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Art Bank Art Gallery...First Friday...Joy Hernandez!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
 If you get a chance...stop in to the Art Bank this month.  First Friday is always fun but it's even more fun & colorful with Joy's Art.   She's having several events this week:

March 1: Joy Art Preview Show. Joy Hernandez Art is the featured art for the month of March at the Art Bank, located at 811 Mass Ave (Mass Ave and College), Indianapolis. The preview will be open from 6pm to 9pm.

March 2: Featured Artist for First Friday at the Art Bank. Located at 811 Mass Ave (Mass Ave and College), Indianapolis. Open from 6pm to 10pm.

March 15: Bark Art with Rembrandt (Hernandez): Joy's painting assistant, Rembrandt, will be hosting a four-legged reception at the Art Bank, located at 811 Mass Ave (Mass Ave and College), Indianapolis. The reception will be from 6pm to 9pm.

I'll be stop in and say 'HI'.  The below a new earring series that I brought in this week.  Just in time to start the spring out.

BTW, the above pic is from my iPhone.  :-)

Later Gators,

Why iPhoneography...a Visual Artist's Viewpoint

Monday, February 27, 2012

I’ve been asked many times…”why iPhoneography”  or  “does that cell phone camera really work?”   First off, I don’t know about all cell phone cameras but my iPhone does work well.  “Why iPhoneography?” that’s a much longer explanation. 
Using an iPhone camera has its perks, like it’s almost always with me.  Whereas my other cameras, generally aren’t…either I don’t have them with me or I have to dig them out of their case. So much time can be lost to snap that great picture.   So the accessibility and ease of the iPhone wins out many times.   It makes me pay attention to the world around me…I don’t want to miss something.
Moonrise at Vesper

IPhoneography is becoming its own art form.  IPhones have revolutionized photography…it’s a tool that can capture a vanishing moment.  It is the opportunity to make a visual statement…it’s a process of freezing time…it is a visual concept that sometimes cannot be expressed by mere words.  It starts with the photos are taken with an iPhone and then edited on the iPhone.  I also use my iPad as well.  It’s the same apps, it’s just I have old eyes and the screen is larger.   Image manipulation is the other ‘great and wonderful’ element that keeps me coming back to my iPhone. cat

Still, no matter what the camera…I have to follow the light.  Light is what brings power/energy/life to the image.  Which is very important to me because there are many times that I paint from the photo image.  There are many times that either I don't have the time to sketch out the piece or something happens, like darkness or weather, that I have to move on. 

Anyway, you will see more iPhotography info from me in the future because iPhoneography is the future.

Later Gators,

iPhone apps...the direction I seem to be going...iphoneography

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The above and below both started out paintings.  The above was a watercolor (with ink) and the below was an acrylic (with lots of texture).  I then took an iPhone photo, then processed them though several (I lost count) of apps.  These are the result.

The below started out as this weird, broken stained glass window that I took a photo of.  Then the process was much the same.

I have no idea of where I want to take far, it's just been a great way for me to expand my palette with my Yupo paintings.  Still in the experimental stages...we'll see where it leads me. 

I've been rather busy getting all my files organized and learning a bunch of new laptop crashed and burned a couple of weeks ago.  Dell did make good and sent me a new one.  After three motherboards in less than six know the drill. 

Since things are FINALLY coming together...I'm going back on the torch...YEAH...I hear glass calling my name.  It's just been one thing after another.  I've got another show that I've been invited to.  More about that later...

I'll leave you with a self portrait...all iPhone...

BTW, in case you can't iPhone does have a flash. :-)
Later Gators,

iPhone camera & a couple new apps

Friday, February 24, 2012

sky & rain, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

This is more of a drive-by...I just processed this photo from yesterday. The sky was filled of rain and clouds...I mean the whole sky looked like mist and clouds.

Later Gators,

Visual Art…Going Forward, Not looking Back

Monday, February 20, 2012

There’s a new face of art on the horizon…it’s bold, fun, experimental, and is at the tip of a revolution.  I’m not saying that the traditional arts are not in my world of artistic expression.  They are the foundation.   The creation of art is as old as humans, it tells our story.  Our story has expanded to include many new and wonderful forms.

This topic has expanded and flourished with me…ever since I read about ‘camera obscura’.  Which is a forerunner of the modern camera that folks like Leonardo da Vinci and Giambattista della Porta used as a tool of drawing.   Every age has its own expression, posture, gestures, and influences.   Today, technology has caused a major shift in the way that artists in general produce art.  There has been a change of visible creativity in the last 30 or so years that I’ve been paying attention to.  No doubt in my mind that technology has changed the face of art.

The raw materials alone have made huge leaps.  The choice of mediums, the ability to shift around, and layer works has also changed the definition of traditional art forms. Technology has changed paint, paper, glass, even the way we carve, sculpt, and produce modern artifacts. 

The internet changed how buyers connect with the artist.  The digital camera has changed the face of art.  I keep on saying this and many artists still view me as nuts BUT look at the trends in photography and the way artists sell their work.

My original mixed water media...

After...a photo of the original work processed though several iPhone apps...

How an artist promotes and sells their work has changed because of the internet. Websites, blogs, and other various forums are a mainstay for anyone in business.  Sites like ETSY, DeviantArt, Cafepress, RedBubble, and the list goes on and on and on and on; changed how an artist promotes their work.  Oh the social media sites, yep, everyone has heard of Facebook but there is huge number of those sites as well.   Pinterest is one of the fastest growing sites out there.   I love it.

My original mixed water media...

After...a photo of the original work processed though several iPhone apps...

1) is the original watercolor. 2&3) are the results of iPhone apps

 The above is all iPhone apps...

Later Gators...gotta get back to glass is beginning to call my name!

Testing My iPad

Friday, February 17, 2012
This is a drive by...

Fine Art Friday...1st Friday, Art Walk...Art Bank & Fire Spinners...Super Bowl

Friday, February 03, 2012

The above is one of the performers from Northern Lights; primo fire artists and spinners.  They will be at Art Bank this evening.  I saw them last night and they were amazing.  Tonight, they are bringing in artists from the Midwest to light up the skies. 

The above is part of my Bast Series...mixed water media on Yupo.  This piece is titled, 'The King". 

I'm off...back to Downtown...tonight is 1st Friday at Art Bank, which is part of the Super Bowl events.  The shuttles are running, the wine is flowing, and the out of towners are happy to be here!!! 

Later Gators,

New Mixed Water Media Series...Bast on Yupo...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012
 What you see above is how a mixed water media series starts.  Lots of small work getting the shapes and colors down.  There are a couple more drawing steps but...I didn't get pics of them. :-)
The above is the last phase of the painting but the first in the series.  The work is done on Yupo...I love working on Yupo but a lot of watercolor artists have told me that they don't.  That's the wonderful thing about art...everyone has a choice.

I will hopefully finish up this Bast Series by the end of the month...then frame it.  So it should be in the Art Bank in either March or April.

Later Gators,