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First Friday at Studio 204 in the Murphy Art Center

Monday, September 27, 2010
Studio 204 is pleased to be hosting painter Steven Keller for October First Friday on October 1. Studio 204 is home to Marti Icenogle (Magickal Dragon Designs) and Bob and Moon Stump (Mixed Media Jewelry). Studio 204 is located in the Murphy Art Center at 1043 Virginia Avenue in Fountain Square on Indy’s near southside.

Steven Keller is the featured artist on First Friday, October 1, 6 – 10 pm at Studio 204 in the Murphy Art Center at 1043 Virginia Avenue in Fountain Square. Steven is an accomplished artist who paints subjects ranging from photo realistic renditions to geometric abstraction to the frivolous and fanciful. Steve has exhibited his work at many of the art fairs in central Indiana, including Broad Ripple Art Fair and Penrod Art Fair. And, Steven’s work is in the collections of many Indianapolis art collectors. For further information about this exhibition or other events at Studio 204, please email

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Fountain Square 9-18-10 -Masterpiece in a Day-Fountain Square Art Show- ART Parade

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Yesterday was Fountain Square's ( 9-18-10) -Masterpiece in a Day-Fountain Square Art Show- ART Parade.  It lasted from  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the parade starting at 4pm.  A lot of the action was at the  Murphy Art Center, 1043 Virginia Ave.   Yeah, the place where my studio is located.

The three different organizations did an art free-for-all, all age venue in Fountain Square (a historical-arts area in Indianapolis today). Masterpiece in a Day,  Fountain Square Art Show, and Fountain Square Art Council’s ART Parade.

I took a boad load of pictures...they are on my Flickr site, if you want to take a peep.

Later Gators!

It's an Art Parade...a new new work, Mixed Media for me!

Saturday, September 18, 2010
Yesterday was a fun filled day...I now have a new respect for painters.  The below isn't huge, just 30 x 40.  The thing is that I found my arms just weren't long enough and I needed another pair of hands to finish up the framing.  No...this isn't a great piece of art but I did it and it fits perfectly in the master it makes me smile.  I really like abstract art and I would like to develop it long term.'s done...framed...and hung...I'm happy.  I've got two more pieces that I want to finish for the MBR and then I will work on the pieces for both baths.  Bob and I do buy from other artists, anything that is framed is from a local artists.  Mostly from Indiana but some from Texas as well...a couple from Bob's uncle.  I have never understood why people buy 'art' at Wal-Mart or any big box store...when there is so much good work out there.  Some people have told me it's the price...well, the thing is, it's really not in a lot of ways.  Anyway, it's just a peeve of mine. 

Supporting the arts is crucial to the development and growth of any community. There is study after study regarding how it has a causal effect on bringing in new businesses…how for every dollar is spent (buying) on the local arts, $3-5 is spent in the local area. 

Here's the has a provable and is linked to property value, can we say Bohemian Principle.  Plus it is linked to new business and there fore JOBS.  New business all equates to increase tax revenues to the local area. Sone of the most important issues that every community is feeling the pains of.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt recognized the combined power of American productivity and creativity. John F. Kennedy stated "If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him." He also paved with way for the formation of the National Endowment.

The thing is that we are living in an age of easy transportation…that the trend of working remote is becoming more and more the thang to do. So what does Indianapolis have to offer the ‘creative class’, a large business to open its doors here, or someone that works remote that can live anywhere. Indy has cheap housing, sports, and four seasons…actually it has a lot to offer, believe it or not. The main ingredient that it’s missing is the arts. Actually it has the arts here, it’s citizens just don’t support or value what they do many of their artists move one to 'better' places that do.   That has been my experience.

I'll be in Fountain Square today...supporting the local arts and helping with the Art Parade. 

So if you get a chance...stop in. 

If if you don't stop in...think about supporting the arts and what it does to your community long term. 

Have a happy, creative weekend!

