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Lampwork Photography...Plus GOOD news and BAD news

Monday, December 28, 2009

GOOD News:

My friend’s, Cindy Wimmer from Sweet Bead Studio, Concerto Necklace design has been picked as a 2009’s Editor’s Favorite by Step-by-Step Wire.  BTW...her Etsy shop is here.

Now some folks will ask if that’s a big deal…yep, it is. There are a huge number of designers out there…there are a huge number of tutorials out there. So being chosen with in the top tier is a very big deal. It couldn’t happen to a better person either. Cindy is very talented…her work makes lampwork sing. It showcases the beads and the wirework is visually interesting as well. Which makes each jewelry piece into wearable art.

BTW, it kinda feeds my ego too…she used my beads for the necklace.

I spent the entire day working on photography, and the verdict is: I need a photography class. Now here’s more bad news…I can’t get into a class until mid-spring. Now you ask why this is such a big deal…well, beads are easier for me to take pics of than jewelry. I have had many requests that I start selling jewelry online. It’s easier for my long term customers to buy online than at the studio or at shows. Plus I’m not going to be doing that many shows next year. I really need to concentrate on working on all the new glass that is out there.

Now for more bad news…my kiln (Paragon Bluebird) is NOT behaving. I think something is wrong with relay. I have to pack it up and sent it in to be fixed. So I have to dig my spare kiln, the Chili Pepper, out and get it going. I really don’t like the Chili Pepper as well as the Bluebird. So people swear by the Chili Pepper but it’s more of a backup kiln or what I transport for demos.

I'm off to the studio!
Have a happy, creative day!

Lampwork Bead Photography....the bain of my existance

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My day will be spent working on photography.  The above are two different views of the same bead strand.  When somebody is buying lampwork beads (or any other item) the colors of the beads need to be true.  The problem is that different types of glass show up on the screen differently.  Different screens are balanced (or not balanced) so the color are off.  

Anyway, I'm working on about 40 bead sets today, some of which will go up on Etsy soon. 

Later Gators!

Play with Beady Photography....Back on Etsy...More Lampwork

Saturday, December 26, 2009
Christmas day was quite for Bob and I...we decided just to take the day off and see a move.  We saw Avatar in's a GREAT movie.  The 3D effects were a big much for me in some spots...if you have issues with heights, close your eyes. :-)

Then I spent the day working on photography and cleaning up my Etsy shop....I know, work, work, work.  But I've been wanting to get my Etsy shop fuller and get some focal photography done.  It seems I never have the time.  It actually makes it easier if I spend a couple hours getting it taken care of.  That means today, I can have some experimental torch time before I have to get my last custom done. 

Here's the new pictures...I like how they came out.  I'm learning Elements 8.  Yep, I finally upgraded.

Ok....time to start my day...and get to the studio. 

Later Gators!

MMJ Lampwork-Sigh Dots- Focal Set (13) Outdoors View

Thursday, December 24, 2009

like dots…I think dots go with everything. They can be called retro…or modern…or contemporary or just plain fun. Much depends on your viewpoint. This set is more muted than in your face sorta hues.

The base glass is an odd lot that I fell in love with but… isn’t available any longer.

That's the eye candy for today. I'm back up on Etsy BUT it's going to take me a while to get everything up loaded. I have a desk that is piled high with bead sets at home. I have another desk in the studio that is piled high with sets that need to be cleaned and get strung for pics. I have another area in the studio that is piled high with bead sets that I need to bring home to photograph.

So you will be seeing lots of beads from with in the next couple of weeks.

On top of all of that...I'm done with the holiday season...except one custom. That's it...I'm back being a beadmaker for a while. I've got lots of new glass to explore!!!!

Have a happy and safe holiday season! May the beady force be with you!!!!!

New Lampwork Set...silvered glass and it's perils

Monday, December 21, 2009

What I've discovered is that my style of bead sets does not lead well to silvered glasses.  Having a kiln full of focals doesn't do it for me.  The problem is that I like making sets...I like using sets in jewelry designs.  So I'm on a mission the next couple of weeks.  I'm going to figure out how to merge my glassy style for sets or change my style.  The way I figure it is that my style can change way before I can change what silvered glass does.  Lampworkers, just as any other medium, is sometimes limited by their raw materials...but in this case, I think it's the lampworker that is limiting herself. :-) 

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry!  Me, I'm deciding if I want to drive to the studio or not. 

