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White Ink...FW Artists Ink wins hands down...product review

Thursday, December 19, 2013


White ink is wonderful to work with; ink is wonderful to paint, sketch, and use in art journaling.  It’s just so multi-functional in my work.   My favorite manufactures are Noodlers and Private Reserve for foundation pens.   Higgins, Daler-Rowney, Calli,  and Liquitex for dip pens and brush work.
Daler-Rowney’s FW Artists Ink trumps every other white ink out there.  It’s acrylic-based, water resistant, lightfast, and permanent.   It works well with a brush, technical pens, and dip pens.  I haven’t had any luck using it in fountain pens.  

My favorite dip pen is an  E+M Artist nib holder with a 2062 nib…I also use a Brause 66 extra fine Arrow nib for very fine lines or a Brause Blue Pumpkin. (both are in the top photo)  Both are calligraphy nibs but I also use a few comic/manga nibs as well.   E+M Artist nib holder is a lot like a paintbrush, lightweight, and ergonomic. It’s the first that I pull out and seems to find its place on my desk fulltime.  BTW, my pens normally don't look this clean. For mainstays on my desk, I normally keep an extra. 

The above is the result of several steps.  I used 300lb Arches paper, that has been sectioned into four 5x7's.   I've laid down watercolor in heart shapes for the base color.   Then added designs in white ink.

The next step was to highlight and accent in black ink.  I use the above dip pen with Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Universal Ink.  I normally use this ink for my technical pens but it was on my desk at the time.  It is a very versatile ink...paper, cloth, even film or plastic supports.  It's waterproof, fast drying, and permanent.  It's another ink that I use almost on a daily basis...but that's another product review.
Later, these designs will be photographed and turned into printed notecards...maybe simple Thank-You cards.
Someone recently asked me why I blog about product reviews.  There are so many different raw materials out there currently and I search online for information to figure out what to use in my work.  It's just another way to give back for all the information that I've gleamed from others.  Thank you to those that do product's helped me along my artistic journey....
Later Gators...

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Bead-Mused said...

This is a very cool technique. Long ago, when I complained that I couldn't use white in water colors, someone told me I would have to leave negative space to achieve white. You have just proven them wrong! And, as always, I love the paintings!!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous review , that is the white ink I have bought, now I can't wait to play. Thank you.

Caryn Strauss-Smith said...

Moon, thank you for providing this information! I really appreciate you providing this know how! I'm saving this to a notebook for future use and reminder about products to buy!

Moon Stumpp said...

Thank you!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. White ink is like the best of the best to play with.