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More Mixed Water Media on Yupo

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well, I'm still in the framing mode...I didn't realize just how many pieces I painted in the last month.  Anyway, the above is one of my favorites.  It's matted and framed out to 16x20, mixed water media, and on Yupo.  Titled...Men of Columba. 

Later Gators...I'm back to framing!

New Mixed Water Media...YUPO

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
 I have found YUPO!!!!  Love it, even though it is a pain to seal.  The paint pops and it's sooooo smooth.  It's also the green way to go. 
These are matted framed out to 11x14's.  Sealed so well that they can even go into a bathroom or kitchen.  That's what I like the most about Yupo, if sealed correctly, it's totally timex (takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'). 

Today, has been a framing day.  I've got 7 done so far with another dozen or so yet to go this evening.  Most of the sizes are 11x14s with some 16x20s...even some 8x8s and 8x10s.  I am going to frame some 5x7s too.  I use that size to perk up my bookshelves and over the fireplace....hint, hint, hint.

I will be bring out a lot of new work on First Friday, at Art Bank. 

Later Gators,

New Series...Why I Paint...

Monday, December 05, 2011
This is the new series I'm working on...well, it's the first phase of the series.  It still needs a bit of work.
Last Friday was First Friday…yep, I’m sure you have heard me speak (read) about his happening before. It’s more than a way to sell my work; it’s also a way to connect with the general public. Sometimes about my work but much of the conversations I have, no. It’s about art in general. Last First Friday, I was chatting (which I do a lot of) with a gentleman that was interested in my work. He wanted to know if I also painted still life and/or landscapes. Yep, I do…not well but that’s not the reason why you won’t mine in this gallery (Art Bank). I paint/draw/sketch vistas and still life in my sketchbook mostly…as a way to grow as an artist. Do I enjoy painting landscapes, no. That’s why I have a digital camera.

I’m not saying to I do not appreciate the works of others that paint realism (or a better term is representational), I’m just saying that I don’t enjoy painting them nor having that type of painting in my home. It’s also the reason why I walked away from painting over 20 years ago. In that era, if I wanted to paint, it had to be realism. That was what everyone taught. I told myself then and still hold on this, if I had to paint big red barns and flowers for a living, I won’t paint. So I didn’t then, and I won’t now. That does not mean that I don’t work on portraits and landscapes, it does help me grow and enhance my skills. That’s also why I work in visual journals and in sketchbook.
I was asked why I paint abstracts. Well, where as I have seen such well done copies of nature (landscapes) that have left me with my mouth hanging open BUT I’ve never been moved emotionally by those works…nor has one ever sparked my imagination.

So…if I can paint so that either someone’s emotion or imagination has been engaged, I have done what I’ve strived to do as a painter. Mmm…I still have a long way to go yet.

 For the time being, this series is finished...I will come back to it in a couple of weeks but I need some fresh eyes to move forward with it.

(Painted on cradled panel in acrylic with lots of texture and mediums; 10x20)
  MoonWorld kitties are going to be a long term series...the works are on 140lb Arches paper, 11x14 matted, and are mixed water media.  I've painted many smaller but I'm thinking that I would like to take these even larger with more details.

Ok...I'm off to get a few things done.
Later Gators,

Early Fine Art Friday...First Friday...New Mixed Water Media Series

Thursday, December 01, 2011
I'm going to be a bit busy tomorrow so I'd thought I leap over Thursday and right into Friday.   I've spent so much time in the studio recently, that I've lost track of the days.  It happens to me once in a while.

Anyway, I'm working on a new series.  The above is a sample...but I really couldn't get a good pic of it.  There's a lot of texture and raised sections plus the port holes are raised with a poly gloss.  Oh well, I do not think that this series is designed for prints.

Tomorrow is First Friday at Art Bank.  I'll be there...with lots of jewelry and some new smaller works of 5x7's.  They make great stocking stuffers.

Well, that's its...I've got to get some work done today in the studio.

Later Gators,