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Rainout at the Paintout

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainout at the Paintout, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I have decided, that I prefer stetching places that don't include rain. :-)

On the way home from the paintout, I stopped at this pond by the house. I was a bit surprised to see ducks...even more surprise to find out that they were very friendly.

Later Gators,

TICA Cat Birthday...Sketchbook & Watercolor with Pen & Ink

Monday, September 26, 2011
Here's the sketchbook pages from the cat show...

Most of the work was quick, in pen, and I was in a hurry but it was interesting sketching people.  I normally sketch places or interesting tid-bits that catch my eye. 

 The above was a quick sketch in pen, that I lightly watercolored.  I'm not sure he was really happy by the end of the day.  I don't blame him...he had to travel to the show, then it was two day of judging, and by the time I saw him...he was looking like he really wanted to go home.

The below was a pic of the Bengal kitten kitty wasn't happy and made it very vocally well known.  He/she was beautiful.

Location: Hendricks County, Danville, Indiana: the TICA cat show was interesting.  The below was a winner and had a kewl traveling kitty condo.
Later Gators...I'm off to the torch today,

Drive by Watercolor Sketch....Well, I guess you would call it a Visual Journal....

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Gotta go...later Gators,

Watercolor sketching...walking around Danville

Friday, September 23, 2011

Walking around Danville, I found a really kewl spot in an alley. The bright colors, the flowers (plastic), and Christmas lights did it. Danville is a really small I was a bit surprised. It reminded me of a place in NYC that I came across one time. It was a happy place so I just had to sketch it.

I've been trying to get out more for on site sketching....when the weather is good.  Winter is coming's now or never. 

While I was in Danville, I also spotted this car with a flat tire.  There was a guy also in the front seat, Dad??  I guess it was too much for the little fellow, I'm guess about 4 yr old, he was going to make a break for it.  The scene just caught my eye...another one of those...I don't have the time, but I just have to draw this one. 

Tomorrow, I'm off to a "Create Your Heart Out" event with SALI.  Most of the artists will be, I'll be sketching. 

Later Gators,

It's been a BUSY week...New Sketchbook Pages

Monday, September 19, 2011
During my tooth extraction down time, I spent some of it drawing and painting.  I was a bit grumpy...the lack of 'real' food was getting to me.

 The below is in a new Moleskine...these are wonderful.  Watercolor glides on but they are still smooth enough for pen & ink washes.  I also like the cream color instead of the bright white.
 I spent over two hours last Thursday evening in the ER with Bob.  He was cutting a squash of all things and ended up with five stitches in his left thumb.

I had almost forgotten just how sad an ER can be.  So I mostly tried not to listen to other families and work on my sketchbook.  A few people were interested in what I was doing, but only one came over to chat.
 The below reflects a sun dial that I saw in Plainfield.  Some of the sketches I might put to a larger piece.  I like doing the composite type of work.  I didn't think I would but...
 Saturday was a beautiful was 70 degrees with a cloudless sky.  So Bob (with is pulled hamstring from last week and his stitched up thumb) went to University of Indianapolis' campus....for a little while.  Bob was beginning to limp within an hour but his newphew offered up lunch. 
 This was a quicky pen sketch that I later added some watercolor.  That red tailed hawk landed in a tree within 20 feet of the back deck and sat and sat and sat there.  If not, I wouldn't of gotten much details.  For a while, I was wondering if he/she was ever going to leave.  They normally don't do that.  Maybe it was wondering if it could eat Briggs, the wonder Sheltie, or not.
Ok...I'm off to study for my driver's test.'s that time.  It expires this week.  You ask why...well, if you move to Indiana, you have to take the written test.  So, lets hope that I pass it.  I'm pretty sure that I will.

Later Gators,

9/11/10 - 9/11/11 What I've learned...

Sunday, September 11, 2011
9/11/01-9/11/11 9/11, every year is a day that I remember and I will for the rest of my time on this Earth….but what have I learned over this decade? That life is short, sometimes hard, but its still life and nobody has the right to take that way from another person. That there are very few things in this world I don’t respect but faux martyrs, zealots, and fanatics are at the top of my list. That the collective global abuses to our peoples and to the Earth are a direct path to destruction. That technology has made the world smaller and there really aren’t any secrets anymore…just connect the dots.

This blog post isn’t a political stand…but I’ve learned that people like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin still scare me. So do the Teabaggers. All have all the answers but forgot the question during the process. What I mean, it’s overwhelmingly clear what the problems are, and it’s not like its quantum physics. I’m still waiting on working solutions.

I have learned that though the maelstrom of financial mismanagements, the dishonesty, and cover-ups of the few, have changed the course of our futures. That a decade ago, I wouldn’t think twice about Wiki leaks, now, I applaud them for their journalist endeavors. I have learned I’m in favor of global transparency.

Most important of what I have learned in the past decade…beware of those who seek personal gain at another’s expense and a laissez-faire attitude can bite you in the ass.

Have a nice day!

Road Trip

Saturday, September 03, 2011
We stopped at Beasley’s Orchard & Gardens today for tomatoes, apples, peaches, and homemade bread. Great chow! It’s also a lovely place to visit.


That's it for today...yep, I'm still playing with the new camera.  I can't help it, it's just so easy and it's light enough to carry in my purse.

Have a great weekend & holiday!!

Briggs, the wonder Sheltie poses for the new camera for the sketching bag

Friday, September 02, 2011
The above...Briggs, the wonder Sheltie...was an experiment with my new camera. I decided I deserved a treat, so I got myself a birthday present. It doesn't happen that often and...

in the last three weeks I've had a sinse infection, my allergies kick me for a loop, and have been in and out of the Doc's office several times.  Then it was the 'yearly' time...yep the pap and mammogram plus a DEXA scan and typical labs.  Then I cracked a tooth.  I mean really cracked it, like in half so bad that the tooth can't even be crowned.  So I go in on Tuesday for dental impressions and then a trip to the oral surgeon on Thursday.  I also need to study for my drivers licence because I still have my Texas one and Indiana requires I take the test. (yippy, skippy I'm overjoyed on that one) So I deserved a present. 

I do have a camera...there are pics posted on this blog :-) but it's a big camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50) which sooner or later I need to upgrade so I can get better macro lens but I'm not sure what I want yeah.  The thing is that it's large, bulky, and heavy.  That's the reason why I got this one.  It's itty bitty, has good macro, the zoom is X8, and it's the size of my iPhone. 

It got to the point when I was sketching on site or was gathering up pics to paint, it looked like I was moving out for a couple of days.  So I've been in the process this week of slimming down my pack/sketch kit.  More on that later.

Have a wonderful weekend!