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Wordless Wednesday...Wanders in my neck of the woods...Hendricks County, Indiana

Wednesday, December 30, 2015
As you can tell, it's winter locally. Indiana weather is typically damp, grey, and stark. Looking for the beauty in the area is challenging at times.   These were shot locally during my wanders this week.




Tuesday, December 29, 2015
We've had so much rain, that the ground is saturated.  There's just no place for it to go.  Today during my out and about, I drove by this:

This is a not lake or stream, it's a family's front yard. Lousy photo but you get the idea...


I'm back again...maybe this will be a fresh start.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Blogging, I love it but mostly I forget about it.  I've spent too much time on Facebook and Instagram lately.  Time goes by and then it seems such a hassle to catch up.  I do miss it so instead of catching up, go look at my other social media sites. I’m starting fresh.  Every end of year I look over many of my posts, it’s like a tradition.  There really wasn’t enough posts to fulfill that tradition. 
Last week and this weekend was wonderful. I've has a mix of a cold and allergies for the past couple of weeks. So it was a treat to chill, watch a few movies, and work in my sketchbook.  Yeah, I know...I'm boring. 

Have fun,

Christmas is over...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Back on Fine Art America

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back Sketching and watercolor

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I've been taking a few online art classes, mostly about sketching.  This is the time of the year that it's the perfect weather before winter hits.  So I'm out for a bit of lens action, I'm also sketching at the same time. 

The above was a fleeing from the rain sketch.  I was out and about when a pop up rain storm got me out of the Garfield Park area.  Watercolor and rain just don't mix well.  Lunch was sound good anyway.   

Below...I did return and got another sketch almost done.  Rain I finished up the sky in the studio.  Normally I try to finish the sketch onsite but rain is rain.   Took a photo and headed home. 

The above is from Washington Park in Avon...great place but this go around was looking a bit green. Correction, a lot of green without much else.  I'm giving myself extra credit points for mixing up so many different greens. 

The below was a quick sketch waiting to pick up the hubby from the airport.  What else does one do while sitting in the cell phone lot...waiting. 

Have a great weekend...

Wordless Wednesday ....some of this week's sketches

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back to this mobile blogging far, so good.  It seems that I blog more on my iPhone that I would typically.  The layout and format is a bit different but I'll get used to it. I still haven't figured out where spell check is.  Having a bluetooth keyboard makes it soooooo much easier.  If it's easy, I'm more likely to do it. 

Test hydrangeas...I like the concept well enough to paint them larger.

Yesterday at the park...beautiful day.  This is the reason I keep a sketch kit with me. 

From this weekend, Cataract General of the longest running general stores in the US.  Lots of fun stuff inside.

New palette for fall's clean, that's the reason for the sketch.

Testing out some reds for the palette..yep, one cool, one warm, and one because I like it.

Black-eyed susans in a landscape Moleskine...these are a PITA to photography in square.  That's ok, I really like the sketchbook.

Basic line drawing of black-eyed was a warm up.


From the studio...iPhone blogging

Friday, August 14, 2015
I'm trying this mobile blogging seems if I have a keyboard to use instead of trying to "text" a post, I might keep up with it.

Currently on my desk is a quick morning sketch.  I'm taking an online class with Steven Reddy to improve my drawing, focus, and start working with grisaille. I gotta start someplace.

Have a great weekend!

Playing Catch UP! Index-Card-a-Day...Days 59-61

Monday, August 10, 2015
It's been a busy couple of weeks with getting ready for the last Danville Handmade Market and Gen Con. So it's catch up time...first start with finishing up with all my challenges.  

I finished the last of Index Card a Day challenge on time and to the very end.  Am I patting myself on the back, yes I am. Life is typically busy and making time for these little itty bitty pieces of paper took focus.  It was worth on the time and effort.  It pushed my creativity. 




Have a great week!!!

Index-Card-a-Day Challenge...Days 53-58...Heading down the home stretch...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Index-Card-a-Day was a long challenge, not as long as my Create365 I'm doing this year but that is very different.  My Create365 is daily but it's anything creative.  Which there really isn't a day that that doesn't happen for me.  It only makes me more aware that I'm doing it. 

ICAD 2015 was 61 days of focused creativity on either 3x5 or 4x6 cards.  For me, that's not just small but more like itty bitty.  I'm still glad I did it.  I has been a wonderful experience and I hope I'm able to do it next year.  I've met some of the most fabulous people there are on Facebook!!!!  I would totally recommend this challenge to anyone...and it's for everyone!!!!

ICAD #53…off prompt – thinking about social issues and why we, as a society, allow them to happen…big thoughts over morning coffee.   Watercolor and graphite on 4x6 scrap paper. 

 ICAD #54…off prompt & catching up, desk shot – an itty bitty pear study, then I ate it for breakfast.

 ICAD #55…off prompt…carrots study…geez, I feel like I’m painting a farmers market run.  Watercolor and pencil on 4x6 scrap paper. 

 ICAD #56…off prompt…a bit of jasmine tea.  Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus and FW spray inks, watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper. 

