to Austin.  Bob was doing a lot of traveling then, will be again soon, and how much time I spent on the torch.  That was over five years ago and I haven't done much in the way of experimention or pushing much on my skill base. I've been doing a lot of the same ol', same ol',  There's been a huge amount of new glass out colors...NEW SILVERED GLASS that I've been wanting to work with.  Then there's the more simple of things, I even haven't blown shards.  I don't have the time.  So I'm taking the time. 

Now this is all taking place during a time period that I've had local interviews, in the process of several publications that will be out in get the point and it's mostly about the jewelry. Not about the beads as much. 

Anyway, after spending the last 6 months, creating mostly jewelry with lampwork.  I've made a few changes in my bead shapes and sizes....yeah, I still do a lot of the same ol' too.  I am going to do more focals...a lot more focals...more earring strands...more multi-shaped strands...more barrels and fat disks...and a lot more encased rounds.   That is what sells for me....oh yeah, more 'rock' shaped.  Anyway, I'll be back on Etsy in a couple of weeks. 

So do ya think I'm crazy or what?

Lator Gators!

Musing of a Wacky Artist....The Perils of Shameless Self Promotion and Self Examination

Monday, November 16, 2009

The last couple of months, I’ve been in the thralls of ‘shameless’ self promotion/marketing of my work. In between making beads and creating jewelry, that is. This year, I’ve been a bit short of time with everything else happening in my life. Anyway…the most asked question I normally have presented to me is “what is your inspiration? or where do your inspriations come from?"

Some days, I have to decide if I want to be PPC (polite, profligately/ politically correct) or honest. Most days, I chose polite…then there are other days, that I just plain don’t give a shit what I say or when my humor gets in the way of my public face. Those are the days that seem to haunt me. Yeah, just like the other day when a customer commented on a kewl color in one of my beads…my response was ‘yeah, I worked real GD hard to get the dog poop color.” I smiled, she didn’t. Oh well, I didn’t come with my own personal instruction manual. I’ll get right on that as soon as time permits.

There are some artists/beadmakers/jewelry designers that can say that their inspirations are a kind to some of the Renaissance works of the past. Like the frescos depicting the saints or how nature and art reflect upon each other. Yeah, it’s true for me as well, in a sort of lofty way…but not that connected to my way of doing things. Needless to say, I doubt I’ve been ‘touched by an angel.”

Inspiration can be ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ sort of thang too. BUT….most days, I’d say I’m more like a mad scientist that feels blessed that nothing cracks, fizzes, or burns off my eyebrows. Geez, there are a lot of days, that I’m lucky that I can get my shoes on the correct feet.

Later Gators!

New Lampwork Jewelry Designs...depressing news...silvered glass

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Yesterday I spent some time in the studio cleaning and organizing. Yeah, what a fun filled day in that regards. I also was down at Indy Swank for Jen’s Sassy Saturday. There will be lots of pics soon. I will post the link when I get it. Attendance was a bit smaller than I thought but it was also 60 degrees and sunny. I bet most folks were getting outside work done before winter or doing something outside. This might be the last weekend of decent weather for a while.

Speaking of the great outdoors…I was driving home from the studio last night at 5:30pm…it was getting dark. After checking out the current sun stats, I found that sunrise is at 7:30am and sunset is 5:30pm for today. How depressing.

Speaking of depressing…I found out the hard way that Lauscha Clear and CIM Stoned Ground don’t play well together.  Maybe somebody can make it happen but I can't make it happen.  That was a whole day at the touch that is getting tossed. Yeah, I garaged at 960 and annealed at 980…did the very, very slow cool down ramp cycle and a few still didn’t survive. So, all beady dudes have been tossed. I normally keep notes for my experiments so that I don’t repeat such mistakes. BTW, just because glass is 104 coe doesn’t mean that all 104 coe glasses are created equal…some don’t play well with each other. Experience is the best teacher.

Now for some new jewelry designs….

The above are silvered glasses but non-encased.  :-)  Mostly I've used fine silver, clean accents, and different silvered glasses on several different bases.   I didn't really catch all the details in the bead...unless you click on the pic...then you see all the colors of the silvered glass. 

The above is a fun focal in ink blue, green, violet,...well, you can see the colors for yourself.  Geez, I think I need more java.    The colors remind me of summer... 

