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2016...The Year of Being Tired

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I’m tired and what I’m tired of is a very long list. 

I’m tired of people that think they have the monopoly on ‘truth’ and ‘wisdom’.    I’m tired of the theological masks of bigoty and hate; it’s your fears and figure out why you have biases.  In 2016 I was amazed at the number of people that I thought I knew. 
I’m tired of listening to people blame others only because they are afraid.  Your fears are your problem, adult up and face them instead of acting out.  Therapy helps, go for it…it will help with basic human emotions such as compassion and empathy.

I’m tired of the white supremacy bullshit.  The color of a person’s skin has to do with melanocytes and the geographic distribution of UVR, not stereotypes.  Seriously people, we all bleed the same color.
Face of Fear
During my tired phase of 2016

 I’m tired of willful ignorance and selective knowledge.  I’m tired of fear mongering via innuendo and mischaracterization.  Get out of your little comfort sphere and talk to people.  It’s a big world out there, celebrate diversity.  If you are more of the intellectual type, try reading about Terror Management Theory.  The higher the focus on personal mortality such as high crime, terrorism, or personal safety; the higher chance one will turn to religion, political ideologies, and national identities.  It provides a buffer to makes us feel secure…it’s a false sense of security but it makes people feel better.

Face of Silence
During my tired phase of 2016
I’m tired of people that go with the flow….dead fish go with the flow.   If you decide to be a dead fish, that is your choice.  The opposite of courage is not running away or conforming to the will of others. Obedience is not a virtue unless you are a toddler.  (paraphrased from Jim Hightower)
I’m tired of excuses for ignorance because people are either under-informed or misinformed.  Hidden illiterates are ignorant of their ignorance.  Look up Dunning-Kruger Effect, expand your horizons  and try Google; read a proven news sources, or read a book.  News sources vary, read more than one and compare. 
2016 wrap up in one sentence


I’m tired of people telling me to get over it when it comes to this election cycle…it wasn’t about Trump or Clinton, it was about the people. Any Nation’s greatest resource is it’s people, all it’s people.   

I have special message regarding the Trump supporters, I’m apathetic regarding you and yours.  We will be professionally polite and civil to each other, but I stopped listening to you and we are not ‘friends’.  Friendship foundations are based in trust and respect.  I don’t trust you and I don’t respect you but I wish you well.  It’s a big world and I’ve moved on.   You can keep on saying get over it, it was the jobs, or he was an outsider….Cha Chi, my monthly donations to Planned Parenthood and ACUL goes up.

Will my attitude change, doubt it.  It's how I feel and have felt since the early morning of Nov 10th.  If I was going to get over it, it would of started happening weeks ago. 

That’s it for this year….I’ll contemplate 2017 tomorrow.



Stonehenge Aqua Watercolor Paper Review and link for samples

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I’m rethinking the type of watercolor papers I want to use for my work.  I’ve been using either Fabriano Artistico Soft Press or Arches Cold and Hot Press for several years.  I was one of the lucky ones that received a sample of Stonehenge Aqua Watercolor Paper.   Stonehenge paper is my to go to paper for printmaking, it’s my favorite.  The new watercolor paper is fabulous.  Here's the link for a watercolor sample:

Stonehenge sent three sheets (300 lb rough, 140 lb cold press, and 140 lb hot press) to try out.  So far I haven’t seen it for sale on the Dick Blick website yet but I have seen them on Hyatt’s website.  I have read that there will also be blocks and 22x30 sheets.
I normally work very wet but this is more of an illustration that I'd use Hot Press.  I thought I'd mixed it up some.  One of the major things I look for is how paper handle ink and tape.  Tape has a habit of pulling or tearing up the paper.  Stonehenge passed the tape test.  I used Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Ultradraw Waterproof Ink, which will feather on some papers.  The paper didn't feather and it was a quick dry so the sizing is workable but did not hinder my work.  So the Cold Press passed my ink test.  Arches doesn't for me but Fabriano Artistico Soft Press is my go to paper for ink.

I loved working on this texture plus it passed my ink test, I'm overjoyed.  Mistake correction is good, just a clean wet brush and paper towel. No buckling but I will need to work a bit wetter to say that's this doesn't occur.  The next test will be glazing as well.
Here's the typical fine print, Stonehenge Aqua Paper:
100% Cotton
Neutral pH
Acid Free
Chlorine Free
2 deckles, 2 cut edges (sheets)
Sized for watercolor
Superior quality





Put a bird on it....Pantone's 2017 Colors

Monday, December 26, 2016
I've been stumped on how to finish a few pieces and they have been sitting in my studio.  There's nothing wrong for waiting for the inspiration to hit but I keep tripping on them.  So, I just put a bird on one of them.  I calling it done.  After it finishes drying, I'll sign, seal, and hang it in my foyer.  The finished size is 10x20, one of my favorite sizes to paint on.

