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Update and Wild Things...

Saturday, October 01, 2011
It is beautiful rain, cloudless sky, and a bit cool.  Perfect beadmaking weather.  Bob and I have a couple of things to get to Pet Smart for cat food, those sort of things...then I'm on the torch.  I was on the torch until late last night. 

Hopeful...I keep saying that, I will get the 100 or so beadsets photographed this coming week and get them posted on Etsy. 

I finally got to the eye doc...yep, new glasses.  Ya know, sometimes it really sucks getting old.

The below is something that I painted in my sketchbook this was quick but interesting.

There is a beauty and grace to wild things.  Some like big cats, bears, and hurricanes are better seen from afar.

Later Gators!
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