Later Gators!

Indianapolis Star Interview...and more of an art focus

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Several weeks ago, I got call out of the blue.  The Indianapolis Star wanted to do an interview and photo shoot in my studio.  Yeah, it's kinda kewl on a personal ego thang. What is really kewl is that Indianapolis, the most sport focus city I know of, is taking more of an interest in the arts.  If you are interested, the interview, click here.   Also what I thought was kinda interesting is that lampwork was a focus.  Normally it's silversmithing or stringing that gets the attention. 

End of the ego razzle dazzle.  I'm in the middle of ramping up to go back on Etsy.  I think I've got about 40 bead sets sitting on my desk right now that I've got to get the photography started.  So I'll have more eye candy for ya soon. 

I've been on the torch just about non-stop lately...playing with everything from lots of silvered glass to brights. 

Later Gators!

New Lampwork by

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here's what I've been working on. This is more of a drive by post.  It's cold out side and I want to sit in front of the fire place...drink something hot...and just veg.

Have a great day and stay warm!

Fav Lampwork Focal Set...Drive by Post

Friday, December 04, 2009

MMJ Lampwork-Focal Set, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

This is one of my favorite sets that I've made so far this year. The colors aren't my normal brights or silvered glasses...BUT...the muted tones just flowed for me.

Now...I've got to get real busy...lots to do and not enough time to get it all done.

Have a great weekend!

Lots of Lampwork's a raku party

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yeah, there’s a bunch of them there beads…they are rather small for my barrels, with an average size of 11mm by 10mm. I got started on a roll and didn’t stop. I’m a bit raku-ed out though. Today, I’ve decided to go back to brights. I woke up to rainy-cold weather…and everyone knows by now just how I feel about rain and cold.

On a side note…don’t forget First Friday at the Murphy. If you do happen by, please stop in and visit.

I watched an AP news video this morning over java…’Woman Claims to See Virgin Mary in Her Pancake’. There are just some videos that I can ‘t not see. It’s kinda like watching a train accident …you really don’t want to watch but your eyes are drawn to it never the less. I do not doubt that there might be some sort of divinity presence in the world but in pancakes??? That’s not what got me…it’s that AP thought this Virgin Mary pancake was news worthy. Must be a slow day in the world.

Later Gators!

New Lampwork Focals and Bead Sets...COLOR!!!!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The focals look much better in hand than in the photos...I'm still playing with the camera.  Photography is the bain of my existance.  I'm hoping to get a photography class in pretty soon. 

The below is my favorite of the three...I'm pondering doing a focal series.  I normally don't make huge amounts of focal and keep most of them for my own designs...but...I'm finding that I really enjoy making them.  I am more of a set flamer than a focal flamer. :-)   Over the winter, I plan to do more beadweaving and these just scream seed beads.  So what do ya think?

I'm going to take a very, very short break from brights and do some muted beads today.  Well, that's the plan.  We'll see how it goes. 

Currently I don't have much more to do to get ready for First Friday so I thought I'm work on the torch today....then make a run to Blooming Dragon to drop off some inventory. 
Blooming Dragon Emporium, 5:00 - 9:00 pm on Dec 4 is having a Holiday art and gift show featuring various artists.  Irvington is have a huge Celebrate Christmas Open discounts from the local merchants, along with holiday food, music, carriage rides, pictures with Santa and fun throughout the evening. Bob and I were featured artists there last year...we had a great time.  Alas...our jewelry will be there, but we won't...unless we can clone ourselves. :-) 

Here's the address:
Blooming Dragon Emporium

5620 E. Washington Street
(317) 356-4400

This year, we are at the Murphy Art 204A.  The Murphy will be having a number of things happening.  This Friday will be hoppin' all over Indianapolis.  If you get out and about this Friday...stop by and say Hi!

Gotta get my day rolling....lots to do!

Later Gators!

Lampwork Necklaces

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I've been working on smaller pieces of art jewelry.  Where I love creating the larger necklaces, not everyone feel comfort wearing them and there are some clothing that beg for smaller pieces.

On a different note...I have decided that I miss sunshine. I figure I only have 3 more months until Spring shows up.  Next weekend, since we have had a bit of a frost, the sunroom will be filled with wood.  I'm thinking about spending a lot of time in front of the I did last year. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!