 ICAD #57…off prompt…a funny little bird.  Zig Clean color brush pens and FW inks on 4x6 scrap paper. 


 ICAD #58…off prompt…quick blue kitty face, my muse is on vacation so it’s kitties again….ink and watercolor on 4x6 scrap paper.

That's it for today....I've got 3 more days...

Have a great day!!!


Index-Card-a-Day Challenge...Days 49-52

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Well, I'm still at it...I wasn't sure that I would make it this long.  It's not that I don't paint and/or create's just that I don't paint itty bitty every day.  After a while, these little 4x6 cards kinda get to me.  I'm not used to the size for this many days in a row.  I'm still glad I did the challenge, it was good for me and I've met some wonderful artists that also did the challenge. 

 ICAD #49….prompt B&W …old crow dude.  Water soluble ink and water with white ink on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #50…today’s prompt was kimono  –  I went with a ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ vibe…the pod.  The red is a bit bright in the photo, I used a light on my camera.  A bit of watercolor and ink with mostly Zig Clean Color Brush Pens on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

 ICAD #51…prompt symmetry – reflection.  Watercolor and pen on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #52…off prompt – a labeled cloud experiment.  Watercolor and QoR light dimensional ground on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

Have a great a day!

Index-Card-a-Day Challenge...just two more weeks left!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015
I'm still at it...I'm still working daily on the Index-Card-a-Day challenge.  Now I have been a bit slow on updating my blog. 

ICAD #37…off prompt and back in garden mode.  Flower this morning over coffee. Watercolor on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015 

ICAD #38…off prompt. Feeling like a fish is the theme of the day, it’s gloomy and getting to rain, again. Watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #39…off prompt and painting whatever comes to mind. Mr. Peace Frog was born over morning coffee. Watercolor with ink on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #40…off prompt. A neighbor visitor this morning, peeking around the house. Watercolor and pencil on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #41…off prompt and catching up on the challenge. Mr. Hoot Sack is a critter that I’ve been playing around with over morning coffee. Watercolor & ink on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #42…off prompt and caught up. It’s raining again…this is an itty bitty idea for a larger painting, Geometry of Rain. Watercolor, pencil, gesso, lift aid, & ink on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #43…off prompt - It’s raining again, big surprise…so I’m painting a quick still life in the studio for the challenge. Instead of painting over morning coffee, I’m painting my coffee cup. Watercolor on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

 ICAD #44…prompt - Focus. I couldn’t think of anything to paint, my Muse is a bit hungover I guess. Soooo it was prompt time….I saw, I focused, I captured, I remember...boring but I love working with water soluble ink!!!! Ink and water on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

 ICAD #45…off prompt Quick sketch…I’ve decided that big critters, like horses, are not for these 4x6 itty bitty pieces of paper. Too many details and not enough paper. Water soluble ink and water on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

 ICAD #46…off prompt – Hell yeah, we got sunshine!!!!! ‘Nuff said… Watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper. #‎ICAD2015

 ICAD #47…off prompt –  Doodle bird, I just couldn’t’ think of anything this morning.  Black and white ink with Zig Clean Color Brush Pen on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

ICAD #48…off prompt  Back to kitties again.  Watercolor, ink, Zig Clean Color Brush Pens and dip pen on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

Well that's enough for today!!!!  I'm off to the studio and my paint!!!!

Have a great weekend,

Index-Card-a-Day Challenge...5th Week Finished, on to Week 6!!!!

Monday, July 06, 2015

ICAD #29…off prompt, Voodoo Sally, monster sketch over morning coffee.  I just saw weather forecast, rain for the 10 days…it’s monster time to cheer me up.  Watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015 

ICAD #30…off prompt, desk shot....Voodoo Sam, monster sketching overmorning coffee. It’s still raining here and I’m still painting monsters… Watercolor, TomBow marker, Zig Calligraphy pen, FW white ink, and ink on 4x6 scrap paper. #ICAD2015

 ICAD #31…off prompt, Voodoo Gossip Betty, monster sketching over morning coffee.  Watercolor, TomBow markers, FW white ink, and ink on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015

ICAD #32…off prompt, my Muse is either on vaca or hungover so back to cats.   Watercolor, FW white ink, and ink on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015

 ICAD #33…off prompt and playing catch up.  I’m in a garden mode currently… Watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015

 ICAD #34…off prompt and caught up, this one isn’t even dry yet.  I’m in a garden mode currently…there’s one blooming sunflower in the garden and this is it.  Watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015

 ICAD #35…off prompt and still in garden mode.  Flower study of bachelor buttons this morning over coffee. Watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015

ICAD #36…off prompt and in whimsy bird mode.  Working on some ideas over morning coffee. Watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper.  #ICAD2015

I've pretty much stuck with the daily painting a day...somedays it's been busy so I've prepped the night before.  Is it great art, no. It's quick, fast, and small.  It's taking me effort sometimes that is called for but I'm also testing new brushes or a new watercolor paint.  Has it been worth it...YES.  I can see a difference.  Things I used to struggle with come easier.

Anyway, have a great day....I'm off to get a few things done today.