These designs are more simple…less is more sort of design. All the metal is sterling…all the lampwork is made by me...of course.  I will test them out at the next couple of shows I do and at my next First Friday before I decide to make a series of them.  I do think that these could be wholesaled...which I thinking about going back to.  I'm also thinking going back to just making beads. If I go into wholesale, I'm really going have to dumby down a lot of my work and I really don't like production work but I can do it.  So I'm kinda torn.  I'm pretty sure that 2010 will be a year that I make a huge number of decisions that will change how I do business.  I'm finding that I don't have time to do it all.  I think a lot of artists are getting in the same boat that I am. 

Well that's it...time to get my day started...going to visit my parents and stop in to a new shop that will be carrying my work.  It's called Purseptions. If you like designer handbags, sunglass, or jewelry...this is the place.  It's a very kewl shop!

New Lampwork Beads...silvered glass...Recipe included

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The above is a close up of one of my silvered focals.  I think it's make a wonderful print in my bedroom.

The above five focals is what the kiln fairy left me.  I really, really think that I'm feeling a series coming. 

Silvered glass…yummy colors…great for organics…great with metal or natural stones.

Base…Stoned Ground
Accent Glass: Double Helix Ekho, Double Helix Gaia, Double Helix Terranova 2.1, Precision 104 stormed Shasta Silver, opal yellow, and dark ivory with Reformulated Clear Lauscha.  I also added fine silver foil. 

Have a happy, creative day!

Musing of an Artist…plus some new lampwork

Friday, November 13, 2009
My day…

I’m in my studio, working, as always. I’m at working on the torch so I’m not all gushed up or anything…actually, I looked like something like the cat yakked up. I’m listing to the Stephanie Plum saga, so I’m laughing out like the village idiot. I’m got my torch glasses on with the mag lenses so I look like a giant rabid bug. So you have the visual…

I get visitors…yippy, I rarely get visitors so that’s why I don’t worry what I look like or get all weirded out if I talk to myself. Well, my visitor is a reporter from the Indianapolis Star, the local newspaper. Anyway, the article will be in the Sunday paper in a couple of weeks. Thank the Gods there wasn’t a camera involved.

…now, can I impress people or what???

Now to bigger and better...I've been working with lots of silvered glass.  I did do several days of fu-fu flowers...I can only take so much fu-fu.  The below is a pendant...

I love working with silvered glass...yes, it's pricey but it's worth it.  It does things that no other glass does. 
The below is a test beady dude that I'm thinking about doing a series of.  I will make me decision in a couple of days, after several days of making focal beads. The below is a necklace that I finished up....encased silved glass...handmade sterling chain...and a very kewl focal.  The piece looks much better in hand than in the pic.
The above is a silvered glass...encased beads...easy to wear and comfortable.  The simple design keeps the focus on the beads. 

I'm hoping my day goes better tomorrow. Indy Swank is doing a Sassy Saturday event. It’s really kewl…a photographer will be there, Ben Rose…I’ll be there for one of those “Meet the Artist” thingie. Every time I do one of these sort of ‘meet’ event, I feel like a cat at one of the animal adoption events.  Well hell, maybe somebody will adopt me. :-)  My luck, they would return me.

Later Gators!

Nov's First Friday at the Murphy Art studios

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Yeah, it's been a has kinda been very busy for me. As some of you folks/beady heads know, I moved my studio into the Murphy Art Center in Fountain Square. (I will have more pics later of the studio AND lots of new work) Caution...some of the pic aren't the best...I'm still play with the new version of photoshop. That's what happens when I upgrade. :-)

Below is from Indy Swank...pre tour time. Urban Times did a fab write up of Jen's shop. Oh yeah, I folks don't know Jen. Check her out her new website.

Indy Swank is located at 1043 Virginia Ave #4, Fountain Square. She’s open Tues-Sat Noon to 6pm, 317.632.6440. Lots of kewl stuff; art and vintage clothing, including my work. Stop in…take a look.  If you like art and fashion...this is THE place to shop.
More pics of Indy Swank...pre open studio...

The folks start to arrive...sorry for the lousy pic...

After a few glass of vino...

Here's my studio, early in the evening...folks are just beginning to arrive.

Here's the story...a group of the most totally fab ladies dropped in the the studio. So I had to take a few pics...

A good time was had by all...including me. So if you get the your local arts by dropping into the open studio tours. Not just in Indy but in any city. Open studio tours are a great opportunity for you to meet the artists, view their artwork, and support the arts. Indianapolis First Friday is sponsored by IDADA.
Have a happy, creative day!