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New Watercolor...well mixed wet media is more like it...Mouse, my cat

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
I've been working with Mouse, my cat, as a model with many of my drawings in my sketchbook.  This time I decided to work on loose paper instead.  

Arches 140lb with Daniel Smith watercolors, pen & ink, and Turner Acryl Gouache.  The gouache is fabulous to work with!!!!

Later Gators,
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Lori Peterson said...

This is just beautiful, Moon!

Moon Stumpp said...

Thank you very much...I had to bribe her with treats to keep her from walking on the wet paint. :-)

C. Robin Janning said...

Oh, I love this, Moon. I have been wondering about the Turner Acryl Gouache for a long time! I love working with acrylics on Arches.

Cindy said...

Moon, I have been enjoying catching up on your latest work, both beads and your incredible sketchbook drawings. You are so gifted with any medium you work with!

Moon Stumpp said...

Thank you both!!! I'm really enjoying's new for me.