Larger work, mixed media 2-D

Friday, September 17, 2010

Larger work, mixed media 2-D, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.
I just finished this piece last night then matted and framed it this afternoon. It was painted for my master bedroom. I wanted something busy and semi-colorful. The frame is 24 x 36, which is wonderful for the room.

Arches paper, watercolor, ink, and paint mostly make up the piece.

The room is large and boring...mostly light wood, lots of dressers, a king sized bed, an off white chair, and off white walls. That's it. So I thought adding two very large framed pieces, one busy and one not so. Then also adding two smaller pieces. The mixed media pieces will be the main color in the room. Just about everything in there is either off white or non-descript.

Off to figure out how to frame the other piece!


Briggs, 7 months, the 'Puppy'

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Briggs, 7 monthis, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

Here’s a new pic of Briggs, my Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog). He was bone 2/22/10…so he’s almost 7 months old in this pic. Tonight is puppy kindergarden class and he is doing well. We have had no accidents in the house...he can sit, lay down, and leave things alone on command.

He hasn't even eaten any drywall for over 3 the classes are helping loads.

Later Gators!

Where I was 9 years ago and my thoughts about 9-11 today....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm thinking back where I was when I heard that the Twin Towers were tumbling down. I was sitting in my home office, on Waterman, wondering by my cell phone and home phone was ringing off the hook.  I hadn't left for Austin, Texas yet...I was still a potter but already moved into glass at that time...I had two dogs...and a huge house with a huge yard to take care of.

Then I answered my cell, it was a friend telling me to turn on my TV. I did…I was shocked…then I was pissed…then I was very sad…then I went right back to pissed. The extremists really didn’t do their job. This was an act of terrorism…to inspire pure terror in the hearts and souls of Americans. What it did do was breed a sort of bigotry on both sides of the fence…start another senseless war….and create a deep seated anger within many people.

I NOW think of the relentless terrorism happening in Israel. I NOW think of the Russian Beslan school siege or the massacre of over 300 people, mostly children…I also think of what is happening to the women and children in South Africa. I think of all the loss and sadness resulting in Northern Ireland and England It is my hope that the future generations think of an IRA as Individual Retirement Account instead of Irish Republican Army first. That the future generations do not forget history but move beyond it.

Terrorism without borders has been happening for centuries. Look at the Catholic Church’s reign of power brokering…ya know all the war mongering-gay bashing-witch burning-woman subjugating-folks that dress in black. They were their own ecclesiastic institution for combating/suppressing heresy. For those that believe that the CC is an enity of white light and fuzzy bunny thoughts…read the Malleus Maleficarum . It will raise the hair at the back of your neck. In my worldview, heresy is simply questioning authority and that does not involve torture of any kind. The CC’s bout of bad behavior is slowly coming to a close in the age of information and the number of people coming forward telling their stories of molestation.

Geez, at least the Vikings were honest about their intentions…rape, pillage, and burn.

No…I do not forgive even my fellow Americans for such acts of brutality like the Omaha Courthouse Burning on September 28, 1919. Will Brown was killed, mutilated, and then burned on the courthouse lawn. Nor do I forgive the Timothy McVeigh-Terry Nichols-Jim Jones-David Koreshes of the world. I am also puzzled by all the anti-abortion violence. That one just makes no sense to me…pro-life and killing don’t equate.

I am not at war with Islam or even the creepy Vatican dudes….I now have an extreme distain of the zealots, fanatics, and martyrs of the world. 9-11 has opened my eyes to the fact that terrorism is without borders…that Americans, be it pro or con, can be some of the most generous people on the planet…but we also can be some of the biggest assholes as well. It’s that flip side of the creation-destruction coin. I’m not saying that we always follow adult behaviors…we don’t. As a rule, most Americans treat people as they would like to be treated…well, on good days that is. My government…well, that might be a bit different …that why I’m a strong supporter of WikiLeaks, ACLU, and free journalism. It just keeps the honesty flowing, if you get what I mean.

