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Color Studies-Mixed Media-Fish

Friday, August 20, 2010

I've been playing with mixed media again....printmaking, watercolor...with Speedball inks. The three mini pieces with be framed and should be hung as a grouping.

Anyway...I've got an appointment with the hand surgeon next week so maybe I can go back to melting glass soon!

Later Gators!

What this Lampworker does when she can't melt glass...mixed media/block printmaking

Saturday, August 14, 2010
I'm still in the process of figuring out what is wrong with my hands so...I'm now working on mixed media.  Mostly watercolor washes, block carving, more paint, and ink.   It starts with some Arches 140lb paper that I next do washes on...the below is a sample in reds.

Then I carve a block...since my hands are in a bit of a uncomfortable status, I'm using more rubber like Soft Kut instead of wood.

The below is a lousy pic of a 4 x 6 piece that is still in the drying phase but you get the idea.  Actually this is the first block printmaking that I've ever done so be kind.  I think the more I do...the better I will get. This is a trial run for me but I really like printmaking!!!!

Now I want to finish up the is only half carved but I will work on that this evening.
Later Gators...I'm off to clean up some ink!

Where I've been...mixed media postcards

Friday, August 06, 2010
Why I’ve not been around…

As you can tell by my lack of posts and new bead sets, a few things are happening in my life right now. Mostly it’s my hands. After mucho doctors visits, lab tests, x-rays, and even an EMG. It’s been a series of ‘what it not is’ to narrow it down to bilateral carpal tunnel. After a cortisone injection and wearing splints at night, I’m in the waiting game. I’m still having issues on the torch…sure I can make beads but not at the quality I was two months ago. So I’m taking a break and working on 2-D Mixed Media for a bit.

Now be's been a while since I've painted.  Right now I'm stuck on watercolor and ink that has been mixed with acrylic. 

The process starts with Arches 140lb watercolor paper...then inks and waterpaints are applied as a wash…the sealed. Then the creative process kicks in with more inks and paint. Then I seal them again in a matte. These aren’t framed yet so the actual final look will be a bit different under glass.

Since I’m a beadmaker at heart…I plan to work small and work with color.  Yep, the below is still a bit raw and unrefined but give me time...I think that I will come up with something...if not, it's keeping me busy while the docs finger out if I'm surgery bound or not.

These are small...about 4x6 inches.  The whole idea is for this type of work to be displayed in groupings. 

Anyway, that's my story...more updates later.

Later Gators!