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Lots of new watercolors

Monday, November 28, 2011
I've been busy working on watercolors and mixed water media.  These started in my sketchbooks and then I moved them on to works on paper.
The below is one of my has been matted out to a smaller work of 8x10.  I'm thinking I will enlarge the piece to a larger work that I want myself. Yep, I do keep a few pieces.

The below is the end of my MoonWorld Cats series for a while.  I have a couple more that I haven't photographed and a handful larger pieces. 

That's it for today...I'm off to design some jewelry...then I'm going to do a bit of reading.

Later Gators,

Fine Art Friday - New Watercolor/Mixed Water Media Series...Maybe...

Friday, November 25, 2011
I've been toying with a new series.  I love the way the colors turned out but when working with mixed media, a lot depends on how it looks under glass.  These will be matted out for a 16x20 frame. 

The pieces are very textured but the camera lens doesn't pick it up well.

There's a long list what I used to create these pieces but...they are stable and will last a several life times. Since anytime I use paper (this is 140 lb Arches), I also seal the work. 

I've been asked if I'm going to make prints of some of my work.  The answer is maybe...the issue that I'm coming up with is the amount of texture I use. Photography just doesn't do justice to texture. 

Anyway...I'm off to clean jewelry all day.  I need to also do some matting.  First Friday is next week and I gotta get my stuff together.

Later Gators,

Quite Turkey Day for us....New Photography Lights and New Lampwork Beads

Thursday, November 24, 2011
Bob and I stayed home for Thanksgiving...we needed a quite, stressed free day.  It's been rather busy with all the gathering of quotes, calling in a real estate person, and everything else it takes to decide to do an addition to a house.

Plus there is the end of season stuff.  I spent yesterday at Art Bank, trying to get things looking decent for tomorrow.  I've still got jewelry to clean, etc, etc, etc.  Plus there's also all the customs to get done as well.  I'm not really complaining, I just need 36hr days.

Anyway, I've decided to focus a bit more on my online presence.  That entails photos, the bain of my existence.  Last weekend, another artist was using a light disfuser box on her photos.  The light is fabulous.  Sooo....

Here's my old setup:

Here's my new set up...well, I'm still working on it...but it's GREAT!!!!  No hot spots, no spending hours processing in Elements because it's pretty much a crop and go. 

 The below is what good lighting can do.  The was just a crop and go.
 Same here...
 With Indiana's weather being so dark, grey, and cold in the winter...I was having issues getting photos.  Also I've got to take photos of my 2D and Bob's baskets.  So we made the investment.  The lighting has come down in price from a couple of years ago, when I was looking at them before.
Later Gators...hope everyone had a wonderful Dead Bird Day!!!

MoonWorld and Imaginary Friends…New Watercolor Illustrations

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Somebody once asked me what I like most about being an artist.  Was it the flex time or being about to work for your self?  Yes, flex time is wonderful but it’s not like I have vacations, sick time, or holidays off.  Yes, being self-employed is wonderful but…there are disadvantages as well.   Those answers were from my adult, politically correct hat.  The reality is…I get to indulge in conversations with my imaginary friends. 

The above and below are friends from the Blue Dot Egg Clan...
 Blue Dot Egg Clan...

 Blue Egg Warrior Clan...
 Jester-I wear weird hats-Clan...
 Bitchy Birdy Clan...

That's it worth a 1000 words???

Later Gators,

New Etsy Treasury...great color

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Last show of the season today...we tear down and come home!!!  Then I'm back on the torch and painting a new series. 

Here's a lovely Etsy Treasure:

Later Gators,

Autumn Art Fair at Garfield Park Arts Center...lampwork bead photography...trying to do it all

Friday, November 18, 2011
This evening, Bob and I will be setting up at the Garfield Park Arts Center for the Autumn Art Fair.
If you are of a mind to stop in, here's the info:
Location: 2432 Conservatory Dr., Indianapolis
Time: Nov 19th, 10am-5pm
          Nov 20th, 11am-4pm
Bob will be there with his baskets in mass!

On the beady front...
 I'm back playing with different backgrounds for my indoor photo area.  The above is a grad grey, the below is an etched mirror.

Depending on the bead set (color scheme and shape), will depend on the types of backgrounds I use. I'm sooooo happy that I finally figured this out. It doesn't sound like much but photography has been the largest obstacle for me expanding my online presence. 
I can't do it all, it's taken a while for me to realize that I ain't getting any younger and sleep is GOOD.  :-)  So instead of working longer hours and harder, I'm working towards working smarter. 

Next week...Mooner's Rocks on Etsy. I've got about 4 dozen sets to upload to my Etsy shop.  What I like about Rocks is that they make wonderful accents beads in jewelry designs and they are affordable.  They are also mix and match, so there's less orphan beads that designers have to figure out what to do with.   

Have a wonderful weekend!

New Lampwork...working with Focal Sets...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've been working with focal sets...I just listed the above sets on Etsy this evening.

One of the biggest things that I've soooooooo pleased about is the beady photography.  This afternoon, I was working outside (natural light) but it got very windy and it was cold.  So I gave up...I was also frustrated because I've got almost 80 beady sets sitting on my desk.  So....I decided to try my indoor studio.  I used a graduated varitone background panel under a matted plastic sheet. The etched/matted plastic seems to take way the glare. WORKED...shocked the shit out of I get to take pics and still stay warm!!!!  Yippy skippy, so I've been taking pics and will list some everyday for a bit.

I'm also working on a new series...more later...

Later Gators!

New Etsy Treasury...GREEN

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is a lovely treasury...more than I'm in's the flow of the color green.

Later Gator,

New Lampwork in my Etsy shop

That's it for now...Etsy isn't behaving well right now.  So I'm only posting a handful this evening.  More later.

Later Gators,

Sketchbook...Watercolor Cats

Friday, November 11, 2011

 The above is a close up of one of my kitty models.  There's just something about cats. :-) 

The above show the layout of my journal.

Cats seem to be my new passion for models.  It’s the facial expressions, the colors and texture of their fur, and …well, the overall movements of their bodies.  Maybe I’m also just a ‘cat person’.

Ok...gotta go get ready for a show this weekend!
Later Gators,

First Friday at Art Bank-Gina Soo Golden

Thursday, November 03, 2011
It is time for the IDADA "First Friday Art Tour" Tomorrow night November 4th. 6-10 PM here at the Art Bank at 811 Mass. Avenue, Indianapolis. There are several new artists on display and many new presentations. Bob and I being one of them.

Gina Soo Golden will be our "Featured Artist " with a new display in the main gallery as well as several new fine art paintings. Gina Soo will have an expanded display during the month of November and be available tomorrow night to meet with the public. You can see more about Gina Soo at:

So pass on the information about a fun evening. We always have fun here at the Art Bank.

P.S. Please make note of our new hours (we are now open on Sundays). Open Wed - Sat 1PM to 8PM. Sundays Noon to 4PM

Later Gators...I've got to spend some time cleaning beads and hitting the torch...