There are atrocities committed on a daily basis and 9-11 was one of those atrocities. I think it’s our job as Americans not to commit any atrocities and try to prevent future ones happening. How that is done coast to coast or pole to pole…damn if I know…but I can wish and make my opinions known to my elected officials. What I can do is work towards this goal by not going postal…not flipping one of my fellow drivers the bird. All humor aside…by simply caring about my family, friends, and neighbors…by the willingness to help where help is needed…by not closing my eyes or turning my head when somebody needs help…by not bulling nor being bullied…by not taking the path resistance if it isn’t called for…and learning to walk away when my ‘assistance’ isn’t needed. There is a very fine line between needed assistance and perceived assistance.

Off to clean my garage...that's how I'm spending my day!

Update and New Work

Friday, September 10, 2010
I've got a couple different things happening here...

I'm still working on 2-D mixed media. It seems to be going OK...I'm working a bit larger.  These are 12 x 18 inches.  My next projects are going larger, 22 x 30 inches. 

Ya know, this 2-D stuff isn't as easy as a lot of painters and printmakers seem to make it.   For me, I really have to work at it.   Mixing watercolor, inks, and paint can turn to mud very quickly for me if I'm not careful.  Sometimes more isn't always the best path.
Now for the hand upday...I will be having surgery on my right wrist on Oct 12th and then on the left on Oct 26th.  More later on that...right now, I'm just working on keeping my creative juices flowing since I can't do glass.

Have a great weekend!

2010 Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship Announced...Hey IN, IL, KY, & OH Artists!!!!!!!

2010 Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship Announced!!!

Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) is now accepting applications for contemporary visual artists that reside in select cities and counties in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

The Efroymson Family Fund, a donor advised fund of CICF, will be awarding (5) $20,000 unrestricted awards to contemporary visual artists age 25 and older that work in the following mediums or disciplines: ceramics, installation art (materials used can include glass, video, metal, wood, or textile), new media (computer generated still image or 3-D art), painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture (materials used can include glass, video, metal, wood or textile). Applicants must provide proof of age and residency in the following cities and counties in Indiana: Boone, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Monroe, Shelby or Tippecanoe County (Bloomington, Indianapolis, Lafayette and Muncie Metro). Recipients must reside in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio or Kentucky during the duration of the one year fellowship.

For more information, to view an entire list of cities and counties eligible, or to download the guidelines and application materials, please visit the CICF website. Applications are due September 24, 2010.

Good Luck!

Fountain Square Art Council needs your help...

Friday, September 03, 2010

You can vote daily until the end of the when you can, vote often.  It just doesn't have to be this cause but vote for somebody!!!!

Later Gators!

Playing with the Scanner!!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010
I have finally figured out how to photograph my 2-D work...a scanner.  I have been working all day on photography...then Bob says, why don't you use the scanner.  I kinda wish he would of said that early this morning.  Oh well....

These are mixed media..watercolor, pigments, paint, and washes with a bit of ink tossed in.  They also have been sealed...then framed in a clipped glass frame.  I have tried matting them and they look funny.  There's just too much color and visual drama happening to add much else.

Ok...that's really it for today...I'm off to the studio to get ready for First Friday.

Later Gators!

Yep, still not lampworking...but I'm still working on Mixed Media

Small Works Untilted, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I'm still working on 2-D mixed hands are still not glass ready. I am in the process of being scheduled for bilateral carpel tunnel release. My doc will, underscope, do some snipping on the right wrist...then in 10-14 days, do the other wrist. Then in a couple weeks after that, I should be good to go back to glass.

Until then, I'm working on other mediums.

BTW, the pic is from my Small Works series. This one is 4 inches by 10 inches that will be framed in a glass clip frame. I know that these types aren't the tradition that everyone normally sees but after much trial and error, these are the only frame that seems to look right.

Later Gators!