While working on this, I got thinking about color.  I used to work in glass before paint.  Color is what kept me coming back to art after glass. 

Color and emotion are linked; color sets the tone and pace of our life.  Color is everywhere….our homes, offices, and out in the world.  It reflects our mood by the clothing we wear, I think it’s called wearapy.  Some people have physical reaction to color, like increase heart rate.  Color has a huge impact on my mood, just as sunshine has a psychological value.  I keep my office as bla as possible, it keeps the distractions down.  Where I like brighter happier hues in my bedroom but more muted than primary colors. 
Most visual artists know about Pantone, the below is Pantone's colors for 2017.  I find the color names interesting, just as I find nail polish names interesting.  I have to admit, they are creative but not really useful.

I like this years palette, I'm drawn to Island Paradise and Greenery.  Yellow-green and blue-green have always been my favorites but I would of paired them with either a clean red or gold, maybe a magenta. I love my lucky hot pink sneakers. 

Now here's the fine print.  When Pantone picks a great palette of colors I like, I buy clothes.  When it doesn't, I don't buy.   Unless I want to wear those colors of that year or wear black, there isn't much on the racks. Same with buying things for the house. 

2017 will be a great year for buying clothing for me. 



From my sketchbook this week, social media overload....Peace on Earth

Saturday, December 24, 2016
I'm still sketching daily.  I haven't decided if I'm Facebook lazy or still on my detox sabbatical.  Either way, I haven't been posting much there.  Instagram is growing on me more.  I spend less time there and spend more time doing other things.  2016 was the year of social media overload for me.  It had a direct impact on my creativity and my mood.  It came down to the point that I detoxed, not because of the information. I could process most of it and move on...but it was the people but that is a story for a different time.

Twitter doesn't do it for me, I typically don't bother much with it unless I'm looking for quick information.  It doesn't give me the visuals that Instagram does.  Time will tell but I'm blogging and Instagram seem to do it for me currently...who knows next week.  That's the

Anyway, here's a few of the pages from my sketchbook.  I am thinking that this is a better way to keep track of my sketching process, a weekly blog post.



I wish everyone a fabulous holiday season.  It's going to be a quite week at home for us.  I plan to spend my time binge watching True Blood and Game of Thrones with some extra sketching time, eating great food (most likely too much), and finishing setting up my sewing room.  Hopefully spending some time with a cuppa and my books in the afternoon.  Yeah, this year, it's all about me and self care.

Laters....Bob has some soup and homemade bread cooking....


2016 Reflections

Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016 started out full of promise, as all years and new beginnings do.  Hey, it was the year of the Red Monkey…it was the year of Pokemon Go, mannequins, record-breaking Powerball, quinoa, Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, and Simone Biles.   It was also the year for Russian hacking, Zika, Cliven Bundy, global atrocities, police shootings, protests, global populism, homegrown terrorism, and fake news.

It was the election drama that went on and on and on…and on some more.  The old KKK has a new face and name, Alt-right.  There’s an increase of hate crimes, xenophobia, and sexism.  We now live in “grab them by the pussy” county.

We said goodbye to Harper Lee, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, and Prince.  We had the horrors of death happen in Brussels, Nice, Turkey, and Mosul.  At home, we had deadliest mass shooting in recent history, Orlando. 

Then there was election…that went on and on and on. I’m in the middle of a Facebook detox break and staying away from people in general.  Our political views are a direct reflection of the type of person we are….it’s a part of who we are and our personality.  I’m finding it hard to put the intolerant and racist genie back in the bottle. Once seen, it’s kinda hard to unsee.  

2016 was most likely a pivotal and milestone year for many.   It was for me. 2016 was exhausting, mostly because of social norms. You know, the times that you smile but inside you are either laughing or so appalled that you are rendered speechless.  I’ve had too many of those awkward situations….maybe time will heal all wounds but for now, I prefer a cup of tea and a book.

Everyone has certain days that they will always remember. I still remember Sept 11, 2001 and the days that followed.  I still remember Jan 7th, 2015 because that was when I saw Galveston Island again and decided I wanted to live there. I still remember Sept 23rd, 1978 and my 20th birthday party.  It was at the Pi Lam house, huge toga party, and animal house theme with disco music.  

I’ve seen a lot of years come and go but I will never forget the night of Nov 8th, 2016.  I will never forget the feeling I had in the early morning hours on Nov. 9th.  

On the bright side, the end of 2016 has become freeing...less filters to worry about.

I do miss blogging so I will be back more often.  I'm not on Facebook that much but you can catch me on Instagram.


Happy Winter Solstice

Wednesday, December 21, 2016